Around the world in search of the ancient astronauts “by Manuel Carballal.
Index of the new field notebook


Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt, had been kind enough to grant us permission to visit the “chambers” discovered inside the Sphinx of Giza in 1987. Very few researchers have had the opportunity to enter and see for themselves whether Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, was right or wrong in stating that the secret “room of archives” of humanity was kept there. Or if Herodotus had it, who suggested that the sphinx was connected to the Great Pyramid through an underground passage …

Manuel Carballal coming out of the interior of the Sphinx of Giza

But after entering the interior of the Sphinx of Giza, I can affirm that neither one nor the other appears anywhere.
I have not been told by “official” archaeologists, I have not read it in a book, I have not seen it in a La2 documentary … I have not relied too much on these sources for many years, so I prefer to check things on the spot . And this attitude is due precisely to what I experienced on that new trip to Egypt. Miguel Blanco was a witness …
However, there was no way to convince Hawass, whom he used to visit in his office at the foot of the pyramids. On each new trip, he would interview him, give him books, etc. — so that he would allow me to access the discharge chambers of the Great Pyramid. The only place in that marvel of the past where there are hieroglyphic texts and therefore concrete historical evidence about its construction. So I had to find another way …

The Critical Eye Research Notebook for Anomaly Investigators

Unlike other colleagues, who had obtained permission to visit the King’s chamber at dawn, my objective was just above that room that only conserves the empty sarcophagus, and that I already knew. Like all the other rooms, passageways and chambers of the Great Pyramid, which he had already explored on previous trips.
No. What interested me, logically, is what they did not allow me to see. Miguel Blanco tried to dissuade me but …
I slipped into the pyramid at the stroke of midnight, taking advantage of the fact that a group had anointed the guards to do an esoteric “meditation” in the King’s chamber. He was prepared with the climbing rope, carabiners, chemical lights, flashlights, etc.
I got lost from the group and managed to climb the eight meters to the top of the Great Gallery, where the passageway that leads to the five discharge chambers opens, just above the King’s chamber.
It was not an easy climb, and a fall from eight meters in height could have been very painful, but there is no other way to access it. And less without the permission of Hawass.
Once at the top I crawled through the claustrophobic passageway to the first discharge chamber discovered by Davidson in 1765, and from there I radiographed them one by one, ascending to the highest part of the pyramid. Something that few researchers have had the fortune to see.

Image: Field Notebooks The Critical Eye

I spent several hours measuring, photographing, copying the hieroglyphic texts that exist in the last three. And finally, in the fifth discharge chamber, I could see with my own eyes the irrefutable proof of who was its builder.
And I am not referring to the cartouche of the pharaoh Jufu (Cheops) that is found under the most colossal stones of the structure, and that unload the weight of millions of granite blocks on the King’s chamber, but to that other hieroglyph that can can be appreciated by the fracture of one of the blocks, and which shows, irrefutably, that it was painted before the construction of the Great Pyramid had been completed.

There was the incontestable evidence, which he had never seen published in any book or documentary. That hieroglyph, which was undoubtedly made by the builders before fitting the two now fractured blocks, settled all debate about who and when the pyramid was built, how is it possible that no one had ever commented on it?
Other researchers, both orthodox and heterodox, had been there before me. Why were they hiding the most irrefutable evidence that exists in the Great Pyramid? In fact, Zahi Hawass himself had given us the answer on one of the previous visits to his office.

  • -We do not care that tourists come looking for the real story, evidence of extraterrestrial visits or because they believe in pyramidal energy … what we want is for everyone to come to Egypt.
Manuel Carballal in the office of Zahi Hawass

Then I understood why even the most prestigious alternative Egyptologists, pyramidologists and astroarchaeologists hide this evidence. Would close the chiringuito for them.
But it would also affect the tourism business that moves billions annually in Egypt. That is why everyone is silent.

When a couple of hours later, well into the morning, I looked back into the passageway, I was fatally surprised. The archaeological authorities and the Egyptian police were waiting for me, and they began to shout — I imagine unkind things — about getting me into one of the cameras to submit me to a thorough search, confiscate my reels, recordings and tear my notes from the field notebook …
The entire episode, what happened before and what happened after -including the chemical analyzes of the samples that I took in the fifth chamber carried out by the scientific police of the Canillas police station (Madrid) — can be consulted in one of my previous works . (1)
But that night, in the Great Pyramid of Giza, I learned, with tears and sweat, that when it comes to the mysteries of the past, it is not just an orthodox or heterodox view of history that is debated. There is also a millionaire business at stake. And often they all lie to some extent. That is why it is better to check things out for yourself. Something that I started doing in 1987, when this adventure started …

(1) Manuel Carballal. “The secret of the gods.” Martínez Roca, 2005.

The Ancient Astronaut Society (AAS) was created in 1973 “to bring together people who wanted to determine if the Earth was visited in prehistoric times by extraterrestrial beings and if advanced civilizations existed on Earth before recorded history.”

About us? Where we come from? Does God exist or are we just the result of biochemical chance? Are there other forms of intelligent life in the universe or are we alone in the vastness of the sky?
They are not original questions. Throughout the history of humanity, and in all cultures on the planet, philosophers, scientists and thinkers have asked the same question before us. And in each era, based on their knowledge of reality, they offered different possible answers.
For centuries, all religions have sold us a comfortable alternative: we are the only children of a God (call him Ahura Mazda, Yahve, Allah, etc.) who created us in his image and likeness.

Then came science, and daredevil pioneers like Charles Darwin played the game by proposing a natural evolution of all species, including humans.
And in 1961, for the first time in history, a human being left planet Earth to travel to space, Yuri Gagarin. And we began to search the stars for answers previously restricted to our planet. What if in other places in the universe other intelligent beings went into space before us and visited us in the remote past? What if the ancient traditions, myths and legends of all the cultures of the planet, which speak of tutelary gods from the stars, hide a historical reality?
Gagarin’s first space trip gave wings to our imaginations. If it was possible for humans to go into space, it was also possible for other “astronauts” to visit us. And full of enthusiasm, a group of passionate mystery seekers around the planet began to review the history of humanity, on the trail of those hypothetical Gagarin aliens who could have visited us in ancient times. And they found them …

Ancient petroglyphs with round-headed figures (such as space helmets), remote rock paintings with flying gods (such as weightless astronauts), dissonant archaeological pieces that seemed out of their time, medieval paintings that include authentic “flying saucers”, sacred texts that describe the intervention of beings from other worlds in our history … How was it possible that no one had noticed before?
From that historical revisionism, and under the gaze of the extraterrestrial hypothesis, there were thousands of clues scattered throughout the planet, pointing to the same origin. Clues taken from their archaeological, paleontological, theological, historical, exegetical or philosophical contexts, but once grouped, they left no room for doubt. And twelve years after Yuri Gagarin’s first space flight, and four years after the first human set foot on the moon, the AAS was born.

The Ancient Astronaut Society (AAS) was created in 1973 “to bring together people who wanted to determine if the Earth was visited in prehistoric times by extraterrestrial beings and if advanced civilizations existed on Earth before recorded history.”

Its founder was Gene M. Phillips, and his AAS acquired great international recognition from the popular response to the writings of Erich von Däniken, who, in his book, “Chariots of the Gods”, back in 1969, developed ideas expressed by first time in the 1950s by writers like George Hunt Williamson, MK Jessup or Desmond Leslie. However, unlike previous texts, von Däniken’s book became an international bestseller, turning its author — until then a hotel boy — into a millionaire.
The society began with an event in Chicago and thereafter held annual conferences and expeditions to locations around the world; from Yugoslavia to Brazil, where AAS members were able to see first-hand the sites discussed in ancient astronaut literature. But ufologists, who are characterized by a striking inferiority complex with respect to the scientific community, found the ancient astronaut hypothesis unconvincing and it was quickly segregated from serious UFO studies. Despite this, Javier Sierra and I joined the Ancient Astronaut Society in 1987. A decisive year for both of us after our own UFO experience.
We received our membership card, an accrediting diploma (which we framed and hung in a privileged place in our room) and a copy of Zecharia Sitchin’s most classic book.

And from that day on, the postman left in our respective mailboxes, Javier’s in Vinaroz (Castellón) and mine in A Coruña, each new copy of Ancient Skies. The AAS newsletter publishing every new “evidence” discovered, in any corner of the world, that in the remote past the Earth was visited by aliens.
Those humble black and white zines fired our teenage imaginations. Projecting it to distant and exotic countries, where daring and intrepid astroarchaeologists, for us authentic Indian Jones of flesh and blood, explored tropical jungles, ancient lost temples and rugged mountains, to discover the legacy that non-human civilizations had supposedly left in the remote past.
And so, number by number, the pages of Ancient Skies allowed us to know, before they even appeared in the
specialized magazines of the time, each new discovery of the AAS, each one more fantastic and inspiring: Ivan T. Sanderson’s Ooparts, Tropakkale’s “ship”, new Ica stones …

Some very young Javier Sierra and Manuel Carballal photographed in 1987 at the former’s house, in Vinaroz. Above them, on the wall the diploma of the Ancient Astronaut Society

We were so young and naive … We believed it all. And we also transmitted it to those who
they were willing to listen to us. I suppose that our inexperience is a mitigating factor, in 1987. But today we know too much to keep the same myths.
Those two children, perhaps the youngest members of the AAS in Spain, we promised ourselves that one day we would also travel to those remote and exotic places, to see with our own eyes the evidence of the visits of the ancient astronauts. And we keep our promise. But we could not even imagine the surprises that awaited us in those distant countries …

All information received was stored and cataloged as an authentic treasure
More than half a century ago, deep in the jungles of Guatemala, a gigantic stone head was discovered. The face had fine features, thin lips and a large nose and its face was directed towards the sky. Unusually, the face showed Caucasian features that were not consistent with any of the pre-Hispanic races of America. The discovery quickly attracted attention, but just as quickly slipped into the pages of forgotten history.


Or that seems to suggest this surprising image … Since in 1987 the Guatemalan lawyer and notary Oscar Padilla published in the official magazine of the Ancient Astronaut Society, the photograph of what looked like a kind of Easter moai, in the middle of the Guatemalan jungle, the case has triggered the conjecture of astro-archaeologists. Unfortunately, until today there was only a single image of the mysterious monument, which Padilla claimed to have received anonymously, in 1986, and which would have been taken, in the middle of the last century, somewhere in the jungle, near La Democracia. Surely you have seen it published in hundreds of books and magazines …
In its day, EOC traveled to La Democracia (Guatemala), and also interviewed Padilla, who claimed that the monument had existed, but that it had probably been destroyed by the guerrillas … No other evidence had ever been provided that could support that the unusual monument had really existed. However, a few days ago, and thanks to an EOC reader, we have located another photo, of the same monument, which seems contemporary with the one published by Padilla … Are both images real, or is it a new fraud?
A few months ago, producer Raul Julia Levy announced a revolutionary documentary for this year, which sought to provide evidence of the extraterrestrial contact of the Mayans. And this supposed monument has been announced as the highlight of this documentary. This photograph puts a new twist on this story.

This was published in EOC nº 70 but new evidence and research the new Extraterrestrial Field Notebook in antiquity … or not

2012: Padilla’s head will save us from the end of the world — A trafficker of illusions… of cinema — But then what the hell is Padilla’s head? — The unexpected (and romantic) ending

Mystery in Guatemala by Dr. Oscar R. Padilla

Our adhesion to the AAS as full members in Spain, allowed us, not only to know the latest discoveries of astro archaeologists in real time, but even to initiate an epistolary relationship with some of them. Like Dr. Oscar Padilla.
There was still no Internet, no emails, no WhatsApp, so we wrote letters to each other. I am referring to those handwritten or typed documents that were put in a paper envelope on which a stamp was affixed, before inserting it in a mailbox and waiting days, or weeks if the recipient was in another country, for the letter was delivered. I imagine that many young people will not know what I am talking about.
Returning to Ancient Skies; Dr. Oscar Rafael Padilla Lara is not one of the charlatans, visionaries or chanting that today we are used to seeing in delusional series like Ancestral Aliens. Although, as always, he would end up being stigmatized by the pseudo-skeptics who accused him of having faked the photo that made history.
Notary, doctor in philosophy and law, Padilla is the author of numerous legal texts, such as “Gender and Justice”, “The commercial name of the commercial company: its legal regime”, “Criminological law and its relationship with criminal law and prison law “,” The legal business “, and so on. But also a colossal 16-volume work on the UFO phenomenon: “UFO Encyclopedia of Guatemala.” And just in that year 1987 Padilla marked a milestone in the history of astroarchaeology by publishing in Ancient Skies a small piece about the latest evidence of extraterrestrial visits in the past. This time in Guatemala.
That brief note by Oscar Padilla succinctly titled “Mystery in Guatemala”, which lights the fuse of one of the most surprising and bizarre stories of international astroarchaeology, was published exactly on the last page of volume 14, number 1 of Ancient Skies, corresponding to March-April 1987. And since the author’s postal address was included at the end of the text, on July 10, 1987 I decided to give him a thumbs up and wrote him my first letter.

Letter from Dr. Oscar Padilla to Manuel Carballal on August 5, 1987

For that naive Galician teenager, for an author of Ancient Skies to reply to me was as utopian a claim as to reply to a Michael Jackson letter, but who doesn’t try …
Unbelievably, on August 5, I received his kind reply. And in this way, an epistolary relationship with Oscar Padilla began, which lasted for years. Until I was able to travel to Guatemala to meet him personally …

In that first information about the enigmatic lost monument, which gave wings to our imagination, Dr. Oscar Padilla recounted how a photograph probably taken in the 1950s had come into his possession, somewhere in the Guatemalan jungle, in which He could clearly see a huge head, similar to an Easter Island moai, carved out of stone.
With fine and markedly Caucasian features, very different from those of the colossal Olmec heads, the photograph shows a car and several men on top of the mysterious monument, which allowed calculating its size between four and six meters in height. Much larger than the known Olmec heads Quite a mystery.

The mysterious figure lost in the Guatemalan jungles went down in history with the nickname “Padilla’s head”, occupying a privileged place in the great icons of astroarcheology. Along with the crystal skulls, the pyramids of Egypt or the “tracks” of Nazca. But the story of this singular enigma had only just begun.
It was speculated with the evident resemblance of that figure, with the Moai of Easter Island (Chile) or with the Chapapoyas “cloud warriors” (Argentina). Others compared it to the face of the Inca in Samaipata (Bolivia), the Pedra de Gavea in Brazil or the face of Tunupa in Ollantaytambo (Peru), but in my opinion they have nothing to do with it. The last three, I think, are natural formations, while the Padilla face is obviously an artificial construction.

But at that time, neither the Guatemalan notary and lawyer nor I, nor anyone else, could even imagine the surprising, tragicomic and sobering episodes that “Padilla’s head” would star in the years to come …

Image of documents provided by Manuel Carballal
Image: Field Notebooks The Critical Eye
Manuel Carballal before The Madonna with San Giovannino, was painted in the 15th century by Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449–1494) and belongs to the Loeser collection of the Palazzo Vecchio. Above Maria’s right shoulder is a disc-shaped object.
If she zooms in she looks like a man and his dog are clearly looking at the object.
Also known as the Virgin with the Child and Saint John.
She can currently be seen in the Palazzo Vecchio museum in Florence in the Ercole room.
This work is attributed to Sebastiano Mainardi who lived between 1466 and 1513.

The secret symbols The most famous UFOs in art A Soviet satellite in the 16th century

Glorification of the Eucharist 1600. Bonaventura Salimbeni (1568–1613) Saint Peter of Montalcino Italy
“In Aenariae, while Livio Troso was promulgating the laws at the beginning of the Italian war, at dawn, a tremendous noise came in the sky, and a balloon of fire appeared in flames in the north. In the territory of Spoletum, a globe of fire, of golden color, fell to the earth spinning. Then it seemed to increase in size, rose from the ground and ascended into the sky, where the sun was darkened with its brilliance. he turned to the eastern quadrant of the sky. “ Book of Prodigies, a compilation of texts from the work of Tito Livio.
Winged beings represented graphically in all cultures
Winged beings represented graphically in all cultures
Matthew 7.7: Seek and you will find — From theology to archeology — A professor of biblical sciences in a congress of mysteries — A UFO in the esplanade of the mosques of Jerusalem — Aliens in Islam — In the image and likeness …
The first part of the Book of Enoch describes the fall of the Watchers, the angels who fathered the Nephilim

Genesis 5: 22–24: “Enoch walked with God; he lived, after begetting Methuselah, three hundred years, and begot sons and daughters. The total of Enoch’s days was 365 years. Enoch walked with God, and disappeared because God took him. “

Kings 2: 9–13: “As they walked in conversation, a chariot of fire with horses of fire was placed between them, and Elijah ascended to heaven in a whirlpool. Elisha watched him go and cried out, “Father, my father, the chariot of Israel and his cavalry!” Then Elisha didn’t see him anymore. GETTY
Vision of the throne of God.

1 On the fifth day of the fourth month of the thirtieth year, I, Ezekiel the priest, son of Buzi, was living with the Jewish exiles by the Chebar River in Babylonia. The sky opened, and I saw a vision of God. ( 2 It was the fifth year since King Jehoiachin had been taken into exile.) 3 There in Babylonia beside the Chebar River, I heard the Lord speak to me, and I felt his power.
4 I looked up and saw a windstorm coming from the north. Lightning was flashing from a huge cloud, and the sky around it was glowing. Where the lightning was flashing, something shone like bronze. 5 At the center of the storm I saw what looked like four living creatures in human form, 6 but each of them had four faces and four wings. 7 Their legs were straight, and they had hoofs like those of a bull. They shone like polished bronze. 8 In addition to their four faces and four wings, they each had four human hands, one under each wing. 9 Two wings of each creature were spread out so that the creatures formed a square, with their wing tips touching. When they moved, they moved as a group without turning their bodies.
10 Each living creature had four different faces: a human face in front, a lion’s face at the right, a bull’s face at the left, and an eagle’s face at the back. 11 Two wings of each creature were raised so that they touched the tips of the wings of the creatures next to it, and their other two wings were folded against their bodies. 12 Each creature faced all four directions, and so the group could go wherever they wished, without having to turn.
13 Among the creatures there was something that looked like a blazing torch, constantly moving. The fire would blaze up and shoot out flashes of lightning. 14 The creatures themselves darted back and forth with the speed of lightning.
15 As I was looking at the four creatures I saw four wheels touching the ground, one beside each of them. 16 All four wheels were alike; each one shone like a precious stone, and each had another wheel intersecting it at right angles, 17 so that the wheels could move in any of the four directions. 18 The rims of the wheels were covered with eyes. 19 Whenever the creatures moved, the wheels moved with them, and if the creatures rose up from the earth, so did the wheels. 20 The creatures went wherever they wished, and the wheels did exactly what the creatures did, because the creatures controlled them. 21 So every time the creatures moved or stopped or rose in the air, the wheels did exactly the same.
22 Above the heads of the creatures there was something that looked like a dome made of dazzling crystal. 23 There under the dome stood the creatures, each stretching out two wings toward the ones next to it and covering its body with the other two wings. 24 I heard the noise their wings made in flight; it sounded like the roar of the sea, like the noise of a huge army, like the voice of Almighty God. When they stopped flying, they folded their wings, 25 but there was still a sound coming from above the dome over their heads.
26 Above the dome there was something that looked like a throne made of sapphire, and sitting on the throne was a figure that looked like a human being. 27 The figure seemed to be shining like bronze in the middle of a fire. It shone all over with a bright light.

Acts of the Apostles 1: 9–11: “After saying this, Jesus was caught up from their eyes and a cloud hid him from their sight. They kept staring at the sky as he walked away. But suddenly they saw two men dressed in white by their side. GETTY

Jesus Is Taken Up to Heaven
6 When the apostles met together with Jesus, they asked him, “Lord, will you at this time give the Kingdom back to Israel?”
7 Jesus said to them, “The times and occasions are set by my Father’s own authority, and it is not for you to know when they will be. 8 But when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will be filled with power, and you will be witnesses for me in Jerusalem, in all of Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” 9 After saying this, he was taken up to heaven as they watched him, and a cloud hid him from their sight.
10 They still had their eyes fixed on the sky as he went away, when two men dressed in white suddenly stood beside them 11 and said, “Galileans, why are you standing there looking up at the sky? This Jesus, who was taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way that you saw him go to heaven.”

Manuel Carballal before one of the most significant and enigmatic petroglyphs on the island of Ometepe.
petroglyph in Ometepe

Ometepe island located in Lake Nicaragua. The name of this island comes from the indigenous Nahuatl language. Ome means as “two”, while Tepetl means ‘peaks / hills / mountains’. Therefore, Ometepe can be translated as “the place of two hills”. The first Nahuatl-speaking inhabitants of Ometepe are said to have arrived on the island after following a prediction that instructed them to search for an “island paradise, which consisted of two peaks. Before their arrival, however, Ometepe already It had been inhabited by a number of other tribes and cultures, as evidenced by the large number of petroglyphs scattered throughout the island.

Mysterious Gods. Ooparts? UFOs and underground world

Archeology from a bird’s eye view — Secret aeronautics — Vimanas on the Nazca tracks — Proven: it could be done — The secret technologies

Image: Manuel Carballal The Critical Eye Field Notebooks
Rama is welcomed back to Ayodhya in his “flying car”; Proponents of the ancient astronaut theory use this as evidence for the existence of flying vehicles in ancient times.
Alberto Ruz lhuillier exploring the funerary crypt of the tomb of K’inich Janahb ‘Pakal. Temple of the Inscriptions. Palenque, Chiapas. the photo was taken around 1952. Photo: Archives of Maestra Celia Gutiérrez vda. by Ruz
The tombstone of the sarcophagus of K’inich Janahb ’Pakal.
“The Astronaut” huge geoglyph near the Nazca lines
Of (rare) things seen in the sky — Fortean phenomena before Fort

Chronology of alleged anomalous phenomena in ancient times

The Miracle of Light is a legend from the Manresa tradition that explains how a mysterious light from Montserrat passed through the stained glass windows of the old Carmen church on February 21, 1345.

A resplendent light came, coming from the mountain of Montserrat, to the church of Carmen, entering through a window in the main facade, at the same time that the bells began to ring alone. Once inside, it was placed under the key of the central apse vault, dividing into three rays of light that were distributed between the apse, the chapel of the Holy Trinity and that of San Salvador. Later the three bundles were reunited in a single one that left the church in the direction, again, towards Montserrat.

The journey continues …

(On sale June 9, 2021)



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