Air base in the coll del Peni (Rosas)

At 10:30 p.m. on March 25, 1971, Jesús Jofre, along with two soldiers from his battalion, spotted a greenish light. When this light disappeared, they began to hear footsteps approaching along the same path that the dogs indicated by barking. A few seconds later they saw with horror how a strange being more than two meters high approached them. As they tried to stop the Humanoid, their nerves took over. The strange being ignores the stop sign and the soldiers decide to shoot, without getting the strange being to stop. Thanks to the glare of the shots, Jesús Jofre was able to see that he was wearing a belt with an inverted triangle.

After verifying that the bullets did not do any damage to the strange creature, they watched as it moved away. Shortly after, from the base’s radars, it was possible to see how an unidentified flying object was moving away from where they were.

The incident is still considered as “reserved matter” by the Spanish Ministry of Defense.

Warning of the restricted passage to the Radar Base
“It was a powerful light that illuminated the entire area of radars, microwaves and engines…” Image design: @galanvazquez

On the night of March 25, 1971, Jesús Jofre, then Corporal at the EVA-4 Military Base, saw a light in the sky while on surveillance at his post.
The light got closer to the base until it stopped just above the radar antennas and Jesús, frightened, warned the rest of his companions who went out to observe the sky and saw the same object in surprise. Then that object shot towards the horizon at an incredible speed.

After a while, when it seemed that tranquility had returned to take over the place, our protagonists realized that behind some booths a green beam of light was coming out that alerted them again and they decided to go see what was happening.

They took their equipment, weapons and accompanied by Fiero, the dog they had trained for this type of situation, and went to the place where the light came from. Jesús and two other companions arrived at the site, they began to hear shrill noises inside their heads while a feeling of discomfort enveloped them, even Fiero made gestures that indicated that his ears hurt. They began to notice that something was approaching at great speed towards them, with strong and rapid steps they saw a large shadow coming to which they gave the first stop, but it was getting closer and closer to them. The tension of the soldiers was increasing and they feared for their lives. Jesús gave the second halt but the being continued without stopping until, without reaching the third halt, our protagonists opened fire on that figure that stopped just at that moment, about 5 meters away, and stood still while receiving the shots of the soldiers.

At that moment Jesus was able to see the figure more clearly thanks to the flashes of the shots themselves. Jesus tells that the being seemed to be an angelic-looking humanoid, very tall for a human being, very thin, with a very white complexion, long hair and clothes that reminded one of a work uniform and a buckle in the center of the belt.

Image design: Marcos Carrasco

After the burst of shots the figure was still looking at them, after a few very tense seconds it turned around and disappeared as fast as it had come. The strange thing is that where the figure supposedly comes from and then leaves, there is only a huge drop since the base is built on the top of a mountain and there are no trees or anything that blocks the vision of the soldiers.

When they recover from what they experienced, they decide to go inspect the area and find that a piece of the fence that surrounds the base is completely disintegrated, at least two meters of fence were missing, but the curious thing is that this security fence is made up of two fences actually, and only the inner fence was broken. After searching the area and finding nothing, the soldiers return to the department where the commanders who will interrogate them are located. After a few days, Jesus says that everything he had experienced had completely disappeared from his memory and that it was a companion who reminded him of it.

US agents dressed in the US Air Force uniform arrive at the base and ask to question the three soldiers one by one to explain the facts, ending the interviews with a clear recommendation that they forget what had happened and not give it more importance. The soldiers say that what they missed the most about the Americans’ visit was that they were asked to take some photos of them, but outside, and they were taken to a place where there was a white wall that reflected the direct sun, and One by one they took a photo with a very powerful flash, and that was what they did not understand, for the photos and especially for that flash when there was abundant sunlight.

Image provided by Jesús Jofre Milà

5 years later the same thing happened at the Talavera la Real Base, but nobody there knew the story of Roses due to the secrecy that surrounds these cases.
The people of Roses say that there were many more sightings, especially in the sea.
This case is still classified by the Ministry of Defense.

Article about the event appeared in the magazine ALGO Nº 193 January 1972

The event told by Jesús Jofre.

«It happened on March 25, 1971, it was a dark but clear night, quite cold, but without the discomfort of the strong wind that usually punished those mountains.

“Something” was bothering us… The dogs had been howling strangely for a while and they hadn’t been able to calm them down. This was not normal for them, since they are magnificent German police dogs, perfectly trained for their surveillance and attack work; they are hardly nervous, but tonight they were. We stopped worrying when a colleague called us out for watching the movie on TV. We were a group of air police stationed at a radar base and we enjoyed a perfectly conditioned building, where we lived comfortably installed, although quite uncontrolled, since since four in the afternoon we had no direct command non-commissioned officer above us. I was, as a corporal, the highest authority of the group, out of a total of eight companions.
Throughout the film we heard the dogs howling intermittently, I remember that he commented on it with Adriá, the dog manager, and he replied: Without a doubt, “something” happens tonight.

Our colleague Leandro, a one hundred percent romantic mountaineer, went out, as he usually did, for his night walk… and that’s how it all started, because he immediately came running and yelling for us to get out right away. We went out and he pointed to the sky.

We were six at that time and we all could see it. It was an oval disk, horizontally, that could be seen about 20 cm in the sky, at the height where Mars appears, at half past eleven at night. It seemed not far from us and moved slowly from left to right.

The dogs howled furiously. They had been observing it for a couple of minutes, ‘something’ kept us magnetized, without making any comment, when the object accelerated sharply, disappearing towards the sea, it seemed that it was going down towards the sea.

“when the object accelerated sharply, disappearing in the direction of the sea…” Image design: @galanvazquez

There was the natural stir between us and I ordered the others to remain on alert and decided to report what had happened to the officer on duty that night on the radar.
The dogs were still the same, so I asked Adrià to try to calm them down. At that moment Leandro shouted and we ran to where he was; we found him with his hands covering his eyes and under a strong nervous shock.

When we could see his eyes, they were extraordinarily protruding and very irritated. He calmed him down and he told us that he had seen a very strong flash, like a flash, that had blinded him and that it seemed to him to come out of the sea. I left him with the others and thought the wisest thing would be to calm down the dogs that were making a big fuss. I went to the kennels, accompanied by Adriá, who took out our favorite dog, ‘Narvik’, who was crazy. Immediately the dog went to some little houses away from our usual residence about 300 meters.

When we got there with Adriá, darkness surrounded everything. ‘Narvik’ had stopped and was growling as he always does when he wants to warn whoever is carrying him of the presence of some strange person or thing. I noticed a special sensation as if the environment was charged with electricity. My tongue itched the way it does when testing the charge of a flashlight.
We heard a noise, as if, walking, someone very heavy moved bushes and stones. We didn’t see anything, but we heard noise coming towards us. I thought I saw a lump at the same time that Adriá pointed at me, shouting: There! I shouted: ‘Stop!’, twice and, at the moment, the bundle changed direction, moving away very quickly. We heard a blow against the fence and again the noise came towards us, without waiting and moved by the same spring, Adriá fired a burst from his assault rifle and I fired three shots from my pistol. We didn’t see or hear anything else.

Image design: Marcos Carrasco

Of the things that happened later, I will tell the details that I think are most interesting:
1. Adriá agreed with me about the itching of the tongue and the strange sensation. The dog was thirsty.
2. The dogs got nervous and even if Adriá had to go down to the base, to calm those who were there.
3. One of our colleagues claimed to have seen the flash that dazzled Leandro, although he was not dazzled, because he was inside the sentry box.
4. The officer on duty at the radar did not believe us and said that he had not detected anything special on the screen.
5. Our colleague took a long time to lose the irritation in his eyes, despite the treatment applied by the medical commander, who, on the other hand, did not give any explanation in this regard.
The next two days were cruel for us, because nobody believed us and most thought that we were drunk when we shot and that we had made up this story to justify the shooting.
But Providence wanted us not to pass for liars and on the night of March 27, the object appeared again, remaining visible for so long that it was possible to notify all the officers and other people who were on the base. This time the object looked somewhat smaller and about 60 people could see it.

“This time the object looked somewhat smaller and about 60 people could see it…” Image design: Marcos Carrasco

Our reputation had been saved.
On the radar, they said they didn’t detect anything on the screen.
That day passed and the night of the following, on March 29, 1971, the object was seen again and this time we could see two “Phantom” planes flying close to the object, moving away from it with extraordinary acceleration. The official version claimed to know nothing about such aircraft, despite rumors that they had come under the call of the radar controller, who had apparently detected the UFO.

After this, nothing more was seen, but I think it would be interesting to relate some more events that occurred on those days.
On the nights of March 26 and 28, 1971, no object was seen, but it cannot be guaranteed that it did not appear, because both nights were surrounded by the characteristic fog of those places.
The shepherds of the area (there are several flocks of 5,000 sheep) reported that the animals were restless and several sheep had disappeared, two having been found completely destroyed. His dogs were very nervous.

The peasants, who have cows that live loose in the mountains, said they had obtained less milk than usual.
Subsequently, on September 15, 1971, an object somewhat larger than that of a star, red in color, was observed crossing the sky from east to west quite quickly, and the next day an identical object was seen crossing from west to east. .
On September 17, 1971, an object the size of Mars was observed, standing at a low altitude to the east, which had a triangular shape and emitted fluctuations of colored light, red, green, yellow and white, with greater intensity of red and green.

Jesús Jofré, in an image from the time when he was a soldier on EVA 4. Picture of Papers d´Ovnis CEI

The events of the main night are as follows:
• Dogs that howl intermittently while watching a movie.
• A soldier named Leandro sees an oval disk in the sky. The rest of the companions come out and they also observe him, until he abruptly disappears. It’s about half past twelve at night. The dogs howling furiously. No radar contact.
• While deciding to inform the guard officer and trying to calm the dogs, Leandro screams and is found in a state of shock. He explains later that he has seen a very powerful flash, like a very powerful flash. His eyes were swollen and it lasted several days.
• A dog runs away to a point where he stops and growls. This is considered to be a sign of an unusual presence.
• One of the two people who have followed the dog perceives a sensation as if the environment were electrically charged.
• They immediately hear a noise as if something in the vegetation is approaching them. Inside the darkness, they think they see a figure and fire a burst from their submachine gun and three shots from their pistol, respectively. They felt nothing else.
• Two days later, a UFO observation in the sky of smaller apparent size and of long duration, they interpret that it is the same object. No radar contact.
• On the 29th, another observation that disappears at an extraordinary speed in the presence of what they believe to be two Phantom reactors. Rumors at the base that they have been warned by a radar detection, but it is officially indicated that it is nothing.
• The shepherds of the flocks of sheep in the areas report that they are very restless; that some have disappeared, having appeared two destroyed. The dogs are very nervous. Also, cows give less milk.

Cover of the magazine ALGO Nº 193 January 1972

The ufologist Antonio Ribera reproduces in detail the content of the article in the magazine Algo and writes:

“It is not known if the UFOs after the one on March 25 were detected by the base’s radar, although it is very possible that the Phantoms from the 29th had gone to the area alerted by a radar contact. The “official secret” already weighed on this whole matter. My correspondents in the area hit an impenetrable wall of silence as they tried to find out. However, it was known –apart from the “leak” represented by the aforementioned ALGO article, signed by “Ficher” (clearly a pseudonym) and, as I say, it does not give names of the site–, that several American technicians went to Paní a few days later (possibly they came from the Zaragoza joint base), and carefully examined the cliff and the place where the alleged UFO sank into the sea… although the “official” reason for their visit was to check the good working order of the radar installations…”

According to the report in the Archive of the CEI Center for Interplanetary Studies, the events took place in the upper compound of the air monitoring and control military base located in the vicinity of Roses in mid-November 1970.

It was around two in the morning, the witness was sleeping in the middle of the facilities when he was woken up by the sound of the telephone. The call came from the air police located at the top of Mount Pení who told him to call the duty sergeant because something abnormal was happening in the radar settlement, indicating that there were problems, despite not specifying what they were. The witness contacted the sergeant of the week, to whom he told what was happening and then notified the garages to prepare a car to climb to the top. They hurriedly drove up the winding slope that separated them from the place by about 1,500 m. Once at the top they spoke with the corporal of the aerial police who explained to them that they had seen a strange object on the radars. Alerted by the Corporal’s words, they looked up into the sky, observing at an altitude that they believed to be 2,000 or 3,000 m. a body that shone very brightly, located slightly inclined with respect to its vertical and which he described as initially ovoid in shape, like a more flattened rugby ball, fluorescent reddish gold in color, solid in appearance, sharp edges and of constant luminosity in continuous upward movement. Reached a point of ascension in which it seemed that the object had changed its shape, now showing itself as a straight line with a small protuberance on its upper part, the object shot materially at an amazing speed, forming a right angle with respect to the ascensional trajectory and moving away in a few seconds to the right of his position, that is, towards L’Escala and the Bay of Roses, being able to see how the object merged with the wake on the water of the bay.

The time of the observation, despite the difficulty of specifying due to the excitement of the events, the witness calculated it at about 45 seconds, its apparent shape at the time of seeing it being about 10 cm. , becoming about 5 at the time the object finished its ascent to continue towards the bay where it disappeared.

Image provided by Jesús Jofre Milà

The following document on the case is an article published in the Shared Space magazine of the IIEE, Institute of Research and Exobiological Studies of Barcelona.

The authors report that they went to the scene of the events in April 1971– as a result of rumors that had reached them and that they spoke of the observation of strange lights in the Alert and Control Squadron 4 of the Spanish Air Force located in the Bay of Roses. They showed up unannounced and, despite the resistance, the insistence of the two investigators succeeded in being allowed to interview the witnesses, who were 8 in total, including levies and officers.

According to the account of the events compiled by Shared Space, it was a minute after half past one in the morning when several soldiers were watching television in the barracks of the Technical Zone. One of them went outside and, while he was walking looking towards the sea, he observed to his left «a powerful white and red light, emitted by an object with an apparent size of 40 cm. long by 20 cm wide. Its shape was oval and, literally, it was described as “a rugby ball”» Surprised by what he saw, he quickly entered the barracks to explain what was happening outside, two soldiers leaving immediately, while the others took longer because thinking it was a joke. The first two to leave already saw something smaller, but they still saw an ovoid shape. The light observed was red at the top and white at the bottom, moving slowly over the sea following an apparent direction from Cadaqués to Roses, at an altitude that they estimated at 5,000 meters until it began a fast upward race in the Medes Islands, disappearing. in a matter of 5 to 10 seconds, over the horizon, when it was just a point of light. Witnesses did not hear noise at any time. Five minutes later, the first witness who was still looking out to sea in the direction where the previous object had disappeared, observed a very strong gust that illuminated the area, shocking him and leaving him momentarily blinded. Subsequently, conjunctivitis was noted, which causes constant tearing.

Image provided by Jesús Jofre Milà.

Along with these observations, there was a great excitement among the guard dogs, which caused them to call from the main door to the soldier in charge of their care, so that he would try to calm them down. One was especially aggressive and it took a lot to calm him down. Once they realized that the entrance opening to the kennel was located right in front of the sea, in the direction of where the flash came from…

The article goes on to explain that no other event occurred that night, but that on successive nights they observed “strange lights that evolve very close to the facilities, being corroborated by most of the officers and soldiers on duty at that time, as well as by some civilian observers (fishermen). According to Navia and Vallès, one of the officers explained to them that while he was traveling by car from Castelló d’Empúries to Empuriabrava, accompanied by his wife, he was able to observe a strange disk-shaped object that measured between 30 and 40 meters in diameter and that, moving about 500 meters away and about 200 meters high, it passed over the car in the direction from the sea to the mountains. The observation lasted about 10 minutes. Apparently, the object was carrying out approaching and moving away maneuvers, carrying out this operation several times until it disappeared from the witnesses’ view. «During the observation they could see that the object released “sparks”, according to their own words they seemed “like those released by a wheel when grinding a piece of steel”.

Image provided by Jesús Jofre Milà.

The IIEE article leaves for the end the facts that it considers the most remarkable of those dates was the experience suffered by one of the soldiers who was on guard duty that night, who explained to them that while he was doing his watch duty in a glass-enclosed sentry box, he heard a noise strange on the outside, as if a metal fence were opening. There was nothing in the vicinity that could produce this kind of sound and he looked around through the glass. The night was very clear, but he couldn’t see anything, so he decided to leave the booth to find out the source of the noise. Then he became aware of the presence of a reddish ovoid-shaped light above, although he could not pinpoint its altitude. The object was moving, neither landing nor intending to. But while he was looking at the object, the witness had the impression that there was someone or something in the vicinity and when he turned he saw a dark body larger than that of a normal man that seemed to be approaching. The witness remarked to them that «at that moment absolute silence reigned, which by itself, and aside from the tension of the moment, already intimidated him, so he automatically called a halt to that “form” and mounted his gun. Seeing that “it” ignored the order to stop, overwhelmed by panic, he fired a burst at that body.

Image design: Marcos Carrasco

The interviewee considered that he was sure of having hit because he noticed how the bundle received the shots. Then he perceived as if something hit some barbed wire fences located some distance away, and under a strong nervous tension, he desperately ran towards the guardhouse, whose components, faced with the shots, rushed out, although they could not observe anything. Questioned about what happened, he explained to the duty officer what had happened.

The next day, an intense raid was carried out on the entire area, in order to confirm some strange presence at the base the night before. Despite the thoroughness of the investigation, they did not find any type of footprints or signs that would prove the statements of the soldier on duty. It was thought that some animal could have entered the facilities, which was very difficult, but they did not find traces of that type either. Furthermore, if what the sentinel saw, had been an animal, it would have had to be of a sufficiently considerable size, so that in its escape it would have necessarily caused damage to the barbed wire or left some trace on them. The spiny tips of the same were also investigated, looking for these possible signs, but no evidence was found. That night of the shooting, the dogs were also upset.

The soldier Anselm Pi with one of the dogs on the base. Picture of Papers d´Ovnis CEI

According to the authors, unofficially it had become known that a NASA satellite had detected that same day, coinciding with the time, an unidentified flying object that was moving with a trajectory that, starting from the south of France, reached the Gulf of Roses. Also that night some fighters would have taken off from the Spanish base in Zaragoza to intercept an alleged unidentified. On the other hand, they added that there was no official statement, although they learned that “high-ranking soldiers went to the base in order to clarify the facts. The witnesses were not questioned, nor was any official report filed on the events. They also noted that the explanation given by the commanders had been to consider them crazy or drunk –in the plural– and inviting them to forget the facts and ordering them not to comment. But this seems to have been no obstacle to the members of the IIEE being able to access the base without special difficulties and speak a few weeks later, not only with the witnesses, but also with at least one officer who had no problem collaborating in the survey of the ufological group by Barcelona.
The article ends by providing a new ufological case, indicating that Navia and Vallès observed “during their stay at the base, in the company of the officers on duty and other personnel, the evolution of a strange luminous sphere that moved over the sea, on the horizon.

Map of the area, currently the radar consists of a single sphere

Miguel Pedrero article in the magazine Año Cero (2009)

It was not the first time that the Spanish magazine Año Cero published information about the case. In 2003 Javier García Blanco published a brief summary of the case, an extract from his book on humanoids. But in 2009 an article by Miguel Pedrero Gómez appeared in this parascience, occult and new age magazine in general, which wrapped up the story.
Pedrero first introduces us to Jesus Jofre Milà, one of the perpetrators of the March 21 shooting with which he visits the Puig Peni Air Surveillance Station. A few days later they both meet in Barcelona with Lluís Solà, with another of the presumed protagonists of the event. Both had coincided in compulsory military service, but they had not seen each other for years. According to Pedrero, Solà was on guard duty that night at the sentry box located in the upper area, the one with the radars, next to the barracks where the guard and kennel companions slept. Apparently the regulations indicated that there should be two soldiers standing guard on the perimeter of the fence, but apparently they sometimes skipped the service. Around half past ten at night, Luís Solà decided to go for a walk, looking for fresh air because the atmosphere in the small room was quite charged with the smell of tobacco. Also, the dogs had begun to bark. «I advanced a few meters and then I noticed that there was a very bright ball in the sky, just above the vertical of the microwave antenna. The object apparently increased in size and the witness interpreted it as coming closer, but an instant later it returned to its previous appearance, becoming larger again. He then alerted his fellow barracks of what he was seeing. Corporal Jesús Jofre stared dumbfounded at the light: “I noticed that it was shaped like a lentil and around its outline there were some kind of brighter dots, which at that moment I thought could be windows,” according to Pedrero, citing Jofre.

Jesús Jofré, in a photograph from the early years of the past decade.Picture of Nous Papers d´Ovnis CEI

After a minute or perhaps a little more, the UFO began to move in the direction of the Bay of Roses, and then disappeared upwards. Immediately, Jofre realized that behind a small house located next to the microwave antenna, a green light could be seen. He would have immediately ordered the soldier Anselmo Pi in charge of the dogs to take one out to investigate. When they got to the back there was no light at all, the dog –named Fiero– began to growl and they felt some tracks. A few seconds later they saw a very tall, stylized human-like figure approaching them, “surely over two meters”. However, they could not recognize any features such as face or clothing. The dog kept barking and Jofre yelled to stop twice. At that moment, as a result of the tension, Anselmo began to fire his assault rifle. Immediately the corporal also fired his pistol. Jofre adds: «Due to the brilliance of the features, I thought I saw that this being was wearing a metallic belt in which I could make out part of a kind of emblem; It was like an inverted triangle. In subsequent sources of information, Jofre has indicated that before shooting he felt inside his head a gibberish of voices that he did not know how to interpret.
The story of Jofre and the humanoid continues. After the shots there was silence and the being, who was about ten meters away, continued unperturbed, without having been shot down.

Then the humanoid moved away, and a moment later they heard the unmistakable sound of something hitting the fence. Jofre ordered his companion to release the dog, which ran towards the fence, stopping in front of it and growling. The soldiers followed him and saw that a part of the fence that went from the ground to the top and was half a meter wide was missing. Now, “the other closure that surrounded the first was intact”, as if it had passed through one, but not the other.

With the arrival of the day, the authors of the shots and Lluís Solà had to put their experience in writing and go through the office of the lieutenant colonel of initials A. A. . Miguel Pedrero article continues collecting the UFO cases of the following days. According to Jofre, in an atmosphere of tension, the following night they were able to see another unidentified object: “the entire barracks could see it. It was an object very similar to the one from the night before, but it was higher and about two kilometers inside. He was detained for a long time until he disappeared. Even, according to what some base commanders told me, several residents of Roses also saw it and called the EVA to ask if they knew anything about it.

Air base in the coll del Peni (Rosas)

The next day all the soldiers were also watching the sky. Therefore, it cannot be too surprising that several soldiers on duty, including Lluís Solà, saw another UFO, described with different characteristics from the previous ones. It is an object located at a certain altitude and silver or metallic in color. The military notified the EVA radar operators, who confirmed that in this case they did have the unidentified on the screens. According to Pedrero, shortly afterwards two fighter planes took off from the Zaragoza military base on an interception mission. According to Lluís Solà «the fighters formed an imaginary cross, crossing each other just at the point from which the UFO gave an “acceleration”». After this there would have been another questioning from a less friendly command who would have warned them to keep quiet about their experience.

Image provided by Jesús Jofre Milà

Pedrero points out that during the following days “numerous calls were received from fishermen, who claimed to have seen very bright flying objects entering and leaving the sea for several nights.”
Approximately a month and a half later, Jofre, Solà and Pi were required to report to the officers’ building where they had to answer questions to two servicemen from the American Air Force and finally allow themselves to be photographed in which good care was taken of that the physiognomies were very clear.

Lluís Solà, in a photograph by Miguel Pedrero that appeared in the 2009 Year Zero article. Picture of Nous Papers d´Ovnis CEI
Jesús Jofre Milà interviewed by Lorenzo Fernández Bueno for Dmax “Extraterrestrials: they are among us”.

«In this series I have found people who speak to me with the truth ahead», explains Fernández Bueno. «There are people from the street to soldiers who have come to unload their regulatory weapons inside military bases when experiencing this type of phenomenon. It has been an absolute challenge.” In Spain there have been two cases related to the army, in Talavera La Real (Badajoz) and Roses (Girona). Two passages that are broken down in the episode ‘UFOs and the military’, where the protagonists recount the appearance of strange humanoid beings that manifested themselves before them.
“This is the testimony that shocked me the most,” says the presenter of DMax. “Two soldiers without knowing each other at different times in the 70s unload more than 140 bullets in the middle of the military base at something that appears and is floating, surrounded by something with blue tones.” “They can’t be lying.”

Lorenzo Fernández Bueno Interview of “EL CORREO”
Thursday, April 15, 2021

This writing would not have been possible without consulting some links:

Magazine Algo №193 January 1972

The DMAX documentary “UFOs and Military”, from the series Extraterrestrials: they are among us, presented by the journalist Lorenzo Fernández Bueno.

The case of the humanoid of Mount Peni in March 1971 №5 December 2018 Nous Papers d´Ovnis Emma P. Rodríguez

Jesús Jofré with the painter artist Marcos Carrasco. Image of the book Contact with Sharhim A Fifth Dimensional Being
Jesus Jofre Mila
Hello José Antonio Galán. Here you have a few pictures, you also have all the graphics, illustrations in the book that you have, that you can use.
I have some more photos. if you don’t have enough. Mail from Jesús providing me with graphic documentation for this article.
The incredible testimony of Jesús Jofre Milà, witness to a UFO sighting and subsequent contact with a humanoid in a Spanish military base, the EVA 4 (Air Surveillance Squadron) of Roses, in Girona. Josep Guijarro Official Channel.

Jesús Jofré recollects his personal experience and the transcendence after his meeting in a magnificent book that I recommend, although at the moment it is only in Spanish. Contact with Sharhim A Being of the fifth dimension provides a positive vital energy to understand the Cosmic Universe that a person faces when having an encounter of such magnitude.

This book based on real events (NOT FICTION), narrates the impressive and fantastic experiences of the author, Jesús Jofre Milá.
It begins at the Radar Base EVA 4, (Rosas, province of Girona) where the author did his military service and where he had his first encounter with a high-altitude BEING who was repulsed with multiple shots. This contact, which filled with important questions to the author, raised the need to start his personal search for contact and his own spirituality, until it culminated in a personal encounter with Sharhim, a 5th Dimensional cosmic Being, who turned out to be the same one who was shot in military service.
With this fascinating experience this work arises, of facts that were worth putting black on white, for the enjoyment of everyone.
Do you want to know this fascinating story? It will not leave you indifferent, you can buy it at:

I recommend reading the comments on the author’s page

Comment by Jesús Jofra Milà when reading this article:
“For me, this episode lived in my military service, was the trigger for a process of questions that led me to look for myself and ask myself what is the Reality of the Human Being, to progress and evolve in the conviction that if the beings who visit us are more evolved than us, the only way to contact them is to evolve personally.In 1989 I managed to reach Personal Contact with the BEING that I shot him with my 9mm Parabellum pistol on the EVA-4 and this contact has lasted until today, as explained in the book published CONTACT WITH SHARHIM A Being of 5th Dimension”.

Comment from a good friend on Twitter

@galanvazquez 2022




Painter, Graphic Designer, Seville Spain, Member of the Center for Interplanetary Studies of Barcelona. Research Correspondent at UFO-SVERIGE

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Galán Vázquez

Galán Vázquez

Painter, Graphic Designer, Seville Spain, Member of the Center for Interplanetary Studies of Barcelona. Research Correspondent at UFO-SVERIGE

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