USA, New Mexico, April 1962
These 5 Polaroid photos belonged to an Air Force Captain. Were found by his granddaughter in an old photo album. She and her husband submitted the Original Polaroids to MUFON 2014.
Quote: “My wife and I found these incredible daytime disc Polaroid photos in an old album belonging to her grandfather, who was a captain in the US Airforce and was stationed in Albuquerque NM from 1961–1965. the man pointing to the object is my wife’s grandfather.”
MUFON found no processing / retouching and the person is in fact the alleged grandfather.

Galán Vázquez
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u/Fishon72 Aug 01 ‘21

Photo 1 and photo 3 are taken from the same vantage point from the photographer. It appears that the photos were taken in sequence as the object moves toward the camera. If the craft were moving at any decent speed (thrown into the air) a Polaroid camera can’t take pictures back to back this fast. If they were taken on two separate “throws” then they got really lucky with the placement and making it look like it is moving toward the camera. From looking at pictures one and three it appears that (my best analysis) it was moving relatively slow allowing for the two photos in sequence, or it was flying faster and in a repetitive circle and caught with the camera the second time during one of those loops. As Bob Lazar said and as we’ve seen in many videos, most saucer shaped craft accelerate “bottom forward”, meaning the bottom of the craft faces toward the direction it accelerates as it does so. So I’m a little confused as to how that concept applied to these photos explains what the craft is actually doing.

At this period in time the UFO craze was in full swing. Lots of faking going on. But lots of real stuff too.

I wonder if the car hood being raised in one of the photos has anything to do with what we are seeing? (Air filter cover/lid). Also I don’t see any power lines overhead.

I’m leaning toward that they are legit. Feels more legit than not.

u/geforce2187 Aug 01 ‘21

In the 1960’s my mom’s whole family (my grandmother, aunts and uncle) saw a UFO like this flying over their backyard.

Their neighbor across the street who was in the Air Force took pictures of it, but after he got them developed he showed them to his superiors asking if it was a new type of aircraft — they took the camera away and told him never to mention it ever again.

Luckily though, some other guy took a picture of it around the same time — I had showed my grandmother the pictures and she was pretty sure it was the same one.

u/kinger90210 Aug 01 ‘21

You noticed a very interesting thing. UFOs looked like old flying saucers back then. Decades later they looked like futuristic flying saucers. Then they allegedly looked like cigars, triangular and now they look mostly like white tic tacs. Do you have the answer ? Could it be… That we don’t witness the real object and only see what we should see. Which role plays the consciousness?

u/wotoan Aug 01 ‘21

Okay, but then why would a Polaroid camera see the same thing if it’s not a real object? Now you are asking the correct question ;)

Obviously it’s not a magic trick. It’s the same as in the double split experiment in quantum physics. The observer (human, camera, radar) interferes with the object. The object has to be a physical object that is in line with our physical laws now. That’s just physics. So whatever these crafts originally are, we don’t witness the real object. In the Moment a measurement takes place (human watching it, radar tracking it, picture, anything) in this particular moment, the object has to be measurable.

Quantum physics:)

u/timeye13 Aug 01 ’21 edited Aug 01 ‘21

These are very cool. The saucer having a bulbous center fits well with other sightings of the time. I’ve heard many descriptions indicating that the exterior, flatter sections of these crafts look smooth like polished aluminum, but the interior globe has a “hammered” metal or metallic “skin” like quality. Cool shots.

Image magnification and analysis Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro X @galanvazquez
Image magnification and analysis Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro X @galanvazquez
Image magnification and analysis Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro X @galanvazquez
Image magnification and analysis Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro X @galanvazquez
Image magnification and analysis Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro X @galanvazquez
Consult an expert professional and technical photography analyst.
Javier Domínguez “Jadoga” @JadogaPhotoArt

Consult an expert professional and technical photography analyst.
Javier Domínguez “Jadoga” @JadogaPhotoArt
Consult Javier Domínguez:
“Greetings Javier, if you have a few minutes I would like to know your opinion about this A hug !!”
Response from Javier Domínguez:
“Good Morning
I did not know this particular story
11:56 a. m.
As soon as I saw the shots where the person is portrayed within the frame, pointing to the “saucer”, the national “contactee”, Jomel, has come to mind.
11:58 a. m.
Obviously, treating this type of photos in post-processing was not something easy at that time.
11:59 a. m.
But due to the position of the lights, the focus on the different shot planes and the perspective, without forgetting the photographer’s success when framing the “saucer, I would dare to say that it is an object thrown into the air and photographed a posteriori. Trial / error until you get the desired shot with the advantage at that time of instantaneity that only Polaroid offered
* position of the lights with respect to the object and the rest of the elements of the scene
12:02 p. m.
Jadoga “



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