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“Talavera la Real Air Base” General Air Command.

José Manuel Trejo, encounter with an alien in a Spanish Military Base

Image Fourth Millennium “The night of fear”

— The day I was admitted to the Hospital del Aire, I witnessed something terrible. I was transferred to the ninth floor, the elevator doors opened, and I saw a man running to the window. The doctors followed, but did not arrive in time. He threw himself into the void. That was my arrival.

— I don’t know what tests they subjected me to. I don’t know what I said… but I spoke, I spoke for hours… I gave some information. And they assured me that those tapes existed. I don’t know if it’s true … or they wanted to confuse me. Or go crazy.

— After the shock trance, the dungeons, the affidavits … that’s what I was missing. That scene knocked me down. Everything had started to be like a nightmare from which he could not wake up. There, alone, with a strange ailment that no one explained to me … far from my house and after having seen what I had seen … without being able to speak to my colleagues, held incommunicado for a long time, interrogations every ten minutes to see if it contradicted me … in end, a story that you can not imagine. Nobody can imagine …

— That morning I tried to look out … and … well … that man, down there, was devastated. Impressive. I remember a nun who seemed too young to me, grabbed me from behind and told me, as if it were an order, to put on my pajamas, asking me if it was José Manuel, from Badajoz. I said yes, still dizzy from what I had seen, and she answered me without flinching: Now I’ll bring you a glass of milk and you’re going to drink it!

— Apparently it was important for me to have a glass of milk … to calm down or something like that. I don’t know if I took it … Then I went to bed and I don’t remember until I was thirteen days old. What do I do here? Where I am?.
- — I don’t remember absolutely anything from that period …
- — Only that same nun, which was the last time I saw her, approached me and told me how long I had been asleep … in a coma. She said that the whole time she had been unconscious, but talking, saying things …
- — Did they give you truth serum? — — Asked the doctor.

Image Fourth Millennium “The night of fear”

— Yes, among the little I remember is Dr. Royo talking about trying to put it. The impression he gave me is that he wanted to help me, but something was preventing him. Also, some kind of barrier was in my subconscious and made any effect impossible. There was, I think, no way to fall asleep in a total hypnotic dream. I don’t know if it would be a mental block.

— I don’t know … That period … I don’t know if they questioned me in that long time. If I was really in a coma, or induced sleep, or hypnotized… I don’t know, and that creates a kind of anguish that won’t go away. I felt at that moment a mysterious peace. I was totally still. When I woke up I remembered scenes from that night all the time. The trigger on my finger, the screams of the companions …

— Look, Iker, I have had a very bad time with this issue. I am a lover of truth. I like that it prevails above all … and certain people in the Army have massacred me.

— You had already made a lot of statements before getting there …

- — At least forty … Remember that from the beginning I was isolated in the dungeon. “Write me the same thing over and over again!” And so on and on … And thank goodness that our drawings always coincided, even though they wouldn’t let us see each other! That was what surprised them …

- — What you were drawing was identical?
- — Exactly. And that is what has already truly alerted the military.
- — What do you think of the disappearance of the file?
- — The Intelligence Service I think has something to do with it. They came to tell me to say it was a madness of youth … to lie.
- — Didn’t they give you a copy of your hospital report? — — interrupted Ana, the doctor.

— No. I do not remember …, but I give you permission to inquire what you want on this subject. I was there for more than a month and there must be a report where I put the whole truth about what was done to me, what I said… of those thirteen days in a coma.

- — Did you see how they put the serum into your vein? — — the specialist spoke again.

- — Yes, and according to the doctor. I was eager to know the truth. Imagine my situation, I did not know what was happening to me … If I was discharged, it could be a drag even for my future job.

- — It’s strange. They put that in your vein and what happened next?

- — There is no sleep, no loss of consciousness. Like a mental resistance or something that prevented it. I don’t know what kind of hypnotic they gave me. He had already spent seven long days in the Badajoz Military Hospital, because the fainting spells, dizziness and blindness were constant. There was hardly any treatment. I remember someone came to see me at the hospital. I think someone from the Army …

At that time, although I did not say so, I had a feeling that finding the medical report was not going to be easy. Somehow, I suspected that something or someone was going to hinder us in the way despite the total disposition of the former patient.
It was just an intuition …

Image Fourth Millennium “The night of fear”

- — He had chest pains — — Trejo continued, pointing to his left pectoral — — and he suddenly lost his sight. At the exit I even had two such crises. I was not cured I felt a strong pain in the front of my head, the vision of him was gradually going away. And he immediately lost consciousness. It was as if my vision was being cut with a black veil until everything was definitely dark …

  • — I was vomiting, screaming … That time in the dining room, in front of everyone, it was terrifying. It is clear to me that the one who came was the chief of police and security, Commander Fernández Chiralt, who was a true gentleman. He approached me and told me that they were going to transfer me to Madrid because they didn’t know what he had. At that moment I was even more scared … that must be serious.
Image Fourth Millennium “The night of fear”

- — The military had been searching the area the day after the events … Do you remember anything?

- — Perfectly, as it was just before the great blackout. There was a whirlpool, like a circle with the litter. I have that indelible. And all there very concerned tracking down to the millimeter. The security chiefs, Fernandez and Botana, had been looking for shells… but there were none. They asked me questions … thousands of questions! There was an urgent need to explain all that mess … and I was approached in an unexpected and forceful way.

- -What do you remember from that first interrogation?

- — A question that left me frozen and panicky … Why have you tried a plot against the base to steal weapons?

  • — Did they hint at you? — — I asked incredulously.
Image Fourth Millennium “The night of fear”

- — Yes something unheard of. And more seeing my status. I vomited, and threw everything up and down … diarrhea … I did not control my body. My answer was that they were crazy and that was uncertain. I was outraged. In spite of everything, I have to say that Fernández Chiralt was a very upright and orderly man. Very military. I see him as very human, he has done many good things for Badajoz and the disabled, but in the Army he fulfilled his work until the last moment. And the main task at that time was to explain what happened during the night at all costs …

  • — Do you remember José Hidalgo?
Image Fourth Millennium “The night of fear”

José Manuel’s eyes get wet. He had to make an effort not to burst into tears.

- — Hidalgo …, my partner. He lived it with me and something affected him completely. He was closer to that even than I was. He shot him… I crouched down and he just stood there in front of it. Maybe that’s the reason for …

- — Do you know — — I interrupted, without letting him finish — — that he has had Parkinson’s almost from that moment on?

  • — My friend Hidalgo…, it’s tremendous, yes. From the age of twenty-two, as I learned much later … I am sure that it affected him in such a way that his entire nervous system was altered. There was even a noncommissioned officer sergeant who wanted to bring a machine from the United States to detect if we were irradiated. Doctor Royo told me that there were no measuring devices to see or decipher what type of energy was developing there. The funny thing is that they passed me through X-rays and the device gave me a great shake. Every time I felt a huge shock … it made me sick. I was in very bad pain. It was like remembering the hot iron that entered my chest and pierced me when I saw the being …
Image Fourth Millennium “The night of fear”

- — You never saw each other again… did you?

- — Twenty-five years have passed and I have not spoken to him or anyone else. Some I wanted to contact died. The military officer who witnessed the incident was Corporal Pavón, who ordered us to go to that part of the forest when the “strange music” began to play. He was very scared. That he died in a freak accident.

- — Weird?

— It just so happens, or happenstance, or bad luck, whatever, that I was driving with other people in the opposite lane when that person had an accident and was killed in 1998. It was on a straight, he jumped down the airs … I saw that man again … but he was dead. That was something macabre. At the same time, in the same place. As a sign …

Image Fourth Millennium “The night of fear”

In the small room, almost dark, there was a deathly silence.

— That night there could have been many deaths. And there were miracles … The lieutenant who ordered the deployment that night is missing. And others … Anyway, it is better not to talk about this. Like it or not, I feel responsible, you see that the companions are disappearing little by little … and you don’t know why … and you feel alone … as alone and defenseless as that night in front of the figure.

Image Fourth Millennium “The night of fear”

(Interview by Iker Jiménez with José Manuel Trejo, witness to the encounter with an alien in a Spanish military base)

“Talavera la Real Air Base” General Air Command.

The history

Talavera la Real Air Base in the early morning of November 12, 1976

That night at dawn — around a quarter to two — José Maria Trejo and Juan Carrizosa Luján were on guard duty in the so-called Fuel Zone of the aforementioned Air Base and Reactor School, a few kilometers from Badajoz.
- We were “reinforcement” each one in their booth …
And at about a quarter to two in the morning, both soldiers — who were about 60 meters apart from each other — heard strange noises.

… They sounded like the classic radio interference. And suddenly, in the dark, the noise changed and became a kind of high-pitched, piercing hiss. Towards hearing damage …
The soldiers went from surprise to strangeness and from surprise to logical concern.

- We were in the Fuel Zone and it could be any sabotage attempt. That began to worry us. But that piercing whistle lasted only about five minutes. Then there was silence again.
- Have you heard? José María Trejo yelled at his partner Juan Carrizosa.
- Yes! I felt it! … What could it be?

The strange noise had sounded very close to the sentry box where José M. Trejo was guarding. And he, given the possibility that someone had penetrated the military area, asked his partner to come closer, with the intention of carrying out a more careful inspection of the area.
Both soldiers were armed with “Z-62” submachine guns, with the regulation ammunition.

— - “After about five minutes of silence,” the soldiers continued to explain, “that beep sounded again … We thought we were going crazy. It was very high-pitched. It seemed like it was going to pierce our eardrums. It was ringing for another five minutes, approximately. Then it came back. silence And in that moment, when it stopped ringing, we saw a clarity in the sky.
It was like the glow of a flare. And it was high. About our vertical. It extended in a wide radius, rather towards Badajoz. After 15 or 20 seconds, that intense glow disappeared … “
The soldiers were stunned.

- — “We still had not gotten out of our astonishment when, two or three minutes later, another sentry arrived at the sentry box, with one of the wolf-dogs. It was the one we call the “correturnos”, whose mission surveillance of the Base. He asked us if we had seen that glow. We nodded and continued commenting on the event. But, we did not finish finding an explanation … In the vicinity of both sentry boxes -as I was able to observe during my visit to the aforementioned Base, a small a booth where the sentries and a corporal sleep in. José M. Trejo and Juan Carrizosa pressed the bell and, shortly, the relief arrived.
- — We notified Pavón, the corporal, who was on duty and decided that we should go around the place, in order to check if there were any abnormalities. And so we did. “


Machine gun in hand, the three — José M. Trejo, Juan Carrizosa, and the “runner-up”, José Hidalgo, who controlled wolf-dog — headed toward the area where fuel for the reactors is stored. The darkness in those moments was total.
— - “We walked about 300 meters in the direction of Badajoz and always parallel to the wall that closes the Base and that separates it from the main road. We were glued to the wall and in silence. The one with the dog commented something about the possibility of Someone had entered the Base, but we continued advancing. The wolf-dog seemed calm. These animals are specially trained and that gave us confidence… But suddenly, in the middle of that darkness and when we had arrived near an observation post , which was under construction, we felt a kind of whirlpool. We loaded the machine guns. And we stood still. Silent. Trying to listen. Trying to see something… “The soldiers had stopped his story. The memory of those moments was especially intense. It was not for less…


“… Suddenly we felt as if the branches of some nearby eucalyptus were breaking.”
That was final. The soldiers released the wolfdog, which darted bravely into the darkness. Specifically, towards the point where the creaking of the branches had preceded. They were seconds of tension. The three soldiers, clinging to their machine guns, awaited the possible barking of the dog. But the dog did not bark.

— “… After a few seconds that seemed eternal, the wolf-dog came back to us. But he did it like dizzy … Staggering … As if” something “or” someone “had terrified or hit him … We do not explain what it was. What was happening in that place. Four to five times — encouraged by us — the dog returned to the eucalyptus trees. But he always came back in the same way. It was as if his ears hurt … He complained … The last time he came back to us, the wolfdog began to circle around us…”

- — “This is — according to the soldiers explained to me — one of the defense techniques taught to these wolf-dogs.

- — When there is a danger, or something unknown can threaten the sentries — they continued — these dogs turn incessantly, thus establishing an obstacle — a protection — between the possible danger and the person they have to defend “.
That attitude of the dog ended up alarming the three boys, who — decidedly — took action.
— - “We shouted the stop several times … But we did not see anyone. Only the dog kept growling in a threatening way and turning faster and faster … We thought it could be some sabotage. And we prepared the weapons, ready to shoot …”
But the soldiers couldn’t even imagine what awaited them …


“I sensed something,” continued Jose Maria Trejo, “It was like a sensation. Someone was behind me … And a chill ran through my stomach. I looked out of the” corner “of my eye and saw -behind and a little to my left- a greenish light … I turned as if moved by a spring and — oh, God! -, I found myself facing the most fantastic and inexplicable thing that I have ever seen in my entire life … It was a human figure. Or, at least, it looked like it … And it was very tall About three meters. We were about 15 meters from “that thing”.

- — “… What was it like? … It was all light. A green light. Just like the luminosity offered by the phosphor at night … The wolfdog came back as dizzy, staggering. And the strangest thing,” said another of the witnesses “The fact is that that figure -all luminous- seemed to be made up of small dots. At the edges of it, these luminous points were more intense. The head was small. And as if it were covered by a kind of helmet … The arms were long and the thick body”.

- — Was it on the ground?

- — “Yes. But we didn’t see his feet. Nor his legs. He was like a spindle… The body was like a spindle. Thick and without legs. At least, we didn’t appreciate them… The arms were in the position of” arms in the shape of a cross “. But the hands were not very well defined either.”
The then soldier José M. Trejo -who was the first to contemplate that figure- was paralyzed by terror and surprise.

— - “I don’t know how long it could take until I reacted. Maybe 10 or 15 seconds … I had the machine gun in firing position and, when I decided to shoot, I felt a general seizure. I couldn’t shoot. I couldn’t! And I started to feel a kind of general weakening, I could see and hear perfectly, but I felt that I was falling slowly ,,, And before nailing my knees on the grass I shouted: “Down to earth!… What are they killing us…!
I couldn’t utter a single word more. Unable to avoid it, I found myself with my face against the ground. But I was still conscious … Only my eyesight began to fail me. It was as if everything was slowly darkening. “
At the shout of the soldier, the two companions turned to Trejo and were also stunned.
- — “I saw how Jose Maria fell,” Hidalgo answered, “and I also saw that huge and luminous” thing”.


Almost in unison and as if obeying a perfectly prepared mechanism, both soldiers opened fire on the strange figure.
- — “We shot like crazy …”
In total, both sentries fired between 40 and 50 shots. All of them, of course, against the figure of that gigantic being.
- “I heard the shots,” Trejo continued, “he was on the ground, but he could hear.”

“At the moment of shooting it became brighter -like the flash of a photographic camera- and it disappeared in a very similar way to how the image of a television does when it is turned off. We were even more surprised, what was it really” that “? Where was the thing? …”
While the two soldiers came to the aid of José M. Trejo, the three were able to hear again the same sound that they had perceived minutes before the appearance of the enigmatic luminous being and in the same direction: that is, in the eucalyptus area.
- “This time the noise lasted about 10–15 seconds. Then silence.”


Before continuing with our conversation, I asked Trejo to concentrate, to make an effort, and to try to remember at what precise moment he began to feel bad and lose his strength. The boy -to my surprise- commented to me:
- — “It’s funny … Only when I tried to pull the” trigger “of the machine gun did I start to fall …”
— And why do you say that he is “curious”?
José M. Trejo was thoughtful. As if he hadn’t heard my question.
- — “… It seems as if that being or that thing …?” He murmured to himself, “had guessed my intentions. But that can’t be! How could” that “know that I was about to press the” trigger “…? We are all silent.
-And then?
- “My companions helped me to get up. Little by little I recovered. My chest hurt. But it was also strange … I had not fallen abruptly to the ground. Nor had he hit me with the gun … At 15 or 20 minutes, that pain deaf it went away”.


Of course, the alarm was raised at the Base. Those machine gun bursts had awakened half of the Military Base … And the three soldiers, of course, had serious problems explaining what had happened to them …
However, as soon as it was daylight, a total of 50 men, under the command of an officer, practically “combed” the area where the events had taken place. And here is another inexplicable detail: not a single casing of the almost fifty bullets that were fired could be found. How was it possible?

As if that were not enough and to the bewilderment of Chiefs, Officers and the protagonists themselves, in the existing wall very close to the area and where many of the impacts should have appeared, there was not the slightest sign of the shooting. The machine guns, of course, had been fired. This was ratified by the experts of the Air Force. But then what had happened to those nearly fifty shells? What had these sentinels really faced?.

“The shots were fired at mid-height,” the soldiers point out. “We could never understand how it was possible that not a single one of them had not crashed into the wall that stands right there …”
But things were not going to end there … A few days after this event occurred, José M. Trejo entered the Base’s dining room and, suddenly, exclaimed: “How little light there is here …!”

— - “My vision began to darken,” he continued, “and I totally lost my sight. I got scared. And, according to what they told me, they transferred me to the medicine cabinet. For a quarter of an hour I did not react. I had completely lost consciousness. They left me admitted to the medicine cabinet. from the Base and I stayed there for a day. Then I recovered … But after four or five days they transferred me to the Badajoz Hospital. I was there for a week and three days …

— -What happened at the Hospital?.

— - “I had many tests, blood, urine, X-rays, inspections in ears, eyes, etc. But they found nothing. I, on the other hand, was fine. But, two hours after leaving the Hospital , and when I was with my girlfriend inside the car, it happened again… Again I lost my vision. I asked my girlfriend to help me get out of the car. And so I stayed for a quarter of an hour or so. Then, little by little, I regained my sight”.

— -How long had it been since that morning of November 12?

- — “About 15 days.”

Faced with the new loss of vision, the soldier was transferred to Madrid. Specifically, the Hospital del Aire, belonging to the Spanish Air Force.
It was November 30 when José María Trejo entered the aforementioned hospital in the capital of Spain. There he stayed a whole month. There he was examined again, being subjected to all kinds of analysis …
— -What explanation did the doctors give you?

- — “No explanation. Only that he had had a” nervous maladjustment “But I could never know what was really happening to me. While in the Hospital del Aire I had another” attack “This time I suffered a very intense headache and began to jump in bed. I also lost my vision … “
- — What was that headache like?
- — “It happened to me almost always, shortly before I lost my vision. First the back of my neck hurt. Then, on my forehead. Lastly I went blind.”


Apparently, and since those dates of January 1977, the soldier — who is 21 years old — has not experienced any abnormality again. His health is perfect and his life is going smoothly. When I questioned the soldiers about the nature of what they had seen and what their weapons had fired at, they answered me unanimously:

-— “We do not know what it is exactly. But, of what we have no doubt — since the three of us saw it perfectly — is that” that “was something similar to a man, but very tall …”
So far, one of the most spectacular cases of “crew”. However, many unknowns surround this exciting case. What could have happened with that almost fifty projectiles that were fired at the “Being or the thing”?.

How is it possible that none of the bullets appeared on the wall, located immediately behind the enigmatic figure? The machine guns, however, were fired. I know that. Within the unusualness of this “sighting” it is necessary to add that some of the events reported here have already occurred in other cases. For example, the appearance of figures -generally human-shaped- that have a totally immaterial appearance and with intense light radiation has been recorded.
Noises similar to those heard by the sentries have also been recorded, as well as the glow observed in the sky. All this leads me to think that the case of the Talavera la Real Military Base, near Badajoz, can be classified as the appearance of a “crew member.”


Where is the medical report to which soldier José Manuel Trejo was submitted for thirty days?

Who is guarding the recording tapes with the interrogation, what is the military fear so that these recordings are not in the public domain and are not declassified?

Faced with the suspicion of manipulation by an individual with the unhealthy intention that the truth does not come to light, a group of UFO researchers signed a manifesto, prepared by what is currently considered the best UFO researcher available to the Kingdom of Spain.

Manifest letter written by Juan José Benítez to Lieutenant General Ramón Fernández Sequeiros General Chief of the Air Staff
Lieutenant General Ramón Fernández Sequeiros
Chief General of the Air Staff

Lieutenant General Ramón Fernández Sequeiros
Chief General of the Air Staff
Dear Sir, the signatories of this writing, researchers and scholars of the UFO phenomenon, we write to you with the hope that you will consider what we respectfully dare to describe as inconceivable manipulation.
What at first seemed a commendable gesture of informative and democratic transparency, we are clearly referring to the process of declassification of the UFO files of the Spanish Air Force, it is becoming a flagrant distortion of the facts contemplated in each of the files UFO. We understand that the Intelligence Services of the MOA Air Operational Command are entitled to lead the referred UFO reports, with the comments and conclusions that they deem appropriate but in view of the “explanations” that appeared in the first eight declassified cases. less informed would realize that such conclusions suffer from a minimum of impartiality, in some of these files, in addition to mutilations that do not affect national security, the testimony and even the technical and professional preparation of the interception control witnesses in the different Military radars, civil or combat pilots, etc. appear seriously distorted, we know that when assessing certain UFO cases, especially those that occurred in the 1960s, the MOA took into account a series of reports submitted by members of the CEI Center of Interplanetary Studies, and indeed some of the “conclusions” that appear in the declassified reports appear to be based on such information. Well, we have a moral obligation to inform you that this association, the CEI, ceased to exist as such years ago. Consequently, it is not ethical that the Air Force could be basing its interpretations on an alleged organization that obviously does not represent anyone.
We hope and wish that the UFO declassification process continues but not under the permanent suspicion of an obscure partiality fueled by individuals who for their own benefit are capable of using the CEI as a “screen” of rigor and seriousness.
Thanking you in advance for your attention, cordially the undersigned.

Manifest letter drafted by Juan José Benítez to be signed by those present at the
ROUND TABLE of the I CONGRESS OF UFOLOGY AND PARACIENCIES OF LA NOGUERA (BALAGUER, LLEIDA), organized by O.U.T. (Terrestrial Ufological Organization) and held at the Hotel Comte Jaume D’Urgell de Balaguer on February 4, 5 and 6, 1994.

Soldiers José Manuel Trejo and Juan Carrizosa with the same wolf-dog who, on the night of November 12, discovered the “intruder”
Note for the Head of Service in relation to requests for declassified reports by civilians or the press.
Map of the area. “Talavera la Real Air Base” General Air Command.
Proposal for the declassification of files related to “Sightings of strange phenomena in the national airspace”
Archive: @galanvazquez

These are the original declassified files of the event at the Talavera la Real Air Base

b) That the consideration of RESERVED MATTER continues in force. all information regarding UFOs
The consideration of “RESERVED MATTER” continues in force, all information referring to UFOs, given by the Joint Chiefs of the General Staff (JUJEM) in 1979 in use of the attributions conferred on art. 4 of Law 48/78 on Official Secrets

Juan José Benítez López, better known as J. J. Benítez, is a Spanish journalist and writer, known for his works dedicated to ufology. He studied journalism at the University of Navarra and obtained a degree in 1965.
In 1976 he received from the hand of Lieutenant General Felipe Galarza, Chief of the General Staff of the Spanish Air Force, twelve classified UFO files that Benítez would publish in full in his book Ovnis: Official Documents of the Spanish Government (which would later be reissued with the title UFO : top secret). It was the first declassification of UFO files in Spain after the UFO issue was declared “Reserved Matter” in December 1968. In 1979 he left active journalism and since then he has dedicated himself to research. He is one of the best UFO researchers in the world.

Flying Saucer Review Vol 23 Nº 5
Flying Saucer Review Vol 23 Nº 5
Flying Saucer Review Vol 23 Nº 5
Flying Saucer Review Vol 23 Nº 5
Flying Saucer Review Vol 23 Nº 5
Very interesting. Thanks Good morning, To complement your excellent article, I found important information that raises questions about this case. In the book “The UFO Conspiracy — The First Forty Years” by Jenny Randles, on page 107 it says this:
I found the original French article by Genevieve Vanquelef in the journal Lumières dans la nuit (p 245–246) in question.
LUMIERES DANS LA NUIT November December 1984 Nº 245–246
LUMIERES DANS LA NUIT November December 1984 Nº 245–246
LUMIERES DANS LA NUIT November December 1984 Nº 245–246
LUMIERES DANS LA NUIT November December 1984 Nº 245–246
LUMIERES DANS LA NUIT November December 1984 Nº 245–246
Greetings friend José Antonio I am proud that you give space to my case, for me the truth of the UFO cases is very important because there are those who only want to gain fame and money with the pain of others, they use you and then they pull the chain and they forget that you exist a hug friend.

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