4:20 p.m. on November 17, 1979

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Before going into the development of this UFO observation by a Spanish Air Force Lieutenant General, I would like to emphasize that there are currently many high-ranking military officers who, without any kind of prejudice, recount their UFO observation experiences online social, This is an example:

“Well, I have a similar case of seven white lights reported by an Iberia and an Aviaco over the mountains north of Seville, flying to the north and they to the south, I was a duty officer of the General Staff in Seville and reported to the Commander del Aguila who was in command, which sent an alert plane from Morón, which came to make visual contact with the seven lights in formation, and when that contact was established they put the direct one and got lost, heading west through Salamanca, leaving to the sea near Oporto, at which point contact was already lost. We are talking about the year 78 or 79 because in 80, when I was promoted, I was assigned to Madrid and it was shortly before, my data already appears in my account and I think I know Fernando, I even think I remind him of the Academy and to whom I send a big hug by this means, I think I remember that he had another brother, they called me the mayor of the 18 “.
Posted on Facebook by Jesus Rodriguez de Arriba
General Air Academy (A.G.A.)

Written by Jesús Rodríguez de Arriba on Facebook 2021

The Motril event is a strange case. Perhaps an attempt at communication by an unknown entity with a military member of the Air Force in mid-flight. Miguel Lens Astray was already interested in one of the most extraordinary events of Spanish Ufology, as is the case of the Talavera Air Base on November 12, 1976, Miguel Lens visited the Base perhaps sent by his superiors to investigate what happened , at least that is what I deduce from this conversation between two Spanish researchers of unquestionable journalistic prestige, Juan José Benítez and Iker Jiménez. This conversation is an excerpt that was published in The Night of Fear (Iker Jiménez page 84)

— -By the way Juanjo burst in, without giving me time to ask him — , that there were illustrious visits. Do you know who went there to inspect the land the next day?…Lens!

— -The Navarrese journalist was referring to today’s Brigadier General Miguel Lens Astray, an exceptional military pilot who was the protagonist of an astonishing incident recorded in the files of the Air Force in which, chasing 0.95 match, a mysterious triangular-shaped artifact over the vertical of Motril in In 1979, he came to perceive on the radio, inside his cockpit, how clear children’s voices were filtered, who, addressing him, said: “Hello!… How are you?… Hello!… Hello!”, literal transcriptions that appear in the official file that was kept secret for more than fifteen years…

— -And what was he doing there hours later?
— -He told the soldiers privately that he believed his testimony…
—Look, Juanjo, I’ve interviewed a lot of people. Soldiers and commanders who were woken up in the middle of the night. I have been assured by some… that there
there could be deaths.

— - Of course. This must have been the milk. That’s why nothing was ever removed; That’s why it was the damn thing. Iker, please find out what happened that same night around a series of machine-gunned cars. Civil cars. There may be one of the keys to this story. And of silence.

— -Cars shot up inside the base?

— -According to my indications, that night at least one was attacked in the middle of the road, next to the wall. Machine-gunned from top to bottom with people inside…

— -My goodness! I thought that was another legend like
The Portuguese.

— - The Portuguese?

— -Well, I’ll tell you… go on…

— -Friend… — he put on a deep voice — , above all, be very careful.

— -I’ll take care of myself, but… from whom?

— - I’m serious. Those of the intelligence agencies have been behind this in their day… and probably, despite the time that has passed, they will continue. Now you get into all this mess and… well. I’ll tell you… on the phone you know I prefer not to talk.

— -All right, Juanjo. A strong hug. — Another for you. Have a good trip.

Brigadier General Lieutenant Miguel Lens Astray protagonist of this UFO event.

This is part of the report published confidentially as “Top Secret” by the Air Operations Command of the General Staff Intelligence section:

On November 17 at 4:20 p.m. Pegaso gets a UNK trace (unknown), which remains outside the identification line for 15 minutes, then penetrating towards EVA 9.

At 16:45z, an Alpha scramble was given to the plane from Albacete which, while flying towards the area, was informed that the contact was intermittent, definitively losing it at 17:12z. After making several orbits over the area without positive results, the interceptor begins its recovery towards Albacete. Establishing a heading of 025º and at 35,000 feet, the pilot observes three strong lights of the same color and intensity at his 3, level and about 10NM, forming an isosceles triangle. Authorized by Pegaso, the fighter headed towards the center of the triangle of lights, not achieving any type of radar lock and noting that the relative distance did not decrease at any time.

After 10 minutes of flight at mach 0.95 in that direction and not being able to approach the lights, the pilot decides to return to base to recover. As he passed by heading 360º, he heard children’s voices on the radio channel laughing and saying: “HELLO, HOW ARE YOU?… HELLO, HELLO…” The interference lasted about 30 seconds. The aircraft landed safely at 18:05z.

“HELLO, HOW ARE YOU?… HELLO, HELLO… ”Report published and declassified” by the Air Operational Command of the General Staff Intelligence section.

The alleged contact and observation of the UFO occurred at 4:20 p.m. on November 17, 1979, just 6 days after the UFO observation of the interesting “Manises Case”. On the “Pegaso” radar located in Torrejón de Ardoz in Madrid, a trace “UNK” (Unknown trace that appears on the radar screen) appears in the direction of the E.V.A-9, being 15 minutes without identifying, at 4:45 p.m., an “Alpha Scramble” takes place and an F-1 Mirage fighter-bomber takes off from the Los Llanos air base located in the province of Albacete, piloted by fighter pilot Miguel Lens Astray, while the F-1 Combat Mirage approaches the place and is informed that the contact is intermittent to end up being lost at 17:12 hours. After several orbits flying the airspace, the pilot decides to return to base, at an altitude of 35,000 feet (10,668 meters), and that is when he sees three strong lights of the same color at 3 and 10 NM (18.5 km away) and intensity that form an “isosceles triangle”, the lights were between yellow and strong red, then from Pegaso (Madrid) the order is given to the pilot to go towards the center of the triangle of lights, without any success and without radar lock and without reducing the distance from the plane to said object, after After a 10-minute chase at 0.95 Mach (1,163'75 Km/hour), the F-1 Mirage returned to base for recovery. On the way to Los Llanos, heading 360 degrees, there was interference on UHF channel 11 linked to “ Pegaso “ that lasted 30 seconds and I heard children’s voices that between laughs said: “Hello, how are you? … hello, hello… ”.

The pilot verified that by disconnecting the guard channel, clear and crisp voices continued to enter through UHF channel 11, when the pilot heard the voices, he had passed the coastline and was not heard by “Pegaso” during the flight, nor by the radar. neither the E.V.A-5 that were operational on that flight received any signal during it. Without any incident, the plane landed at the air base at 18:05.

A Mirage F1M of the Spanish Air Force during an exhibition in Kecskemét (Hungary) in 2010. KGyST image.

Brigadier General Lieutenant Miguel Lens Astray relates what happened in this way:

— -I set course to 025 and climbed to 35,000 feet in order to save gas. So I was on autopilot, well, it was at that moment when I saw that flash to my right. I thought it was “traffic” (a plane)… I thought I was going to collide with that “supposed” traffic. Then I yanked the manual lever and the autopilot jumped out. It was the only way to avoid a collision… I was going at 1.8 mach. And I remember that the controller assured that there was no traffic there. That’s when I saw it. It was something without the conventional lights. And the controller said, half jokingly:

— -“It’s going to be a UFO.”

— -“Man, I don’t know — — I replied.”

— -“If you authorize me, I’ll go see it…”

I asked for permission and I went into supersonic flight. And I dedicated myself to contemplate that. I made myself comfortable. It was like the building in the Plaza de España in Madrid, but placed horizontally. It did not have a concrete geometric form due to the light. There were white, blue, red and green lights, all very intense. But they were not the colors we know. It is not easy to explain. They were cleaner and stronger. It was a sight… My F-1 was like that speck of ash. The UFO was the whole table (Lens had dropped some ash from his “Ducados” on the table) … It was huge, it occupied the entire arc of the sky and then the strange voices that sneaked into the F-1 radio…

Recounted extensively in the latest book by Juan José Benítez “Mis Cousins”

J.J. Benítez My “cousins” Planet 2021.
The report published and declassified” by the Air Operational Command of the General Staff Intelligence section.
The report published and declassified” by the Air Operational Command of the General Staff Intelligence section.
The report published and declassified” by the Air Operational Command of the General Staff Intelligence section.
Old photo of La Unidad (EVA 9) on top of “Monte Conjuro”
The 9th Air Surveillance Squadron (EVA 9) is an Air Force Unit that reports organically and functionally to the Air Combat Command (MACOM) through the Command and Control System Headquarters (JSMC).
The Unit at the top of “Monte Conjuro”, 18 km from the city of Motril. Where the radar and all the communications for its integration in the Command and Control System are located.
Map of the area of the Air Surveillance Squadron №9 (EVA 9).
Image: @galanvazquez 2022
Miguel Lens Astray, is a Spanish Lieutenant General of the Air Force, since 2009 Executive Vice President of the public company and oriented to military production, Engineering and Aerospace Services.
Date of birth: 1946 (age 76 years)
Military rank: Brigadier General (since 2000); Major General (since 2003); Lieutenant General (since 2006)



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