True or fiction?”Princess Tisul”

Princess Tisul
Many mysterious artifacts have already been discovered in the coal seams, but none of them can compare with the sensational find made in 1969 in the Kemerovo region. Here, a liquid-filled sarcophagus was extracted from a coal seam, in which lay a young woman of Slavic appearance and fantastic beauty.

This fascinating story came to me through the researcher Mercedes Pullman recounted on the Dogma Cero (1)page directed by David Alvarez Planas

Mercedes pullman
Bachelor of Russian Philology and Social and Cultural Anthropology
Vice President of the Spanish Society of Anthropology and Popular Traditions

Work at the mine was immediately stopped. All the workers rallied around the find that had surfaced. News of her quickly spread throughout the region

Regarding this discovery, I have compiled several articles from different media where different opinions and hypotheses are formulated on the authentication of what happened.

The sarcophagus with the woman’s body was discovered by miners, who later all died in various circumstances. The case was immediately classified and the body was transferred in an unknown direction. The whole story is based on eyewitness accounts, various newspaper articles and some secret investigations that showed the identity of the “princess” DNA, the modern DNA of the Russian person.
This place turned out to be interesting from the point of view of historical geodesy. It turned out that the town of Rzhavchik lies exactly perpendicular to the Stonehenge meridian, and one of the lines of the EP System runs through it, a tangent to latitude 60. The more detailed description of this case is an account by Oleg Kulishkin, a story he heard from a random fellow traveler, a former KGB colonel who was involved in this case.
There are also eyewitness accounts of an unusual flying object heading for Rust. The object was completely silent and not visible at first. Then a temporary glow appeared at three points, which was then repeated in the same way, but much closer. As the triangle of light points increased, it appeared that it was in the area above Lake Concord, about 4 kilometers from Tisul.
“Princess Tisul”. True or fiction?
By Kaisa December 9, 2018 Spletnik Magazine

An article by Oleg Kulishkin, published in number 124 of the newspaper “Arkaim”.

During my last trip to Moscow, on the train I met a man with a stern and unusually intelligent face (like Stirlitz’s). At first he was silent, but the road is long and the soul of the fellow traveler, as they say, boils. It turned out that in front of me was a retired KGB colonel from the USSR, who had worked for many years in one of the secret departments.
He left the authorities in 1991; he did not accept the collapse of the Union. He now retired. Raising a granddaughter. I wrote my travel companion’s story from memory. I think overall, I managed to preserve the presentation style and even some of the narrator’s speech patterns.
It happened in early September 1969 in the village of Rzhavchik, Tisulsky district, Kemerovo region.

Photo of the mining place

Under the orders of the head of the site, Alexander Alexandrovich Masalygin (died in 1980. The official version is a stomach ulcer), all work was immediately stopped. The coffin rose to the surface and began to open, ripping the edges of the putty that had occasionally petrified. From the heat of the sun, the putty turned into a transparent liquid and flowed. One thrill seeker even tested it on his tongue (literally a week later he went crazy and in February he froze on the doorstep of his own home).

Vladimir Lomekin took him to the place where the miners worked in September 1969. Photo: from personal archive

The lid of the box was perfectly fitted. For a stronger connection, the inner edges were bordered by a double edge, which fit tightly into the six-inch thickness of the walls. The opening was a shock to those present. The coffin turned out to be a coffin, filled to the brim with a pinkish-blue crystalline liquid, under a spring surface, on which a tall (about 180 cm), slender, unusually beautiful woman, who appeared to be in her thirties, with The delicate European features and large wide-open blue eyes rested. Thick dark blonde curls with a reddish tint to her waist lightly covered the soft white hands that rested along her body with short, neatly trimmed nails. She was dressed in a sheer snow-white lace dress just below her knees. With short sleeves embroidered with multicolored flowers. There were no underwear.

Mining factory of the place

It seemed that the woman was not dead, but asleep (with her eyes open ???). At the head of the bed there is a rectangular black metal box, rounded at one end, (something like a cell phone), about 25 by 10 cm. The coffin was open to public view from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. clock. The whole town came to see the miracle. Almost immediately, the regional center was informed of the finding. The bosses, firemen, military, police arrived in great numbers. At 2 pm, a brick-colored helicopter flew overhead from the region and handed over a dozen respectable “comrades” in civilian clothes, who immediately declared that the place was contagious and ordered those present to move away from the coffin.

Mining excavation in the area

They later cordoned off the discovery site and rewrote everyone who touched the coffin and even those nearby, supposedly for an urgent medical examination. The “companions” dragged the coffin to a helicopter, but the load turned out to be too heavy and they decided to facilitate the task by removing the liquid. After pumping the liquid out of the coffin, the corpse began to turn black right before our eyes. Then the liquid was poured back in and the darkness began to disappear rapidly. A minute later, the blush began to play again on the cheeks of the deceased, and the entire body of the deceased took on its former appearance of life.

Coal mined in the area

The coffin was closed and transferred to a helicopter, the remains of the putty were collected along with the dirt in plastic bags and the witnesses were ordered to disperse. After that, the helicopter was raised and headed for Novosibirsk. Five days later, an elderly professor came to Rzhavchik from Novosibirsk and gave a lecture at a village club on the preliminary results of laboratory studies of a recent find. The professor said that this rusty find would change the very understanding of history. In the very near future, Soviet scientists will publish the results of their research, and this will shock the scientific world. The age of burial, according to the professor, is at least 800 million years! This refutes the Darwinian theory of the origin of man from the ape. The woman is buried in the Carboniferous period of the Paleozoic era, millions of years before the appearance of the dinosaurs,
The original coffin with the woman’s body was in a wooden crypt in the middle of a deep forest. Over time, the crypt was completely buried in the ground, collapsed and without access to oxygen for hundreds of millions of years it became a monolithic coal seam. At first, an alien version was featured, but genetic analysis of the woman’s body showed her 100 percent similarity to modern Russian man. Today we are one by one just like our ancestors 800 million years ago!

Workers in the extraction of coal

It was found that the level of civilization to which the woman belonged exceeds everything known to date, including ours, since the nature of the fabric with which the “princess” dress is made defies scientific analysis. The technology for the production of such material has not yet been invented by mankind.

Interior of one of the galleries

The composition of the pink-blue liquid has not yet been determined, only some of its constituent components have been identified, formed by the oldest varieties of onion and garlic. The professor said nothing about the metal box, except that it was being studied. The lecturer left, and a couple of days later a little note appeared in the Tisul district newspaper saying that an archaeological relic was discovered near the village of Rzhavchik, which would shed light on the story. The rust people protested, there are so many sensations, but there are three lines in the newspaper! The outrage subsided on its own, when the Tisul district was suddenly cordoned off by the military, the police scoured the courtyards, seizing the “seditious” number of the population, and the place where we found the coffin was carefully dug up and filled. with earth.

And yet, despite the efforts of the authorities, there were truth fighters among the villagers. One of the heroes ran through all instances, he even wrote a letter to the Central Committee of the CPSU, but a year later he died suddenly (according to the official version, from heart failure). When the six “discoverers” of the coffin died one after another in car accidents during the year, the surviving witnesses were forever silent.

Workers in the extraction of coal

In 1973, when, according to the authorities, “everything had settled down”, large-scale excavations were carried out in the strictest secrecy on the shores and islands of Lake Berchikul, six kilometers from the place where the sarcophagus was found, during All summer. until late fall.
The workplace was cordoned off by soldiers and police. But, as they say, you can’t hide a stitch in a bag! Somehow, visiting workers who participated in the excavations and were silent for a long time entered the district store, got drunk and blurted out that an ancient Stone Age cemetery was discovered on the islands.
They flatly refused to give details, but the whole town watched as a “brick” helicopter flew to the excavation site and took something away, and after the work on the islands and banks of Berchikul was completed, hundreds of graves. covered with earth …

Simulated cut where the sarcophagus was found

Witness search

In 2007, the correspondent of the newspaper “Sibdepo” Roman Yanchenko decided to verify the reliability of this legend. He visited the places where the miracle described 38 years ago supposedly occurred …
(article “Sarcophagus of Tisul”)


Of course, unsurprisingly, there are still many unknowns in this investigation. Tatyana Pavlovna Karnaukhova, the wife of the miner Karnaukhov himself, who is mentioned in the legend, said that in fact her husband once worked in a quarry, yet he died five years ago as a result of a prolonged serious illness. According to the director of the village school, Galina Rebrikova, the head of the site, Alexander Masalygin, actually worked in the quarry, but died not in 1980, but later, in 1983 or 1984 of leukemia. And the quarry was closed in 1973, now everything is covered, turned into an ordinary forest.

The journalist managed to meet with Nikolai Mikhailovich Garmanov — he is the last in these places who survived from the brigade that, according to legend, found the mysterious sarcophagus. Garmanov was working at the time as a bulldozer driver. He said that Masalygin worked as a machinist, Alexander Ivanovich Karnaukhov was a blacksmith and died as a blacksmith: he gave up, rode a motorcycle and was hit by a truck. It is true that he did not die immediately, he was sick for two days … There was a case in 1980, but he did not remember the exact date. At the same time, Garmanov said that for 33 years, while working as a bulldozer driver, he had found no sarcophagi or artifacts.

Then, the only possible witness to the events described claimed that the Tisul find never existed. But why are the testimonies of Karnaukhova and Garmanov so different? Furthermore, for each witness, his story about the characters exactly half matches the legend, only on one thing they agree, like repeating a mantra: there was no such thing!

According to the accounts of other residents of the town, when the sarcophagus was removed, there was an insert of a transparent material similar to glass that had no scratches on the lid near the face to the chest. There was a woman in the sarcophagus with absolutely no signs of decomposition. After removing the lid of the sarcophagus, she began to turn black before our eyes.
It is interesting to note that in various forums on the Internet, many message writers who lived in those parts or had relatives in the Tisulsky district wrote about conversations and rumors about this finding. Others, posing as local residents, on the contrary, wrote that it was not even talked about, and they learned of the Tisul find only through publications on the Internet.

Appearance of the liquid found inside the sarcophagus (simulated) @galanvazquez

Some researchers compare the legend of Princess Tisul with Alexander Pushkin’s poem “The Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Heroes”:

“… There are
a high mountain behind the slowly flowing river,
There is a deep hole in which,
In that hole, in the sad darkness, the
glass coffin is moving
. in the chains between the pillars
there is no trace of anyone.
Around that empty place;
in that coffin is his girlfriend …”

Epigraph at the place of discovery

Continuation of the story

And in March 2012 the author of the sensational article himself appeared.
Here is a message from the author of the “find of Tisul”
Dear editors, ten years have passed since the publication of the article on the discovery of Tisul and the time has come to reveal the truth about its writing. In this article, and for the first time it was published in the newspaper “Khakassia” (republican newspaper in Abakan — author’s note) in August 2002, under the title “A lady of 800 million years”, I did not lie a word, I only concealed the true circumstances of my relationship with the colonel (that was his condition!). The day after the publication of this material, I was hit by a car, although not fatally, I came out with a slight injury (maybe just a coincidence?). The editorial team chuckled, mistaking him for a “cool duck.” “Well that’s it, the second Bushkov was resurrected!” The Chief cheerfully summed up. And then he started … There were calls from the “federal office of good advice”, it turned out that I accidentally released a terrible state secret. At first, they tried to get the signs of a colonel, and when I described the movie Stirlitz, they persistently “recommended” writing a sensational and funny sequel to “The Revelation of a KGB-2 Colonel”, about how the beauty was resurrected, it was escaped and they are still looking for her, etc., etc. I wrote the KGB-2 Colonel Revelation, but on a completely different subject, after which my continuing journalistic career at the best Khakassia newspaper was ended. This is, in short, the story of the appearance of the sensational publication “Tisulskaya Find”, which glorified the village of Rzhavchik all over the world. Kind regards, Oleg Kulishkin (Gonchar).

In his next message, Oleg Kulishkin wrote that at this time, near the village of Rzhavchik, in the place where the same coffin with the “Russian princess” was found, the local authorities have installed a garbage dump of colossal size and are bringing! garbage from almost the entire region!
According to Oleg Kulishkin, the age of the find was determined between 400 and 800 million years, based on the idea of the 1960s about the time before the formation of coal rock on the planet, starting from a thickness of 20 meters. from which a marble coffin with the body of a woman was taken.
At the moment, the author of an article on the finding of Tisul is the chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Constituent Congress of the Cossack Party “Free Russia”, military sergeant major Oleg Gonchar (Kulishkin).

Oleg Gonchar (Kulishkin) thanked REN TV for showing the story about the discovery of Tisul and the valiant search for the truth.

And two days later, on March 13, Oleg Gonchar (Kulishkin) thanked REN TV for showing the story about the discovery of Tisul and the valiant search for the truth.

What’s new in this mysterious story added by the REN TV team? The only witness to these events, the coal mine geologist Vladimir Podreshetnikov, said that in addition to the princess found, other burials were also found. He said that in 1973 the military unhooked the excavation sites near the village of Rzhavchik. This was confirmed by Valery Malevany, a retired FSB Major General. He also said that two more tombs were found in the lake 6 km from the village of Rzhavchik, whose age is 200 million years. Apparently, two identical sarcophagi were found.

The filmmakers reported that the sarcophagus with Princess Tisul was sent to Moscow for serious investigation. Apparently, from 1969 to 1973, even foreign spies were captured in the Tisul region, searching for a valuable artifact and valuable information.
Overall, unsurprisingly, the REN TV team did not end this story. More questions appeared instead of answers.

The coffin was closed and transferred to a helicopter, the remains of the putty were collected along with the dirt in plastic bags and the witnesses were ordered to disperse.

Fiction or true story?

The story of Princess Tisul is considered by many to be fiction. How could the idea of ​​such a “plot” arise? It has long been known that anomalous finds are common in coal seams. For example, on June 9, 1891, in Morrisonville, Illinois, USA, Mrs. S. Culp, gathering coal for the stove, decided to break a large lump of coal that would not fit in her bucket. After breaking it, she found a gold chain inside it, very fine. There was its imprint in the carbon, there was no doubt that the chain got into the carbon at the time of its formation, and this was at least 260 million years ago. In the same 19th century, again in the state of Illinois, in a coal seam at a depth of 30 meters, the miners found a human skeleton, indistinguishable from the modern one. In addition, the age of the coal seam, in which the discovery was made, was about 300–320 million years. These are just two examples, and there are quite a few of them.
Kulishkin’s article mentions the village of Rzhavchik in the Tisul region (Kemerovo region), it really exists, and there, in the indicated years, a coal mine actually worked. In fact, Alexander Ivanovich Karnaukhov worked on the development of coal, however, he was not a miner, but a blacksmith of the mine.

An article by Oleg Kulishkin, published in number 124 of the newspaper “Arkaim”.

Alexander Alexandrovich Masalygin was also a real person. In addition, researchers studying the subject of Princess Tisul found two very interesting comments in publications about her. It is worth getting acquainted with them. Here’s the first one:
“In 1974 I studied in the fourth grade of the 8-year-old school №76 in the city of Kemerovo, to us schoolchildren, the director of the Golovanova school Ekaterina Ivanovna told us about this discovery. I do not remember the genetic examination or the age of the child. Finding. Only the approximate age of the woman, her condition, the clothes, was filled with some kind of liquid and was in a stone box with a lid. They waited for a more detailed article in the regional newspaper, but no article followed. This comment was found on one of the Internet forums.

An article by Oleg Kulishkin, published in number 124 of the newspaper “Arkaim”.

Here’s the second one: “About 20 years ago, when I was a young specialist at the world’s largest airline, Aeroflot, I had the opportunity to hear the story of an elderly Mi-8 helicopter commander at night in a hotel in the Orenburg airport. According to him, he previously served in a separate squad of border troops, read the KGB of the USSR. And allegedly his crew participated in the transport of stone sarcophagi somewhere in Altai or Transbaikalia, or perhaps in Kuzbass, I don’t remember. That the coffins were dug in a deep coal mine. And there were people in the coffins. Not mummies, but people, as if they were alive. I objected that coal is a very old fossil, that people could not reach there, it didn’t exist yet. But… the pilot claimed it was true. For many years I forgot this story, considering it folklore. And today I came across an article by Oleg Kulishkin. It just burned like a stream. I’ve been thinking hard nte the last days how to put this material in such a way to tell it on the blog and friends did not decide that I was completely crazy. Now the same story, only from someone else.”

The same place where Princess Tisu was discovered in the 60s


Who was Princess Tisul and what was her royal age? There are no coal seams on Earth that are 800 million years old, they are at most 300–340 million years old. I really don’t understand why the princess was between 600 and 800 million years old; In my opinion, her age should be cut in half, although that’s a lot. It is difficult to imagine that such a beautiful creature appeared at that time in the process of evolution of terrestrial species. Although the elderly professor ruled out the alien origin of Princess Tisul from Oleg Kulishkin’s article, I think this is the only real explanation for the appearance on Earth in those days of such perfect people of the modern type, who also possessed high technologies.

The same place where Princess Tisu was discovered in the 60s

Perhaps it was the surviving Martians who left their planet after the disaster, or the crew of a spacecraft that crashed on Earth. There is reason to believe that Princess Tisul might be in a state of suspended animation, and the metal box in the sarcophagus was a kind of timer to wake up and a means of providing a chance to surface. From the position of the princess’s body, it can be assumed that she was not going to “wake up” in 1969. Perhaps the premature opening of the sarcophagus and the drainage of the liquid killed the time traveler.

The same place where Princess Tisu was discovered in the 60s

From time to time, materials about this find appear in newspapers, magazines, the Internet, and television. So in Oleg Gusev’s book “Ancient Russia and the great Turan”, chapter 11 “Typical Russian face …” is dedicated to the woman discovered in the sarcophagus. However, all journalists and researchers start from the fact that in a quarry near the village of Rzhavchik, a sarcophagus was found with the body of a young woman, alive or dead, but in suspended animation.

The sarcophagus

Novosibirsk parapsychologist Vadim Grishin proposed the assumption that the woman in the sarcophagus is a biorobot, a kind of clone of a representative of a powerful supercivilization that once actually lived. Also, her age is not 800 million years, but only about 50 thousand. Scientists named this figure based on the fact that the sarcophagus was discovered in a seam of coal that formed 800 million years ago. However, the sarcophagus was not originally on this layer. According to Grishin, the Hyperboreans foresaw the death of their civilization as a result of the war with the Atlanteans and thus cut a deep well and safely walled up a messenger with important information for posterity. At the appointed time, a metal box placed at the headboard was supposed to send a signal to the biorobot, which activates its activity. Possessor of great power,
I would like to hope that sooner or later we will discover all the details about the sensational find made in 1969 in a coal mine in the village of Rzhavchik.

An article by Oleg Kulishkin, published in number 124 of the newspaper “Arkaim”.

Article by Oleg Kulishkin, published in number 124 of the newspaper “Arkaim”.

To know more you can consult the following sources:

Tisul find (Tisulsky district of the Kemerovo region): mysteries of archeology:



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