IN SEVILLE (1960–1980)

Newspaper “Arriba” October 19, 1968 Archives of: Claudia M. Moctezuma and Moisés Garrido

Case Nº 49. Year 1956.
Pantano del Pintado (Seville). An 18-year-old boy was in a small cove of the aforementioned reservoir when he saw, about 10 meters above the surface of the water and 40 meters away from where he was, an object similar to a large devil, similar in color to mercury, uniform, no windows or anything to stand out. He was watching it for about 20 minutes, after which he started a brilliant climb without making the slightest noise and only leaving a thin white smoke. While he was on the swamp he observed some wavelets on the surface of the water. Before long, he began to have precognitions that, although trivial at first, led to serious matters. One day he mentally saw his sisters mourning the death of his mother, and a few days later he passed away. He believed that the way to get rid of this problem was to smoke compulsively, ensuring that when he stopped doing so, his paranormal abilities were activated (Case investigated by Joaquín Mateos Nogales and Manuel Filpo Cabana).

August 20. 1962. 17 h.
Port of Santa María (Cádiz). A 34-year-old married manager of an agricultural company was with four friends in a restaurant located on the outskirts of the aforementioned town. At a table next to them they observed a man dressed entirely in white, very elegant. After a while he approached them and said he noticed that he was the center of their gaze, assuring them that they belonged to another planet. He was invited to sit down but declined the offer to avoid contaminating them. They took it as a joke and asked for proof. He accepted. The first consisted of anticipating them by arriving at a restaurant located in Las Cabezas de San Juan, assuring them that he did not own a vehicle. The second to return to the Venta Ruiz, near Seville, before them. The last was to give them concrete data in that place. They left him seated and left quickly. There were no speed limitations that year, controlling not to be overtaken by any vehicle. Indeed, before getting off they saw him at the aforementioned sale and agreed to continue at high speed. Upon arriving in Seville, history repeated itself. Impressed, they decided to avoid the meeting, not make the slightest comment and try to forget the event. The manager’s surprise was capitalized when on January 15, 1976, he was interviewed. (J.Mateos and J.Ortiz)

Newspaper “Arriba” November 21, 1968 Archives of: Claudia M. Moctezuma and Moisés Garrido

43. August. 1965.
Sakhalin Islands. (Russia). Some Japanese fishermen were fishing south of the aforementioned archipelago when they saw a large cylinder suspended in the air. They were just beginning the observation when two Mig 15, interceptor fighters of the Russian army, approached the object. They circled around it and entered it, given its large size, exiting at the other end. They then began to shoot at him, but as soon as the attack began, a lightning-like glow came out of the cylinder, disintegrating the two planes. “The incandescent bits fall” the witnesses commented. This case was related by a Russian one of the many Spanish children who were taken during the Civil War, who, in turn, was reported to him by a roommate who worked at the Academy of Sciences. (J. Mateos)

28. Easter Sunday. 1968. 23 h. 30 m
Gerena (Seville). Emilia Torres Leal and Fernando Ruiz, her husband, were returning to Salteras after visiting some of Gerena’s relatives. She observed to her left many lights approaching together, but he ignored them. When they arrived at the Conti farmhouse, they saw a silent object that crossed the road at about 200 meters, almost vertically. The shape and size was that of a bus. At the top there seemed to be an illuminated circle, and on the side they could see small round windows that cast a fluorescent light. The car had no problems; but she, being pregnant, because of the shock, had to go to the doctor. Later she got some spots on her skin and they told the doctor what happened, not giving importance or credit to her event. (J. Mateos)

38. March. 1971. 22 h.
Guillena (Seville). Vicente Osuna, a merchant, was circulating on the road that goes from Venta de las Pajanosas to Guillena when on the second bridge, about 100 meters high, he saw an object about 2 meters in apparent size, ovoid, red, with 3 lights flashing. He said that he “jumped on him”, being upset, appreciating a strong and hot wind. The car stopped and for a week he suffered from nervousness and discomfort. (J. Mateos).

Newspaper “La Prensa” Buenos Aires 7 November 1968 Archives of: Claudia M. Moctezuma and Moisés Garrido

5. January 8. 1972. 10 a.m. 45 m.
Kilometer 468 of the Extremadura highway. (Cuesta del peral) A truck driver came to the city of Camas (Seville) startled, claiming to have seen a one-meter being, with a large head, long hands and a naked body. He tried to stop the truck by diverting it to the opposite side, panicking. The statement was witnessed by the municipal sergeant, the deputy mayor, an expert and a chemist. It did not occur to any of them to ask for personal information or the truck’s license plate. (J. Mateos)

35. September 12. 1972. 0 h.
Gerena (Seville). Dolores Polo and José Valderas, married couple, were going down the slope of Conti, at the exit of the aforementioned town, in the direction of Olivares. At about 700 meters they observed a huge, oval, yellowish light, dazzling, that was fixed on the ground. Being very knowledgeable about the area, they could not relate it to anything usual. (J. Mateos)

23. May 15, 1973. 10 p.m.
Gerena (Seville). María Quirós Valderas, a widow, was heading to Seville from that town, in the company of her two-year-old son. Routes 3 km. She observed a very intense violet light to her right that transformed into a glowing red circle, accompanying the car for about 4 km. She began to feel afraid and, even more, because she was not lucky enough to find other vehicles, despite being a busy road. She did not dare to return for not falling into a gutter and being blocked. The object was about 70 cm. high and 100 in diameter. (J. Mateos)

Newspaper “La Vanguardia” November 5, 1968 Archives of: Claudia M. Moctezuma and Moisés Garrido

66. mid-August 1973. 4 h.
Gerena (Seville). Antonio Fernández and David González, farmers, and seven other workers, were watering cotton with sprinklers and were working in pairs. In the distance they observed a focus of white light coming down a hill. Antonio asked them if they had seen her and they answered affirmatively, that they would be hunters. The spotlight kept approaching the two of them, who began to worry because its height did not correspond to a car or an airplane, nor its light intensity. They threw themselves to the ground while it passed over them on several occasions. They could see that it was shaped like an upside-down plate, completely round underneath, with red lights at the bottom. The size compared it to that of a bullring. When he went away they resumed their work and when he approached they threw themselves on the ground. They observed that it left a kind of white haze that vanished, odorless. It was making a great noise, comparable to a jet, albeit a little more muted. The last pass was so low they thought it would crush them. David claimed it had metal parts. Finally it disappeared. Dominated by the event, they woke up the inhabitants of the farmhouse and had to bathe in some tanks due to the accumulated mud. The rest of the workers who were on the other side of the farm did not observe anything abnormal. David, some time later, when he was returning by motorcycle to his house, he saw a large object crossed on the road. He returned, called his girlfriend, whom he had just left, and they both saw him (J. Mateos, A. Moya, M. Filpo)

24. October 24, 1973. 11pm.
Gerena (Seville). María Antonia Díaz Sanabria, married to Manuel Valderas, was preparing to close the doors and windows of her house. While in the kitchen he observed through the window an object suspended a couple of meters from the ground, one meter high by two long, in the shape of an egg, at a distance of about 4 m., Made of material such as plastic, transparent, illuminated white, with very vivid rose-red edges. She thought she saw two heads staring at him. The fright prevented him from screaming, seeing how it rose rapidly until it disappeared. When she started takeoff, she heard a noise like that produced by an earthquake. (J. Mateos)

Newspaper “La Vanguardia” May 17, 1968 Archives of: Claudia M. Moctezuma and Moisés Garrido

32. November 26. 1974. 11 a.m.
Aznalcóllar (Seville). Loreto Rodríguez García, wife of Antonio Granado, a farmer, and María Álvarez Polo, a telephone operator, observed a red ball in the sky, larger than a full moon, “in the shape of a stretcher table” giving intense red flashes. In 20 seconds it disappeared at high speed. (J. Mateos)

71. January 18. 1975. 7pm. 30 m
Gerena (Seville) Luis Ureña, mechanic; José Pérez, an official of the City Council; Antonio Llamos, merchant; a municipal guard; and eight other people saw a cigar-shaped object with two powerful lights at the ends. In the center it had a kind of vertical antenna where orange flashes were seen. During the approximately 40 minutes that the observation lasted, it changed its shape twice, the last being triangular, presenting a red color, giving intermittence. He was losing sight in the direction of Portugal. (J. Mateos)

31. January 29. 1975. 20 h.
Olivares (Seville). Four children were playing on the outskirts of the aforementioned town when they saw on the side of a descent to an era, an illuminated ball of an intense red color. They came home terrified. It so happens that that same day a tractor driver 8 kilometers away saw the same phenomenon. (J. Mateos)

18. January 29. 1975. 7 h.
Salteras (Seville). Cipriano Olea Carmona, a native of Albaida, at the El Polvillo farm, when he was plowing, he saw an object in the sky with two flashing blue-pink lights. He thought it was an airplane, but began to descend towards where he was, reaching an approximate height of 150 meters. The lights stopped flashing, fading; but another more powerful one, yellowish, also intermittent, lit up. He turned off the tractor light to better see the event and avoid being seen, observing that they came down to about 15 meters from the ground, illuminating it; They went up again, turning off the strong light and returning the first intermittences. The sighting lasted about ten minutes. (J. Mateos, J. Ortiz, A Polo)

Newspaper “La Vanguardia” November 18, 1968 Archives of: Claudia M. Moctezuma and Moisés Garrido

22. April 26, 1975. 11 a.m.
Gerena (Seville). Cecilio Gómez and Antonio Núñez were traveling from Gerena to Santiponce when they observed in the sky, 4 km away. of the game, an elongated, shiny, fixed red object. They decided to stop to observe it better and make the decision to continue or return. At that moment another car was approaching with two couples who also stopped to see the phenomenon. Suddenly he swooped down on them, rushing them all into town and causing a dangerous reversal maneuver. They were chased for about 3 km, so closely that the flashes dazzled the drivers. Almost at the gates of the town the persecution ceased. The six people reported the case to the Civil Guard and searched the road to no avail. (J. Mateos, J. Ortiz)

69. May 17, 1975. 12 noon. 30 m.
Gerena (Seville). Antonio Redondo Núñez, a farmer, was carrying out his tasks on land near the aforementioned town, when he saw three white balls of approximately one meter in diameter descend. He surprised he approached one of them and touched her. checking that it was very similar to soap suds. They all fell apart after about five minutes. He claims that he did not hear or see any aircraft. The sky was clear. (J. Mateos)

17. August 10. 1975. 10 a.m.
Aznalcóllar (Seville). Manuela Martín, 48, when she left the dining room towards the patio, when she went up some stairs to reach some water tanks, she saw a small purple light that, shortly after, increased in size, dazzling her. It emitted a loud metallic sound, similar to that of many cicadas singing in unison. She was frightened, she descended in a hurry, witnessing how the cat bouncing and some canaries fluttering wildly. She went looking for a son to witness that thing but she had disappeared. The impression of her lasted for several days. A girl, Yolanda Talavera, 12 years old, a neighbor, also heard the sound and saw on the same day and at the same time a light greater than a star .. (J. Mateos)

20. 1975. 23 h.
Gerena (Seville). David González Cadaval, 19 years old, was riding his motorcycle on the road that goes from the aforementioned town to El Garrobo, to a farm called “Pericón” to see his girlfriend. When he returned he observed a round red object about 400 meters in the center of the road. After traveling a distance he stopped, focusing on it with the lighthouse, and witnessing how the light increased in power and size, adopting the silhouette of a cigar in an upright position. He turned around and, the bride surprised by her quick return, came out to meet him, both seeing the light move across the field. He was so upset that he needed to accompany his father-in-law home. It so happens that Fernando Moya, the town baker, and his wife, a month earlier, around 3 a.m., witnessed a similar object near his home located on the outskirts. He calculated the diameter at about 80 centimeters and placed it at about 90 cm. ground. The case was reported to the Civil Guard who was on patrol in the center of town. (J. Mateos, J. Ortiz)

Newspaper “La Vanguardia” March 24, 1968 Archives of: Claudia M. Moctezuma and Moisés Garrido

29. Mid-October 1975. 5 h.
Aznalcóllar (Seville). Julián Almendral Sierra, 46, a goatherd, got up at dawn to see his goats before starting with his agricultural tasks. From his house on the outskirts of town, he saw in the distance a bright red light rising near the pyrite mine facility. He assured that he had never seen anything like “that”. The Justice of the Peace, Pedro del Prado, managed to get me to comment on the event because he was reluctant to report it. (I. Darnaude)

34. September 3. 1975. dawn.
Dos Hermanas (Seville). Manuel Beato, employee, married to Ana María Santiago, they were sleeping when the wife woke up when she saw an intense light in the rooms. She woke up her husband who hurriedly went to see the cause. When he did not return, his wife went to the room that adjoins the terrace, whose door was open and found Manuel sitting, without reacting, with the lost notion of time. Little by little he recovered and was able to relate the events: he observed a ball of fire floating in the air that had entered and slowly traveled the room to come out again, disappearing into the darkness. (J. Mateos)

33. November 20. 1975. 6 h.
Aznalcóllar (Seville). Julián Almendral sierra, 46 years old, goatherd, domiciled in that town, in the so-called Cerroviento, 500 meters from the Andalusian mine of Piritas, when he opened the door of his patio he saw a red ball of 1.5 meters in diameter in the sky, about 300 meters of altitude. It ascended vertically modifying its size until it increased considerably, until it disappeared. The duration of the observation was about 20 seconds. (J. Mateos)

15. November 27. 1975. 0 h.
Gerena (Seville). A technician who provides services in the Town Hall of the aforementioned town, while with his wife in their chalet, located in the northern part, when he was witnessing the television report on Franco’s death, through a window they saw a hairy face with a head shaped ovoid and slanted eyes, which reminded them of an ass. They went out to check on the mysterious apparition, but it had disappeared. (J. Mateo).

Newspaper “La Vanguardia” October 26, 1968 Archives of: Claudia M. Moctezuma and Moisés Garrido

6. January 9. 1976. 5 h. 45 m.
Road from Aználcazar to Benacazón (Seville). That night the mother of Francisca Díaz Nieves, 65, married, passed away. She was hurrying to tell her husband that she was tending cattle in a nearby mansion, when she spotted a shiny, bluish, chair-sized, rectangular object resting on the underside of her. About twenty yards away she saw a larger one, the size of the tailgate of a large, rectangular van, pierced by a series of red lights. They were both immobile. The first on the side of the road where the witness was walking and the second on the opposite, almost around a curve. She called a neighbor but, as she came, the first object took off vertically at high speed, and the second also, but gently, losing itself around the curve, as if it were traveling on the road a few meters above the ground. Another neighbor, a driver for a bus company, was able to see the evolution of the second object. The next day the witness had to alternate her regret over the death of her mother with comments about the strange event. (J. Mateos)

3. January 27. 1976. 0 h. 30 m.
Benacazón. (Seville). Miguel Fernández Carrasco, farmer, 24 years old, was walking towards the aforementioned town when he spotted a “little star” approaching him, giving him a first pass; the second time he was closer. Half an hour later, in a vertical descent, a dark green telephone booth-like object landed, about 3.5 meters high by 2 meters wide, without markings, metallic-looking, with three legs, and a kind of skylight in its upper part, giving off red and white flashes. Under the mentioned dome there were some semicircular pieces that looked like arms. After opening a door as if provided with hinges, two beings emerged by a kind of retractable ramp, wrapped in suits similar to those worn by frogmen, fitted and phosphorescent. They carried a light that cast soft rhythmic reddish flashes on the belt buckle. He couldn’t make out their hands or features. They spoke to each other in human tones but in unfamiliar language. He calculated that their heights were about 2 meters. They ignored Miguel’s presence. As he fled, the device took off making a loud noise, similar to that of the tracks of a tractor, projecting a flash of light and some smoke that smudged and slightly burned the right part of his face and hand. He lost consciousness and did not know how he was able to get to his house at around 2:30 am. His sister accompanied him to the hospital and she was also stained with the sticky substance, as well as the nurse who treated him. Miguel heard that a sample of her was sent to Madrid for her analysis. The case was widely publicized in the newspapers (J. Mateos, M. Filpo, J.L. Hermida)

Newspaper “La Vanguardia” October 27, 1968 Archives of: Claudia M. Moctezuma and Moisés Garrido

2. February 15th. 1976. 20 h. 10 m.
Olivares (Seville). Mocha Tower. Francisco Calero Gelo, bricklayer, 27 years old, and Ignacio Pérez Carmona, bricklayer, 26 years old, were traveling by motorcycle in the direction of Gerena and a kilometer from the Arab tower they observed a strange light on the right side of the road. They continued with caution and after a hundred meters they saw an object in the shape of a cigar, about 30 meters long, with about twenty little windows that gave off reddish glows. They did not appreciate noises. They turned around and noticed that something was following them through the rearview mirror. Francisco decided to turn his head and saw a powerful white light. The chase lasted for about five kilometers. When they reached a pump located at the entrance to Olivares, they were very nervous, which was later corroborated by the employee. The area is rich in archaeological remains. (J. Mateos)

14. February 18. 1976. 20 h. 45 m.
El Garrobo (Seville). José Lemus, a well-known Sevillian sculptor, from his chalet, near the aforementioned town, heard his dogs bark in a strange way; they traveled a distance and returned, responding to strange behavior. He decided to go out to see what happened when he saw in the sky a perfect luminous rectangle: 3 mx 1.5 m, vertically, not being able to specify a third dimension or, consequently, the volume. The predominant color was orange, similar to that of a flame; Only the left side, along its entire length, was covered by a very thin blue line, with precise limits, with slight vibrations similar to the faint flickering of the TV. In the lower part of it he observed oscillating ripples like projections, without being conspicuous, orange in color and denoting a certain life. The stillness of him was awesome. Not sure what he was seeing, he called out to his woman who was startled, defining it as a large refrigerator. They watched him for a couple of minutes and suddenly, without noise or smoke, he disappeared. Years ago, in Seville, almost vertically from the church of San Marcos, he saw a huge luminous disk. (J. Mateos, M. Filpo).

42. 1976. 1 h.
The Pedroso. (Seville). Four friends, three national policemen and a GBS teacher, went out to hunt in the municipality of the aforementioned population. When they arrived in the car near them, about a hundred meters away, at the exit of a curve, they spotted a human-looking being, about two meters high and suspended half a meter from the ground. They slowed down, watching him from close range. He was wearing a shiny white suit. They couldn’t observe his facial features. They saw a white belt in the center of which, in the place of the buckle, a rectangular light shone. About a hundred meters away they stopped the car, driving it onto a road. They did not know what to do. During their deliberations, they saw a light in the rear-view mirror: it was a huge object, perched on the ground, in the shape of a lentil that projected a uniform and opaque light. Unanimously, full of fear, they decided to continue towards Pedroso, taking a detour until they reached Seville and suspending their planned hunt. (M. Filpo).

19. April 14. 1976. 6 h. 20 m.
El Garrobo (Seville). Manuel Rocha Romero, 35 years old, in charge of works, was going to a bar in the aforementioned town, found it closed and decided to wait inside his car. In a little while he noticed in the distance a red disc the size of a car’s steering wheel. He thought of a sunset, but soon came out of his absurd appreciation. By having it closer, he was able to specify that it consisted of two parts: the upper one of an intense, blinding red, similar to sunlight; the lower one had a larger surface and was yellow, translucent, creating a silhouette through it. He heard no sound or scented. His size estimated it to be twice the size of a car. He fled quickly, seeing in the windows of the houses where the reddish glow passed, until he reached his house. That day he was unable to go to work. (J. Mateos).

Newspaper “Ya” 23 November 1968 Archives of: Claudia M. Moctezuma and Moisés Garrido
UFO Observation Questionnaire from C.E.I. and ADIASA to D. Manuel Sanz. The witness was able to observe a strange device crossing the road to Umbrete Sevilla in the early morning of November 23, 1968. Observation from inside his car that suffered electrical disturbances and engine stoppage for approximately three minutes. Image according to design of: @galanvazquez

This catalog has been made possible thanks to Manuel Filpo Cabana’s page “Catalog of UFO cases in Seville (1960–1980) investigated in umbrete by Manuel osuna Llorente”
Other Andalusian researchers who have participated in this research:
Ignacio Darnaude Rojas Marcos
Manuel Filpo Cabana
Joaquin Mateo Nogales
Antonio Moya Cespa
Daniel Guerrero Bonet (ADIASA)
Enrique Campos Muñoz (ADIASA)
José A. Galán (ADIASA- C.E.I. Center for Interplanetary Studies)
The graphic contributions belong to the archives of:
Claudia M. Moctezuma and Moisés Garrido
ABC of Seville
ABC of Madrid
José A. Galán UFO Archive



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Galán Vázquez

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