Historical hinges

Pablo Alvarez lives in Buenos Aires and is a UFO researcher

There was a phrase that Don Zerpa liked to mention a lot and to which he referred very often … perhaps as if he knew that one more was coming. “Historical hinges” … he said that there were hinges, facts, events that marked a before and after in the history of humanity. These times they are. We already know all the whys. And within these troubled times marked by the great event of the pandemic there are also many others, perhaps smaller or that go a little more unnoticed by the general public. I am referring specifically to the turnaround that ufology or UAP has given as you want to call it, also worldwide. For those of us who follow these topics, we know that this is no longer a simple matter of lights in the sky or blurred photographs. Today the subject and perhaps you are finding out now, is part of the international agenda.

Los Angeles Examiner july 8, 1947

The barrage of media talking about the subject is not new, but it has increased a thousand times more and they are doing it with another tone … they are no longer the notes of color that appeared when there was no news to communicate. Today it is discussed at another level and with other actors. And I am going to present my reflection on this matter.

In the last few years, no more than five, ufology has made a major turnaround. We have gone from being crazy looking for flying saucers and little green men from some distant constellation to being people who … “mmm … maybe they’re right”. And this is mainly due to the fact that, as I mentioned, the issue is part of the international agenda of any country and especially of those that are usually called powers.

It turns out that for a few years and especially since 2019 the US has recognized that some strange things are flying in its skies and oh surprise … they cannot identify what they are. It all started with some leaked videos that would have been filmed by the American soldiers themselves and that finally due to the great pressure and dissemination that the subject obtained, they were recognized as true in terms of their authors and as unknown in what they do. It was flying over American airspace. Thus, other leaked videos quickly followed each other and also promptly recognized as unidentified.

Elene Cooper, Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean Dec. 16, 2017

These videos leaked on the networks and the subsequent recognition of them, obviously we do not know if this is indeed the case or it is just a strategic little game and part of a campaign of which we do not know its objectives either. Let us not forget that a great power such as the United States and organizations such as the Navy, the CIA and the American government itself are moving here, including deputies, senators and secret agents.
The truth and the important thing is that the interest has been raised and today there is talk in the mainstream media without concealment or laughter about the issue, with names and surnames, agencies and authorities and of course raising concerns about it. And this is because the US sees the issue of these unidentified objects as a national security concern.

Donald Trump signed, just before leaving his government, a request for information regarding what information his offices in charge of investigating this issue of what are now called, more broadly, UAPs handle, something like unidentified or unknown aerial phenomena. This request for information must be delivered during the month of June 2021. And this since then has not only generated a stir in the world but also internationally and in areas such as markets, finance, the military, governments and a possible international conflict.
Let’s see why? .
The investigation offices must inform the American government what they have about the phenomenon. The answers can be several and each one has different implications.
A possible answer will be:
“Yes, we have a lot of information, a lot of videos but we don’t know what they are, we continue investigating.”
Another broader answer:
“We do not know what they are but we believe that they could be weapons of other powers.”
And I think the least possible would be.
“They are objects that do not belong to Earth.”
Let’s not expect much more than this.

In any case, they all have their political and economic, social and international implications.

To say we continue investigating is to say we need more budget to move forward.
They are weapons of other powers implies the invasion of US airspace and therein lies the most dangerous implication. The perfect excuse for a possible international conflict.
And the option of “They are not from this world” also implies more budget with the need to arm themselves in the event of a possible war or threat to another world. Except for the first response, which is very similar to what former President Obama declared a few days ago, the others are at least dangerous worldwide.

“What is true, and I am being serious, is that there are photos and recordings of aircraft in the skies that we do not know exactly what they are, we cannot explain how they moved, nor their trajectory.” Barack Obama television interview with James Corden May 18, 2021

Be that as it may, I invite you, dear reader, who are reading this writing to analyze and comment on whether or not it is a fact that could signal a hinge in the world. How do we continue as a planet? Should we feel threatened?

The UAPs phenomenon is part of the international agenda. And the important or positive thing is that some of us are going to stop calling crazy seekers of little green men. All of us who have dedicated ourselves to this (at least seriously) always had a clear objective: The truth. And it may already be on its way.

Written in Buenos Aires by Pablo Alvarez May 31, 2021

Herbert George Wells The war of the worlds Harper and brothers, New-York and London 1898



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