When a UFO flew over Barcelona
A declassified CIA document exposes the possibility of a sighting.

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The declassified document of the CIA with the information of the UFO in Barcelona

On May 21, 1952, Barcelona was preparing for the celebration of the International Eucharistic Congress to the point that, as if it were a special guest, “La Vanguardia Española” spoke of the arrival of the Archbishop of Ottawa. That Wednesday the possibility that there would be some showers in the afternoon was foreseen. The journalist Valentín García was one of those who looked at the sky that day, but it seems that he saw something else and not just a storm warning.
This is what a document declassified by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) shows and which is part of a series that was released last February, many of them related to the possibility of the sighting of an unidentified flying object. .
Valentín García, as he informed the CIA, was crossing Avenida de José Antonio –now Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes– in the direction of his newsroom, when he spotted something strange, too strange, in the sky.
“I saw a strange object flying at high speed from the El Prat airport, some 2,000 meters from the ground, and leaving a wide trail of smoke,” the journalist explained to the Agency. García even made some inquiries to find out more about that device and was able to verify that it was not an aircraft that they had knowledge of at the El Prat and Sabadell airports. He also pointed out that there were differences with the so-called flying saucers because they did not emit “flashes of light or that they rotate on an axis.”
The reporter was not the only one to spot that ship, always according to what appears on the pages declassified by the CIA. “My colleagues in the office saw the smoke, but not the object,” the document picked up. A curious fact is that when it was already flying over Badalona, ​​the ship or whatever it was, stopped expelling the striking smoke, “disappearing for a few seconds, and reappearing, again emitting smoke several kilometers later.”

Declassification information on Twitter

In the newspaper’s newsroom, whose name is not mentioned at any time, the telephones soon began to ring with locals calling and proclaiming that they had seen the same smoking aircraft that Valentín García was talking about.
And there is something else, although we only have a reference in the CIA papers. It is known of the existence of a photograph that, unfortunately, it seems that it is still classified because it does not appear in the documentary consignment released last February. It was captured by Francisco Andreu and, according to the description of the note, “shows a diagonal stripe.” Curiously, it is said that the photograph was taken on May 17, despite the fact that the information is from the 21 of that same month. A distraction from the official?
What does seem certain is that this incident, of which we know its existence thanks to a journalist who was communicating with the CIA, caught the attention of the US agency.

Alleged unconfirmed photo about the Barcelona UFO

Posted on February 14, 2016 in Historical Meditations

The CIA documents a UFO about Barcelona… in 1952!

On May 17, 1952, a certain Francisco Andreu observed a UFO in Barcelona. The press published it and the CIA included it in a classified report that has recently been made public along with other reports related to the UFO phenomenon around the world, mainly between 1940 and 1950, and which is part of a series of documents that were already declassified in 1978.

It is worth mentioning that because it was a CIA document, more information was expected, such as the medium that published the news or the photo to which it refers. However, we are faced with a rather interesting description because, as the witness himself states, the behavior of the object does not match what we would expect from the classic UFOs.
He basically saw something resembling a rocket leaving a trail of smoke that seemed to come out of two nearby points. The fact is that neither El Prat nor Sabadell airports had detected any objects in that trajectory.
According to the report, the object stopped emitting smoke at the height of Badalona, ​​disappeared for a few seconds and reappeared, releasing smoke again.
An avalanche of calls to the newspaper’s editorial office (whose name does not appear anywhere) recorded the fact. Towards the end of the report, reference is again made to a photo of the trail left by the object, but as we have pointed out above, there is no trace of the graphic evidence in the CIA papers.
It is clear that we are not facing a particularly spectacular case, but we can draw some conclusions:

1º The CIA has been documenting UFO incidents around the world since 1940
2º The declassified documents show very little rigor and are limited to describing specific testimonies, without including graphic evidence
3º Since 1978 the CIA has not declassified more documents

However, in the CIA blog we find a particularly interesting section where we are given 10 tips to follow when studying the UFO phenomenon or “flying saucers” as they say and can be easily summarized with one sentence : apply the scientific method!
I invite you to gossip about the documents that the CIA puts at our disposal, it’s something quite interesting. On the other hand, it is curious (or not) how they relate these reports to the famous Expedient X series and how they blatantly use humorous language to refer to this whole subject.

He tells me with complete certainty that the CIA has a large number of documents related to UFO observations in Spain. I can affirm this because I myself, following the orders of Manuel Sanz, sent them to Mr. Arnold Reynolds attached to the joint Hispano-American base of Morón de la Frontera in Seville.
One of the most documented cases in which Arnold Reynolds was interested was the one that happened on May 11, 1970 at 3 a.m. Coincidentally, this UFO landing has an almost exact similarity with those investigated by the working group of the Department of Defense of the North American Air Force (UAP) (UAPTF), as the Pentagon spokesman stated at the time.

Plan of the observation site. Image from Google Earth
Press data. Archive @galanvazquez
Press data. Archive @galanvazquez
Leaf samples of thistle parasitic plants ( Dipsacus fullonum ) from the center of the circles obtained by. @galanvazquez on May 12, 1970
Retired Senator Harry Reid, who helped fund the US government’s UFO investigations, said the Pentagon’s release of the videos “only scratches the surface” of what the government has on file.

Pentagon admits in document it experimented with UFO remains

by Erika Diaz 04/28/2020 in News, World Cambio 16

Numerous unidentified flying object sightings have occurred in recent decades. Pesolo was last year when the United States Government revealed one of the great secrets regarding flying saucers. And it is that the military had some encounters with the UFOs and the CIA disclosed its secret sighting file. Now, the Pentagon has admitted that it possesses UFO remains and has experimented with the strange minerals from the aircraft.

Recently, the Defense Intelligence Agency of the United States (DIA) put an end to decades of speculation by admitting that in recovering material fallen in the famous 1947 Roswell, New Mexico accident, it took it to a defense contractor for analysis and storage in “specialized facilities”. This means that it has studied the material that could possibly be from UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena), as they are officially called, that would have visited our planet.
According to documentation of more than 150 pages, the recovered rubble has extraordinary characteristics. In addition to returning to their original shape when bent or squashed, some of these materials have the potential to make things invisible. They also make it possible to “compress” electromagnetic energy and even reduce the speed of light. Which means that these technologies represent a literal quantum leap beyond the properties of all material known to man.

Response to FOIA 2017

That the US government has admitted and disclosed these files is due to a request based on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) submitted more than three years ago by investigator Anthony Bragalia. In the original 2017 request to the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) he requests the physical descriptions, properties and composition of the UAP / UFO material held by the government and its contractor.

The complete FOIA request.

Specifically, the request refers to UAP material and physical debris recovered by Department of Defense personnel as debris, floating debris, fired material or crashed UAP / UFOs or unidentified flying objects. Among other things it only shows the complete FOIA request.
In the response letter to Bragalia, the DIA agrees that it has documents responding to the request regarding the recovered UFO debris and its analysis, and that its defense contractor, Bigelow Aerospace (a company that works for the Department Defense), has stored the material. They also provide some reports related to the possible applications of the studied material.
The answer did not come early, before it was made public there were many delays and excuses offered. Finally the DIA somehow and after so long, responded and disclosed what was so much speculated.

They found advanced technology

The information received by the researcher includes several pages of state-of-the-art reports on Nitinol, a compound of so-called shape memory alloys. Nitinol has similar properties to the “memory metal” that was found dropped in the Roswell UFO crash in 1947. Reports on nitinol explore its potential to integrate it into the human body to improve health. More than 40 Roswell witnesses have mentioned a metal-like material that could “remember itself” when deformed or bent, instantly and perfectly returning to its original state.
The DIA letter also mentions a highly engineered material called “metamaterial.” This can be overlaid with metal and plastic. But the potential use of some of the materials in “advanced aerospace platforms” is also mentioned.

There is still material to reveal

What has been revealed through this FOIA investigation is historic. The recovered materials under study may one day bring us great advances in technology and other aspects of our daily lives.
However, the documents are incomplete as per the DIA’s admission, and the reasons they cite are weak. In response to this, Bragalia wonders why they don’t reveal the whole story. There are details that do not exist such as where the material was first recovered and who was the person who did it. The researcher believes that the DIA is obliged to tell more about this extraordinary extraterrestrial hardware.

Roswell Case 1947
73 years have passed since the famous Roswell case. An alleged collision of a ship of non-terrestrial origin (a balloon according to the official version), near the city of Roswell, in New Mexico. It was on July 8, 1947, when he published in the press the announcement of the United States Army of the “capture” of the remains of a flying saucer on a ranch near Roswell.
Although the case did not begin to be known there. The antecedents go back to June, when Mac Brazel, a farmer from New Mexico, discovered scattered remains on his ranch near Corona, New Mexico, and reported it to authorities on July 5.
The Roswell Daily Record newspaper published that the mysterious device was an object the size of a table, had scattered gray rubber, a large amount of silver paper, adhesive tapes with floral designs and wooden rods, but did not have anywhere with any metal that could have been used as a motor. After the publication and the visit to the area of ​​a military high command, the version changes and the events are attributed to the impact of a large balloon of Project Mogul, with which the United States tried to spy on the USSR. Several later military reports corroborated this version.
A series of contradictions from the event made the case popular. And all this only fed the theories about a darker and even paranormal side.

The Spanish Army has also declassified secret documentation on the sighting of unidentified flying objects
fragment of declassified documentation
fragment of declassified documentation
fragment of declassified documentation
fragment of declassified documentation
fragment of declassified documentation
fragment of declassified documentation
Another of the relevant UFO observation cases of Spanish ufology



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