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… And she was a girl, born in Triana as Jessica Cánovas, in
one of the streets that, paradoxically called Castilla, gives
sense and vertebra a neighborhood so Andalusian. A street that defines
its essence, even if it is almost at its exit, within
Triana but looking at the rest of the world, looking for the path
from the river to the north.

… And she was a girl, raised in a glorious matriarchy that still
He presides over his great grandmother since his retirement in Lebrija. Great Grandmother
that, like a banner, still “sings flamenco and recites that
it gives glory, ”says La Flaka excited to remember the one
It was always, in Triana, the woman of El Plata. His grandmother, the
next in the link, is the one that shaped his character and still
today remains the watchman of the fort. Also his mother … And
his aunt Africa, who caressed the dream of music, recorded a
album, he traveled through America and put music in La Flaka
soul. With her our Triana girl dreamed for the first time
A bulería.

… And it was the girl who now, with the illusion of childhood
Even in the eyes, she is a mother. And woman. The protector, the one
with natural leadership follows the trail of the four pillars
women who have forged that character that is debated between
Genius and tenderness. The Flaka is a woman with a claw. Than
It says how and when. Of a hard life — of fatigue, which they say
the flamingos-, which has always stood up. A
Intense life, dominated by love and music. Two glasses
communicators that nurture and become confused in their biography, and
that make her an artist who looks straight ahead.

La Flaka is an artist

… It already was when he forgot his backpack at home and
He came to school empty-handed. “I only approved the
lessons when I said them singing ”, recalls La Flaka
between laughs. Because before the girl’s dismissal to the
that he didn’t like school because it didn’t sound like bulería,
there was a teacher who encouraged her to put the lessons in
compass. “So I could get some subjects …”
… The rigidity of the school rules lasted little,
until the age of 11, when he got on his first stage,
to sing flamenco “from behind”, with his aunt Africa, in
the times when I already flirted with music as a future
professional, from town to town, from house to house, from bar
in bar, as all those who have written the
brighter pages of music.
… And even more was growing when Lole Montoya, that
undisputed icon of the most transgressive flamenco, he chose it
for a delicious tour, which La Flaka still illuminates the
memories, and that was called, premonitory, ‘Music of the

… Until 2005 came with the north wind in favor and
he turned Jessica’s life into La’s career forever
Flaka It was that year in which an emerging Junior, godson
Lola Flores y Bambino, flamenco at heart and with hiphop as a conviction, incorporates a teenager Jessica to
Your choirs After the success of the emergence of ‘The prince
of cats ’on the national scene, Junior put all the
meat on the grill in his second job, ‘Flame Boy’, and seduced for it a voice as fresh as solvent, the germ
of the powerful sensitivity he has in his throat today.
… The Flaka is off-road. Wild and intuitive. He knows how to travel
for life from stage to stage adapting, almost
reinventing himself, every time. As a soloist, in the
best garitos in Seville, with Junior rocking her to the beat
of rap while she lights up the room with some bulerías… E
even in the television program ‘La Voz’, your best bet
recent, where it has taught the country how easy it seems
the most difficult: versioning melodies that are already part of the
collective imagination and tear their own tears
Authors of the original.
After the experience on the small screen, La Flaka outlines
his future in this new album, with which he wants to teach the
world the most modern, contemporary and versatile version,
from an artist born in Triana but raised with her eyes
posts in the rest of the world.

Castilla Street, heart of Triana, year 1985. A colored girl
copper and curly hair opens its eyes to the world when the fight was not then in purity, but when
Manuel Molina, that gypsy prince who reinvented singing,
you could hug Jesus de la Rosa, father of Andalusian rock,
without raising suspicion; or when psychedelia entered through
tientos-tangos in an example of compass.
The patriarchs of the Flemish dynasties of the
Montoya, the Amador and the Cagancho from Triana to Las Tres
A thousand, and with them they seemed to disappear also some of the
essences of dancing and singing from Andalusia. But Triana’s not
its essence never escapes. And the names of Naranjito from
Triana, Lole and Manuel or the dancer Matilde Coral, in which
He has always found great support, they embrace education
Jessica Canovas musical, later La Flaka thanks to
artistic baptism for which a plastic creator is responsible, a reference of graffiti and urban art in Andalusia as
is Rorro Berjano, partner in a thousand Junior battles.
Triana is a flamenco altar, a mood, a
feeling that sneaks to the last room of the soul
of who inhabits it. It is consubstantial to La Flaka his condition
Trianera universal, so modern, so contemporary
who knows how to leave to return; that seduces Funky and brings it to him
for home; which is close to Soul, hip-hop, dance, and
Wraps of his very personal musical imprint.

… But to take a step forward, you have to do it
knowing the one that has been left behind. Its premiere on the national music scene is going to be an exercise in bravery, but
also a next step on the road, a summary of
where it comes from and what it was doing in its live shows: great
hits of huge artists, Sting, Alejandro Sanz, Michael
Jackson, Antonio Vega, Francisco Céspedes, Gloria Estefan,
Ketama, Pastori Girl … These names give you a clear point
starting and mark the line to follow to find and compose
the repertoire that La Flaka will nurture in his first work
of study: pop, jazz, funk, reggae, latin, bolero and flamenco
they walk on the slopes of La Flaka, looking for shelter in
The ductility of his voice.
For this he has had the authors Ricardo Moreno, Ana
Rumbí, his inseparable Joselito Acedo, Carlos de Pepa, Killian
Dominguez and Junior Míguez — his partner, his breath, his ‘other
I musical ’and, of course, the production director– in 7 of
The original themes.
There are in the sensibility of La Flaka a few tangos of
the Paquera de Jerez and two essential covers in his repertoire that will also be on this road forward which is the disc he faces: “Joy of living”, of
Ray Heredia; and “Mi soledad y yo”, by Alejandro Sanz.

In each and every one of the themes, La Flaka has participated
actively in arrangements, composition and lyrics, behind
a more international and current sound, risking in each
song, and looking for the most suitable sound landscape for
each story

We dared to create programs more than nine years ago
for Andalusian regional television and this led us to a
National chain. We dared with a play and
We had a second clear. We dared with the exhibitions and brought a world jewel to Spain; we even travel
to Mexico D.F. to contribute our grain of sand to your
cultural panorama


Junior Miguez, godson of Lola Flores and BamBino, was born in Málaga in 1978 and he declares himself Trianero

from the heart.



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