The humanoid of Guernica

Juan Carlos Escosteguy Image:

It is December 1983. The hot night stretches on indefinitely for Juan Carlos Escosteguy, a resident of Guernica, San Vicente district, in the province of Bs As. The heat, the humidity and the mosquitoes prevent him from falling asleep.
At about 1 AM he decides to go out to the street to get some fresh air and it is then that he has the opportunity to see in the sky, towards the east, a moving white light that at first he takes as an airplane and that approaches following a straight path to your position.
When it seems that the object is going to collide with the nearby trees, Escosteguy quickly enters the house. When leaving it, moments later, he checks that the street lights are off, so he goes back into his house in search of a flashlight.
Finding himself outside again he looks for the bright flying object with his eyes; the UFO has disappeared.
But to his surprise, he can distinguish, behind a soccer goal in the park in front of him, a tall being, with his arms crossed over his chest, emitting a great whitish glow.

Image design: @galanvazquez 2022

The witness feels that the flashlight slowly slips from his hand, until it falls to the ground and goes out.
Then, seized with fear, he goes back inside to come out immediately, this time with a knife, which he grabs from the cutlery drawer in the kitchen.
But as he leaves, he discovers to his horror that the being is much closer now, standing on the curb across the street.
He also fails to keep the knife in his hand for long; a strange force snatches it from him, and he too falls to the ground.
Looking up, the witness verifies that the creature has advanced a little further; now it is a few meters from his house, on the sidewalk itself. He hasn’t changed his initial attitude.

Image design: @galanvazquez 2022

Losing the knife and terrified by the proximity of the being, Escosteguy turns hastily to enter the house and it is then, when he touches the doorknob, that he has the sensation of receiving a strong electric shock. He even sees a bluish glow and sparks from the metal. In a panic, he tries to enter from the back, going around, but the same strange force that took the improvised weapon from him prevents him from advancing, it is as if he slipped on the ground.
Finally, after an arduous effort, he manages to enter his home. He does it hastily and in shock, leans his back against one of the walls of the dark living room and begins to slide towards the floor until he is in a ball.
After some time has passed, recovered from the initial shock, he goes out again.
The deserted and dark street is as usual. In the sky, the stars shine and among the grass the crickets sing his melody.
After a few days, Escosteguy, who was in charge of maintaining the park in front of his house, discovered a circular mark on the lawn made up of grass of a more intense hue than the surrounding one.
He passed the lawn mower, cutting the grass down to the ground. Later it grew again, always with a different coloration.
Escosteguy confided to the researchers that in this area of ​​grass, flat and gray mushrooms tend to grow that dissolve easily, different from other white ones that proliferate on the ground.
What happened that December night in Guernica?
Escosteguy does not want to remember it. And every time someone talks about UFOs or strange events over a table, a shiver runs down his spine and he quickly changes the conversation.

Image design: @galanvazquez 2022
Image design: @galanvazquez 2022

By Fernando Lefevre and Esteban Dylan

Next, another field investigation, carried out by the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO) that is worth taking into account given the rigor that its members grant to each investigation.

Logo of the FAO Argentine UFO Foundation

THE VISITORS (Amazing stories from Punta Indian)

First part


The city, for those of us who love life outdoors, the mountains and the sea, is a nightmare of asphalt, cement and concrete, a vertiginous labyrinth enveloped in black clouds of smog, garbage and overcrowding, walled by gray buildings that make the sky as through the wrong end of a telescope.
This insane collective hallucination that we cohabit feeds on the best of us, spitting the bones of the unfortunates who lost the race into the sewers, where they pile up, phosphorescent and yellowish, where the sunlight never reaches.
In the story El Aleph, Borges points out that the act of traveling, in the era of the immediate, is useless: “The 20th century had transformed the fable of Mohammed and the mountain. The mountains now converge on the modern Mohammed”
In the 21st century and through the COVID pandemic, such a statement is chilling due to its anticipatory power and its terrible consequences.
Home-office jobs, online classes, meetings via Zoom, armies of bikers and cyclists from Glovo and Requests Already carrying Chinese food, computer parts, books, slippers, drugs, rubies and God knows what else , realize it.
Regarding its consequences, well, if what Camus says is true (“An epidemic can only be fought with decency”), we are in serious trouble.
A little tired of being fed up, overwhelmed by all this and with the feeling that the known world is falling apart, with Esteban Dylan we decided to go out on the roads again, and for the occasion, with the intention of collecting new testimonies that remained unpublished and uninvestigated, in order to increase the rich ufological casuistry that our country has, we chose to focus our research on the province of Buenos Aires, more specifically in the district of Punta Indio, a hot zone if there is one, a territory that Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO), headed by the legendary Luis Burgos, has been mapping since the 80's.
In a kind of irregular rectangle that joins La Plata with Sanborombón Bay and includes towns and cities such as Poblet, Oliden, Magdalena, Atalaya, Punta Indio, Punta Piedras, Verónica and Pipinas, the FAO has established what has become known as “El Nido”, due to the overwhelming number of mass landing tracks that are recorded there, reaching more than 1600 tracks in a total of 80 cases, with the icing on the cake in Atalaya, where in January 1986, in a field on the outskirts of the town, 150 circular, triangular, 8-shaped, horseshoe tracks were found; where mushrooms grow wild and the grass acquires a strange hue and touch. In addition, an exceptional phenomenon was recorded there, which was witnessed by Burgos himself and several members of FAO.

Image courtesy of Ufologist Fernando C Lefevre

But not only the passage of UFOs and the strange signatures left by them (?) in the fields are the only record of the unusual and the fantastic in the area. It seems that the place is the eye of a folkloric whirlpool where remnants of ancient Querandí mythology are mixed with magnetic anomalies, supernatural beings, ghost ships, enchanted hotels and, hovering over all of them like the haunted house on the hill of stories, the shadow of the old Naval Air Base of Punta Indio.
It is, statistically speaking, the area with the most sightings in the entire province of Bs As. What better place to start our search?

Area map

Punta Indio is one of the 135 districts that make up the province of Bs As and was created by Law 11,584 on December 6, 1994. Historically, this district was part of the Payments of Magdalena, an outpost city against the Querandí Indians, the original inhabitants of the place. .
The head of the party is the town of Verónica and the municipality is located in the northeast of the province, on the Bay of Sanborombón. Its population, according to the 2001 National Census, is 9,279 inhabitants distributed over a land area of ​​1,550 square km.
In Punta Indio there are various tourist attractions, the beaches of the South Coastal Park, declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, its beautiful inns, its clear skies, which delight astrophotography fans and those who like to organize ufological vigils and a More than interesting ecotourism proposal with incredible photographic safaris, in addition to its fame among sports fishing enthusiasts, they place it among the best offers for family vacations in the entire province of Bs As.
In addition, and as if that were not enough, in Pipinas there is the CEPI, Punta Indio Space Center, inaugurated on the side of Route 36. There, the prototypes of the Tronador series of Argentine-made rockets are tested and in Verónica is the Punta Indio Naval Air Base, whose garrison is made up of the I Airborne Force.
It is from this location, inaugurated in 1925, that the first stories that associate the area with the elusive unidentified flying objects come from. Stories that have been increasing over time, making the place one of the richest geographies in mysteries.

Image courtesy of Ufologist Fernando C Lefevre

Here we will stop at some cases that occurred in Punta Indio, just as a sample, since breaking down the complete casuistry of the area would far exceed the length of this article, but those who are interested in delving into the rich UFO history that the place has , we recommend investigating the work of the aforementioned FAO, which has been developing research in this fantastic geography for almost 36 years.
That year the Control Tower was installed with CGA (Control Ground Approuch), Collins brand approach radar. The installation was carried out by the Punta Indio Electronics Workshop, with the collaboration of Petty Officer González Dusseff.
According to testimonies of the time, after a short time strange bits began to appear on the radar screen, some of which seemed to have intelligent behavior.
It must be said that this technology was somewhat primitive and prone to failure. The operator had to decide in a short time if that point that appeared on the screen was a real aircraft or a “ghost”.
These false bits can be caused by objects in the environment, such as birds, atmospheric turbulence, ionospheric reflections, meteor trails, etc.
For the supposedly intelligent movements there is also an explanation: there is a type of clutter due to echoes of an object on the ground, a projection on the sky of what is moving on the surface. This phenomenon is produced by terrestrial reflection and atmospheric refraction.
However, on the night of July 9, 1963, several Army and Navy officers who were waiting for the arrival of a flight saw from the Control Tower, an intense white light of large dimensions. (unspecified) fly over the Río de la Plata to disappear over the horizon at high speed.
The Machain incident, 1965.
In number 100 of the magazine Cuarta Dimensión, a publication directed by the famous researcher Fabio Zerpa, appears a note signed by Federico Machaín, ONIFE’s “scientific adviser” and at the time a flight instructor and Head of the Logistics Department of the Naval Air Base of Punta Indio in those distant times, entitled “I have seen a UFO on my Radar Screen”, where he recounts his experiences, which range from the detection of UFOs on the base’s radar to the spectacular mid-flight interception of an “object in ellipsoidal shape, with a brightness that prevented seeing its surface and about 12 meters in diameter”. According to his account, when maneuvering his Breechcraft C45 to start the return, the object moves away at an incredible speed, in the direction of the river. He also refers to the observation of several UFOs flying in formation from the Control Tower.

However, it has been impossible to reliably verify whether Machaín actually carried out functions at the site, since there are no records of his passing through the facilities.
We consulted Commodore (r) Ruben Lianza, head of the Air Force Aerospace Identification Center, but we were unable to confirm or rule out the species, at least as of the date this report goes to press. In relation to the different events that occurred at the base, although he was skeptical, I do not rule out such a thing outright.
“I don’t have anything different from the thousands of notes that were published about the case. I’m going to investigate, and if I find something, I’ll send it to you.”
Contrary to the opinion of some ufologists who have expressed their disagreement with the guidelines proposed by the CIAE, I must say that the commodore was always solicitous and friendly whenever he was consulted by us, displaying encyclopedic scientific, technical and ufological knowledge. .
Personally, although we do not agree with some of his conclusions regarding the UFO phenomenon, we attest to his good disposition and honesty.

They were also unable (or unwilling) to give us more details, at the base, even insinuating that the stories that circulate around it had their origin in the intention of keeping the operators of the Tower awake during the long and tedious night shifts.

The cases of OSNIs (Unidentified Submersible Objects) are a constant in the area.
Lights that submerge (and emerge) from the river at high speed seen from boats or from the coast by stunned witnesses have been reported on countless occasions. The Torres case was made known by the great field investigator Cristian Soldano.
José Luis Torres told this ufologist several experiences that had him as the protagonist, although the one that interests us here took place at the beginning of the 80’s, one night when Torres, aboard a Peugeot 504 and in the company of four friends, while making a trip to the Atlantic coast along route 11, at the height of Punta Indio, they see a cigar-shaped object about 50 meters long that, coming down from the sky vertically and at great speed, submerged in the river and when making contact with the waters, it emitted brilliant phosphorescent flashes, green, yellow, turquoise and “a range of colors that do not exist in this world”
The duration of the event was a few seconds and the witness notes that it is not explained, how the journey he was making towards the Atlantic coast was mysteriously slowed down.
“The trip that we usually made in two and a half hours lasted six. I still don’t understand how”
Torres’ complete testimony can be seen on YouTube under the title “Caso Torres OSNI in Punta Indio” on the Soldano channel, Orbital Vision.

Torres Case — USO (unidentified submersible object) at Punta Indio. Slowed down in time.

Researchers Daniel Valverdi and Jorge Marron, members of the UFO Vision investigation team led by Silvia and Andrea Pérez Simondini, investigating cases in the area such as those involving Fabián Falco and Stella Chuliver, witnessed the evolution of strange lights flying over the surface of the river.
The case can be reviewed on the UFO Vision website.

Image courtesy of Ufologist Fernando C Lefevre

According to a note published in Infocielo on October 10, 2020, the FAO investigations found two dead and mutilated animals in strange circumstances in the La Viruta area. Episodes of this nature have been happening since 2002, the year in which this phenomenon emerged for the first time in a massive way in Argentina.
Accounts of lone drivers chased long stretches of road by orb-shaped lights (Routes 11 and 36) pile up by the dozen.
UFO activity in the area is incessant.

In Punta Indio we stayed at the “Don Diego” cabin complex, invited by one of its administrators, Don Gustavo Noval.
Next to him, Mabel Córdoba (Maby) and Tati fulfill identical functions.
It was Mr. Gustavo who contacted us via email with an offer that was impossible to refuse: “You can come and see, that strange things here are everyday things.”
We arrived on a Friday, shortly before midnight.

Image courtesy of Ufologist Fernando C Lefevre

After crossing the entrance gate, we enter a dream place, ideal for those who want to relax for a few days, away from the noise. The night gave us one of its most beautiful postcards, the Milky Way shone in all its splendor.
Don Gustavo helped us unload our things and before leaving he made us a promise that kept us on our toes all night, counting the hours.
“Tomorrow, they are going to meet someone who is going to tell them about the things that he lived right here. Then I am going to tell them about my experience, which was right here.”
The next morning, mate in between, we met Maby; it was she that our host had told us about the night before.
We were soon seated around one of the long wooden tables by the grill.
-Don Gustavo told us that you had a couple of experiences related to UFOs. Do you want to tell us?
Look, I’ll explain. I have lived here for a while.
I lived in La Plata for many years until one day I said, Enough! I couldn’t stand the pace that the city imposes on you… that insane consumerism that makes you sick. (At this point, we couldn’t help but exchange a complicit look with Esteban: Maby was one of us!). I couldn’t take it anymore and I came here. In addition to managing this place with Gus and Tati, I dedicate myself to ecotourism.
In 2018 I was hired by Alberto Rodríguez, owner of Estancia Punta Indio, to prepare the place for a future opening to the public, as a nature reserve. The site was semi abandoned.
And well, already the first day, and making a tour of the property, we saw a dead deer on the side of the road. Rodríguez got out of the truck to examine him, came back and said nothing. But later, after a few days, once installed, Alberto told me that the deer we saw the first day had not died a natural death, but had been mutilated. And that this happened often.
At first, I didn’t give it much thought, but after a week or so, doing a walk alone, I found another deer in the same condition.
The grass around the animal was crushed, there was no trace of blood, neither on the deer nor in its vicinity. They had extracted, clean, the sexual organs, the jaw, the ears…
-The animal presented rigor mortis? How much time do you estimate had passed between its death and its subsequent discovery?
-I couldn’t tell you that, but it didn’t have rigor mortis and the jacks and the predators only began to approach after about 20 days, when the deer was already decomposing.
From there, the appearances of deer, steers, horses and sheep in identical conditions were a thing of almost every week.
Have you ever seen a vet?
-Not that I know of.
-How long did you work at Estancia Punta Indio?
-One year and three months, starting in 2018.
-That is, these discoveries occurred frequently…
-Yes…there were many little animals that I found like this while I worked in the place. But that is not all. There are also the lights…
-Tell us…

Image courtesy of Ufologist Fernando C Lefevre

-To give you an idea, I am going to describe the place first:
It is an extension of the field that borders on one side, with Route 11, on the other end with Route 36 and with the Sanborombón River, towards Pipinas. In the center is the town. On one side, to the left of the hull are the cabins, further back a grove.
In front of the hull there is a lagoon surrounded by mountains, very pretty.
Well, at night I liked to be there, in the hull, which is all glazed. I love to look at the sky and there, the view is spectacular. Already the first night, after looking for a while, I see some little lights, like stars, that moved in a zig-zag, went up, went down, turned off and turned on again at the other end of the field of vision. It was a very beautiful aerial dance, which lasted for hours.
-These “little lights” what color were they?
-They were white, very small.
As Maby spoke, I took in her body language. Esteban did the same. When he referred to the episodes of mutilation, his gaze remained fixed on the surface of the table, while his hands intertwined and played with the mate, nervously. But now, recalling the celestial show offered by the mysterious “little lights”, she was animated and her face lit up, while her beautiful clear eyes smiled.
“That was the first night. Obviously the next night I waited for them to show up again, but nothing happened.

Well, a few days passed and one night, it would be, I don’t know, 11, 12 p.m., while I was looking through the glass of the window, I saw an ovoid light, the size of the sun, moving from the side of the river slowly, as if floating and in total silence, at low altitude, and that it went to perch behind the mountains that are beyond the lagoon.
Upon touching down, the light, which was white, turned reddish and remained there for a very long time.

Image courtesy of Ufologist Fernando C Lefevre

I could not believe it! I went for some binoculars and tried to see something,
The light was a solid, ovoid-shaped object. But due to the intensity of the brightness and the foliage, it was impossible for me to distinguish details, although some kind of square “windows” could be seen.
The object was there almost until dawn, until suddenly it rose, returned to its original color and left following the same path from which it had come.
The first thing I did the next day was tell Rodríguez. He took it calmly and he told me that those things, in the room, were “normal”. Of course, I went to the bush where that thing had landed. There were marks, footprints in a circular shape and also in a triangle. Many seemed from long ago. There the grass grew tall and felt like plastic to the touch.”
-Did you notice any abnormality in the relegation zone, in addition to the marks? Burnt trees, any weird smell?
-No. But it is curious, the animals avoided going through there and most of those that appeared dead and with these strange cuts, did so in the vicinity, although not all. Once, and this is almost as unbelievable as all the rest, a dead but intact deer appeared near the cabins. I went for Alberto, and when we came back… They had already mutilated him! I swear it wouldn’t have been an hour.
Near the mountain there is a tapera that used to be inhabited by a laborer, the man from Corrientes, who ended up resigning due to these episodes. He said that these lights illuminated everything and did not let him sleep. He was terrified, poor thing. Because that time I saw the object descend behind the mountain was not the only one. There were many times that this “thing” came to visit.
-Never tried to photograph this “thing”?
-Yes, but I only had my cell phone and nothing ever came out. In addition, from the helmet to the mountain there are at least 2 km.
-This gentleman, Rodríguez, is there a way to communicate with him?
-Yes, of course, I’ll give you his phone number.
A few days later, we got in touch with Alberto Rodríguez, owner of Estancia Punta Indio. We explained that we were investigators and that a former employee of hers had told us about the strange anomalies that periodically occurred in the place.
Rodríguez, in a deep voice, invited us: “Come whenever you want, many strange things happen here. Come camping and bring infrared cameras!
With Esteban we made calculations and promised him that in a few days we would be there.
The adventure had begun!

( To be continue…)

By: Fernando Lefevre and Esteban Dylan

(This article was published in the September 2021 issue of the prestigious Phenómena magazine, directed by my great friend Darío Fernández.
I would like to highlight the work of Esteban Dylan, an excellent researcher and best friend. The quality of an investigation is proportional to the degree of cohesion and friendship of a team. Working together with my friend and colleague is one of the most uplifting experiences I have ever had, and going down the path of this wonderful mystery together, learning and being surprised together, is one of the treasures that I will always keep in my heart. Cheers, Esteban, for all the adventures to come!)

Image courtesy of Ufologist Fernando C Lefevre
Facebook Messenger Data

Facebook data:
Thu, 4:50 p.m.
G — What you published (THE VISITORS (AMAZING STORIES OF PUNTA INDIO) First part is frankly very very good work, is it original from your research? I liked it a lot and I want to make it known to my European and American ufologist friends. Congratulations! !
L- Hey, thank you very much!!! Yes, we did that investigation together with Esteban Dylan in September of last year. The site, Punta Indio, is a truly amazing place. I’m glad you liked it, José, thank you very much!!!!
Mon, 0:13
G — I just published it, thank you very much for letting me share your work.
Mon, 0:30
L — Thank you very much, José!!! Whatever you need, let me know. big hug!

David Smethurst is a good friend from Manchester, well versed in the extraterrestrial subject. I have found it relevant to include the following reflection on this research by Fernando Lefevre and Esteban Dylan:I just read it is a city in Argentina. Fascinating article and yet again we see the common theme of humanoid beings in white glowing suits who have strong Psychic powers. There is a book by an Australian author called Ryan Musgrave Evan’s called children of Orion.

I just read it is a city in Argentina. Fascinating article and yet again we see the common theme of humanoid beings in white glowing suits who have strong Psychic powers. There is a book by an Australian author called Ryan Musgrave Evan’s called children of Orion. It’s about Crypto terrestrials and builds on Mac Tonnies work. I don’t agree with all his conclusions but what he does do is create a profile of common factors associated with Crypto T’s which fits a number of cases across the world. He also links this to the tall whites of Charles hall. Anyway of course I’m not fixed on any answer but for the last few years some form of civilisation living under ground our oceans etc is I think a real possibility and may explain a lot of sightings. I am not dogmatic in any theory though. I have learnt though over the years to focus in the data and analysis of correlations without necessarily agreeing with authors wider conclusions. In any event I do think there is a profile we see of CT’s with anti gravity and electromagnetic field manipulation tech alongside psychic tech. So alongside the craft and suits there may be a lot of trickery and psychic misdirection. For instance Skinwalker ranch maybe a hub of this activity. Anyway I thought you may find this interesting in your work. I also think their is potentially a link to ancient civilisations and the tech often ascribed to them. One thing I will leave you with is at the start of the book he gives a big account of fairy lore from a number of people who documented the tales and accounts seriously in the 17th to 19th century. These correspond very closely to the phenomenon. So we are left with the tantalising conclusion that where Jacque Vallee saw fairies and the more recent phenomena as shared archetypes emerging from our collective unconscious giving us a glimpse of another reality they may actually all along be a flesh and blood dusted race that has lived with us for a long time; apart but occasionally interacting. Given nuclear power etc has the power to disrupt our shared environment it may explain the increase in sightings and activity. Hope you find this an interesting thought anyway.

David Smethurst, February 9, 2022 2:32 a.m.

José Antonio Galán is a researcher and disseminator of the Spanish UFO phenomenon, member of the Center for Interplanetary Studies in Barcelona and research correspondent for UFO-SVERIGE, as well as a friend, who writes a blog in English that is very good,, and finish publishing two notes, an article and an investigation that we wrote as a duo Esteban Dylan and this writer, and in which José emphasizes the seriousness with which the great Argentine Ovnilogy Foundation (FAO) works. Google translate makes a passable translation and can be read without major problems. Thank you very much for your words, José!




Painter, Graphic Designer, Seville Spain, Member of the Center for Interplanetary Studies of Barcelona. Research Correspondent at UFO-SVERIGE

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Galán Vázquez

Galán Vázquez

Painter, Graphic Designer, Seville Spain, Member of the Center for Interplanetary Studies of Barcelona. Research Correspondent at UFO-SVERIGE

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