I Want To Believe…

But don’t be fooled.”

In December 2022 THE CRITICAL EYE turns 30 years old. 30 years of independence, in which this magazine was always, and continues to be, free. And in which its collaborators have always contributed their research, articles, dissertations and doctoral theses and works, altruistically and disinterestedly.

Among his collaborators José A. Caravaca, Óscar Fábrega, D. Pastor Petit, J.J. Montejo, Dr. Antonio Piñero, Dr. Francisco Rubia, Javier Sierra, Beatriz Erlanz, Débora Goldstern, David Cuevas, Dr. Fernando Rueda, J.J. Sánchez-Oro, Chris Aubeck, Lourdes Gómez, Vicente Juan Ballester Olmos, Carlos Fernández, Miguel Pedrero, V. Pérez Baeza, Clara Tahoces, Andréas Faber-Kaiser, Jesús Ortega, Scott Corrales, Diego Zúñiga, Yvan Figueiras, M. Ángel Ruiz And a long etcetera.

Thanks to all of them, for having made it possible, with their generosity, for EOC to become the most valued publication among Spanish-speaking anomaly researchers.

After the disappearance of publications such as “Cuadernos de Ufología”, “PSI-Comunicación”, “Stendek” or “Hipergea” EOC became the last technical publication in Spanish, where critical, in-depth and anti-commercial research on the abnormal phenomena.

EOC has been characterized by publishing extensive research, theses without page limits and technical or demystifying content, which are not published anywhere else. For solving false mysteries and denouncing fraud.

Among others: The Anne Germain case (EOC no. 78), the Formigal yeti (80), the Galician “UFO” and other viral frauds (63), the abduction of Xavier C. (74 and 89/90), the drones of California (71), the fraud of the “skeptic” movement (69 and 94), the “UFO” of Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente (67), the “gnome” of Girona (56), the Amaury Rivera case (4) , the African zangbetos (88), the Ricardo Schiariti case (18), the false Nazi UFOs (4), the Daro case (9 and 10), the “astronaut” of Fergana (53), the voodoo “devils” of Haiti (22), the Stephen Michalak case (85/86), “The Silver Man” (88), the “humanoids” of Conil (91/92, false UFOs in art (71 and 72), the Hesperides Islands (93) and a long etcetera.

Some of these immortal cases, such as the story of Carlos Castaneda (EOC no. 87), the Ica stones (68), UMMO (3, 20, 77 and 79) or the Vallecas case (89/90), have generated hundreds of books, doctoral theses, movies, TV series, comics, albums, etc. And they continue to generate them. They are “zombie mysteries”. Explained years ago, but again and again resurrected in the media. But now, unlike the general public, EOC readers have a more complete view of what lies behind these false immortal mysteries.

In this summary you can find the links to the 50 most striking “zombie mysteries”, cases solved but that continue to be sold as authentic of these 30 years of investigations:

But EOC also publishes cases that, once severely investigated, have not been satisfactorily explained. Such as the Nina Kulagina Report (EOC no. 72), the Red Eyes case (76), the Monica Nieto report (27 and 28), the “Atlantis” of the Khambhat Gulf (91/92), etc.

Daryl Bem’s extraordinary report on ESP experiments (EOC #87) is another good example.

In some cases, discovering the implications in fraudulent cases of veteran colleagues -admired and loved for decades by the research community-, such as Antonio Ribera, Antonio José Alés, Sebastián D`Arbó, Juan José Benítez, etc., was especially traumatic. And the consequences of publishing these irregularities, devastating. But “Amicus Plato sed magis amica veritas”.

In 2018 EOC begins a new stage as an editorial. First, and thanks to the colleagues at El Dragón Invisible, it publishes “UMMO: who, when, how and why…”, the first EOC monograph. Later would come: “Parapsychology and Science” (Monographic 2) and “Carlos Castaneda Confidential” (Monographic 3).

That same year, EOC consolidates itself as an independent publishing house and publishes “The Secret Life of Carlos Castaneda”, by Manuel Carballal, and “The Amaury Rivera Case”, by Pedro P. Canto. Two research books on two cases of international impact.

This line of impeccable rigor and inflexible objectivity towards the world of anomalies made it possible, in 2018, for the veteran and prestigious Spanish Society of Parapsychology to propose a collaboration agreement to turn EOC into an associated publication. Proposal that we have to value as a recognition of these 30 years of critical investigation of anomalies. Although EOC finally decided to continue maintaining its independence from any association or group.

Perhaps because of this attempt to maintain objectivity, in 2005 a direct source of the UFO declassification process in Spain chose EOC to receive hundreds of official documents on UFOs that have not yet been declassified. The result of this leak, which lasted for years, was “UFOLEAKs: the secret documents of the Spanish Government on UFOs”. First book self-published by El Ojo Crítico.

In 2022 the #EyesOnly collection follows the line opened by the largest leak of UFO documents in the history of Europe: UFOLEAKs, with a series of titles on the relationship between the Intelligence services and the world of anomalies.

The latest title: “Intelligence and Electronic Warfare” (July 2022) is the work of Daniel Valcárcel, an active military officer with more than 20 years of experience in Telecommunications and Electronic Warfare units, who until now had published works in EOC, such as “ Report: Reserved Matters and Investigation of Anomalous Phenomena” (EOC №76), hidden under a pseudonym

During the last 30 years, EOC has awarded prizes and scholarships for the best research, and has also organized several meetings of researchers, congresses and seminars. Any and every of beneficial character. With the participation of the main specialists, who always responded to our call selflessly and altruistically. Many of them arrive to pay out of pocket for the trip and/or the stay in the city of the event.

In 2021, during the Coronavirus pandemic, and thanks to the selfless collaboration of colleagues like Angel Arroyo, we decided to digitize our entire archive — more than 10,000 hours of video documentation of congresses, old programs, interviews with witnesses, etc., and more. 10,000 hours of audio documentation — to upload for free and without monetization, to the network. In two free and non-monetized channels, which constantly denounce us anonymously, getting many of the uploaded content to be removed from time to time. So if you are interested in saving them, you will have to hurry:



“I want to believe… but I don’t want to be deceived”

There is much to do. We live in a time when sensationalism, post-truth, and the superficial and commercial treatment of mystery have been implanted on the Internet like never before in history.

False mysteries, solved years ago, replicate virally. Charlatans and scammers spread their hoaxes reaching millions of fans, accommodated in Google as the only source of (dis)information. The youngest, digital natives, access YouTube channels, the best-placed social profiles in search engines, before opening the pages of a book.

In addition, and as it happened during the Cold War, in the time of geopolitical conflicts that we live in, Intelligence agencies have once again recovered PSYOPs and deception operations, instrumentalizing anomalous phenomena as a weapon of social manipulation.

It is a difficult time for the culture of mystery, critical investigation and the reasonable treatment of the unusual. But this does not mean that we should resign ourselves, as so many colleagues do, to banal and sensational marketing.

Today we are David facing gigantic goliaths. Quixotes attacking mills. Salmon swimming against the current. Rebels against the established trend at a time when the truth is considered relative and overvalued. And we pay the price, a high price, for being different.

As all EOC readers know, these fifteen years have hacked and taken down the magazine’s web pages on several occasions. Even the one on Facebook. We have been sued, threatened, usurped identity and defamed.

Pseudo-skeptics and believers have time and again singled us out as adversaries. Which means we are in the middle of the extremes. And yet, despite all the pressure, the rejection of the great “disseminators”, and the continuous disenchantments, we are still here. 30 years later. And growing.
We know that another mystery is possible. A mystery without artifice or colouring. Without economic profitability or protagonism. A mystery that is science, culture and passion. Without fear, non-profit, without dreams… Real. Willing to take in the truth, whether we like it or not… If you’re also looking for that kind of mystery, welcome to the EOC world.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/E_O_C_

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mundoeoc/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/199181850431878


The Critical Eye Magazine. Research notebooks for researchers
“pitch friend” dedicated to the research work of Manuel Carballal in his Field Notebook nº 8
More information in: https://caballodetroy.medium.com/aliens-in-antiquity-or-not-27842894ffab The original can be read in Spanish: https://coleccioncuadernodecampo.blogspot.com/2021/06/extraterrestres-en-la-antiguedad-o-no_3.html
written by Salvador Freixedo, a Spanish Catholic priest and member of the Society of Jesus, ufologist and paranormal investigator.

Text written entirely by Manuel Carballal https://twitter.com/E_O_C_



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