Oscar Rey Brea: the man who discovered the UFOs” by Manuel Carballal.

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Dear reader:

Of him, people with more knowledge than me said:

“Manuel Osuna and Óscar Rey Brea, synonymous with honesty. Although both defended the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis…”.
José Ruesga Montiel

“If I have been investigating the problem since 1945, it is not even out of a desire for notoriety, I greatly dislike publicity, that is why I only come to the fore on very few occasions; much less to find a modus vivendi. The business costs me money. Yes I did it and I do it to satisfy my own curiosity. And it would be absurd for me to try to deceive myself”
“I believe that it is everyone’s obligation to seek the truth, whatever it may be and, consequently, the discussion of our respective points of view, which inevitably everyone has, is equally obligatory. Only one can be the truth”
“Eridani being host to the Ummite warren”
“In particular, I am not guided by any interest in whether or not UFOs exist, I am only moved by curiosity, and that is why I am outside of any positive or negative influence”
“Come on, friend Ballester, let’s be serious if we want to be taken in the same way!”
“One day in 1943, full of that petulant logic that emerges in our brains when we are faced with an unknown, I tried to find a form and name for the vision that seven boys had, ranging from a medical student to a plumber, all combat soldiers at the gates of Leningrad. His reply was more reasonable than my examples: If I thought they were idiots…”
“This is fixed by a good shot with a parabellum, which I think no ummite will resist…”
“Possibly my news (about Flying Saucers) are not abundant, but you have to realize that here I am more alone than a castaway…

Close encounter at the Meteorological Observatory of A Coruña

But all that is now irrelevant. The really extraordinary thing is that, during one of those launches, and while the weather balloon was rising towards the clouds, dilating due to the pressure change and increasing its diameter before exploding and dropping the radiosonde “hanging on a rag” (the parachute) It occurred to me to ask the radio sondista: “Don Carlos, and do you really believe that these balloons, which disappear so quickly from sight, could be mistaken for a UFO?”

The man who discovered UFOs

Today I confess with blush, that at that time I did not know who the wise Galician was, alias that Antonio Ribera gave him. I discovered it, blessed coincidence, through the most authoritative person: his own son. But in my defense I will only argue that, since he was “killed” in 1973, the brilliant radiosondist, astronomer, archaeologist, photographer and discoverer of the UFO phenomenon, was suddenly erased from history and collective memory. These pages serve to vindicate his memory at the time of the centenary of his birth, coincidentally, on January 6, 2023.

Researchers Room of the Military Historical Archive of Avila.
Military file of Oscar Rey Brea.
Investigation of correspondence between Oscar Rey Brea and other Ufologists.
An interesting article written by Oscar Rey Brea

About the expansion of the Universe

The absurdity of the conclusion of an expanding Universe
— Cosmos 1963 -

The possibility that the “flying saucers” are extraterrestrial devices is insisted on

“…surprising that Aristote called a globe of fire a goat. Such was the form of the one that appeared as big as the Moon during Paulo Emilio’s war against Perseus.”
(Treatise of Philosophy of Lucio Anneo Seneca).


Close encounter at the Meteorological Observatory of A Coruña — The man who discovered UFOs.


The birth

The wise Galician

Rey Brea & Antonio Ribera: chronicle of a relationship — Not even an error is admissible — The wise Galician at the University of Compostela — The Flying Saucers, which never were, in the Bible — The Flying Saucers arrive on Spanish television — Of nationalisms Galicians and Catalans –And then UMMO arrived — David Vincent and Los Invasores — UMMO always comes back — The Villegas case: a Flying Saucer in the Civil War — Galapagar 69: The first meeting of investigators.

The prodigious decade

The (im)perfect case — The third sighting — Rey Brea and Jordán Peña face to face — The CEI/Eridani meeting… and the M.E.O. — Of Celtic forts and the business of UFOs — UFOs: Danger of death — The first death of the wise Galician


The skeptical believer
A Galician Jules Verne

Letter from Óscar Rey Brea to Antonio Ribera i Jordá, president of the C.E.I. Center for Interplanetary Studies of Barcelona
Enrique Campos (ADIASA) Beginning of contact with the ufologist Oscar Rey Brea. E.O.C File
Letter from Oscar Rey Brea to Enrique Campos. E.O.C File
Letter from Oscar Rey Brea to Enrique Campos. E.O.C File
Letter from Oscar Rey Brea to Enrique Campos. E.O.C File
Óscar Rey, from Coruña, the first ufologist in the world
He fought with the Blue Division on the Russian front where he spotted a strange object in the sky over Pushkin in 1943.
Today there is no doubt
No objective witness to the sighting was found. As the investigator Manuel Carballal points out, all those questioned refer to other alleged witnesses or to the book by Ribera and Farriols, or even to the next day’s newspaper, without having seen anything themselves. All the testimonies and documents were actually the work of José Luis Jordan Péna, who had also starred in the pseudo Aluche landing (he had even spread radioactive dust).
manuel carballal
In 1996, he explained the details of his mystification to Manuel Carballal, explaining that while his friend Vicente Ortuño was holding the medium, he had intentionally taken the photos with fast film and had developed them The reconstitution to obtain a strong granulation to make the suspension cable disappear
Since not all the photos turned out well (sometimes we saw the hands of his friend), he had to cut the film to select the best shots.
As for the mysterious tubes, they were thermometer cases, in which he had placed Tedlar tapes, a polyvinyl fluoride manufactured by Dupont de Nemours, and which a NASA engineer in Spain had obtained for him at the time.
Manuel Carballal, following his instructions, made a model of the same type, and photographed it in the same conditions in front of the castle of San José (8)
We had personally taken this type of photo in 1986, based on Claude Poher’s analysis, as you can see below. It’s almost too easy…

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Painter, Graphic Designer, Seville Spain, Member of the Center for Interplanetary Studies of Barcelona. Research Correspondent at UFO-SVERIGE

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Galán Vázquez

Painter, Graphic Designer, Seville Spain, Member of the Center for Interplanetary Studies of Barcelona. Research Correspondent at UFO-SVERIGE