“Abducted” in 1987

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I was first “abducted” in 1987. I was 12 years old. I say “abducted”, but it’s not like that. Actually, you go willingly. It’s scary but it’s exciting, too, and they are somehow able to make you feel ok about things. It’s not until later that you feel bad or like you’ve been violated. And they don’t do a lot of probing, like raping, or anything like that. That’s HOllywood nonsense. They look inside of people sometimes, but they have machines that do it. Not really “machines”, but it’s like a room where things get done and the walls are…It’s hard to explain, so just imagine that all the walls are kind of like x-ray machines? That’s the easiest way to describe it.

Sometimes there would be others there and they would be looking into them or they’d put them under and cut them open, but not usually. They took tissue samples from all of us, I think, and they never put your under or give you any anesthetic or anything. They just poke you. With like those things they take samples of the ocean floor? LIke that, but really small. They pull out chunks of you. It’s usually done on the butt or on the lower back.

Mostly they talked with me. Just questions and they’d show me things, like television shows and things, and they’d ask me questions about them. I think the walls measure our reaction to things, too, same as they take x-rays. I don’t know that, but it’s the feeling that I got. They NEVER let you ask questions about what they are doing. Even once I got friendly with a few of them, they just do not like it when you ask them questions. They hate it.

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You can’t understand their language. It just sounds like “hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”. I’m positive that we’ll never be able to communicate with them in their language. I should mention that these are the “grays” that you hear about, except they aren’t gray. They are sort of beige, and it’s clothes anyway. They aren’t naked. I don’t know if there are others. People say there are, but I’ve only ever met these. Anyway, you cannot understand them but they can understand you. And they can put thoughts into your head but they can’t hear your thoughts. You have to speak to them. They cannot hear very well, or else they are not good understanding English so you have to speak loudly and slowly. I don’t know if they understand other langauges, but I’m pretty sure they would. They are interested in all of us, in everything that goes on. They like a lot of things about our culture, too. They like some of our music. Bluegrass is their favorite so far as I’ve seen. They like it a lot. They LOVE that african instrument that looks like a gourd with 13 strings. LOVE IT. But they cannot stand horns or horn music, so they hate classical music and jazz. I think trumpets sort of sound like their language? It’s a feeling that I get, but I’ve never been able to ask them.

They’ve taken me up just about every two years, I’d say, since 1987. Just about. Sometimes it’s more often, and I didn’t go up at all between 1995 and 2000. They usually keep me for what feels like a day, but it turns out to be about four hours. Usually. The longest I stayed with them was three weeks. During that time, they made me make phone calls and “keep up appearances”. They aren’t really bad…well, i was going to say “people”. But they’re not really bad people. Or whatever.

The two that I got sort of close with told me to call them Jack and Gina. I don’t know if they are male or female or even if they have different sexes. But I know that those aren’t their real names. Those are just names that they told me.

They will make contact with Earth on a wide scale in 2021. That’s the year when they’ll land here, or colonize, or whatever. I’m not exactly sure what their plan is. They don’t seem to be evil or dangerous. Their planet is, so they told me anyway, a very long way away. They couldn’t explain to me how far, they said, becuase it was too far for me to understand and it was also “close to the side”. I have no idea what that meant, but it’s always stuck with me. Home is “Too far away for you to understand, but also close to the side.” We don’t have anything that they want, so they told me. So I don’t really know why they come here or why they’ve taken so many of us up or why they’ve gotten to be friends with me. They do not have any religion and they don’t need oxygen or water or trees or anything, I don’t think. They don’t eat people. I don’t think they want to breed with us or genetically engineer us. I don’t know what they want. But they’ve been coming here for I’d guess at least 10 or 20,000 years. I’m not very good about history and “upper paleolithic” and all that. But they’ve got video of all sorts of stuff and they showed me video of neanderthals and cro-magnon (which really were JUST like us humans except they all had black skin, way less diversity) and all sorts of other human-like things, Us’s, or whatever. And they showed me video of the pyramids being built and this HUGE stone building that I guess is lost somewhere or was destroyed but it was in Europe, I could tell from the video. They have video of them talking with all sorts of people all throughout the history of Earth. They showed me some of them and asked me questions about them but I couldn’t understand any of it because I only speak English and even English from 200 or 300 years ago is so different that I could hardly understand it. So I told them that they probably knew more about it all than I did.

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I was up three weeks ago. That was the last time. I’m pretty sure that I’ll go up again in a couple of years, but I’m not sure after that. The whole “program” or whatever they call it is going to change in July, 2021. I think they said 8th, but it could also have been 18th, I wasn’t hearing very well. They weren’t trying to intimidate me or even to warn me, so I don’t think we have anything to worry about. I hope they don’t show the videos they took of me when they first started taking me up, becuase I was so scared and young and they are embarrassing.

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Retired Defense Intelligence Officer with a CE5 Experience to Share. I am the original source of this content; this is my first post to reddit. Sharing my experience with you changes my life, as I now have to own what I am telling you. Here is my story. Be respectful and I’ll answer your questions.

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It is a frustrating experience when a u/ posts an encounter or sighting that happened years ago, ie. when they were a kid, or when they used to live there or work here or went to this place or knew those people or all of the above. Personally, I am so eager for truth that I want the event they’re relaying to have happened now, not in some time long ago. I want to feel connected to it, like we are making some progress and things are really happening now. Understand me?

Well, if you can relate, I am sorry for what I am about to do. However, I assure you things are indeed happening.

I joined reddit in May 2018 after a series of profound and life-changing experiences that began in January 2017, and culminated in first-person contact in January 2018. I wrestled with my experiences for months, only confiding in and processing with my best friend, my daughter, and a close friend I ended up inadvertently involving. I needed more. I needed understanding and community. I turned to reddit after four months of wandering alone in ways I don’t know how to impress upon you, and though I have found community, I am still searching for anyone who has had the experiences I have had, because I think it is crucial to understanding what’s happening in the world and what our place and role is in it all in the end.

My background and expertise is in defense intelligence. I have held some of the highest clearances with read-ons that exist in our nation, special compartmented information so classified that only 12 intelligence officers at a time are able to have access to and knowledge of the information. To become one of the 12, you’ve gotta really be in need. All of this is to protect the sources and their reveal. It is the level of intel that assets/people die from being identified by name, date, location, etc.. These are assets but more importantly, they are people with families who love them, and for the risk they take to help the U.S., they must be protected at all costs. If you reveal intel that gets an asset killed, you’re going to have a very difficult time for the remainder of your life. And they’re going to know if it was you, because there are only a handful of you, so they will definitely find you in time, and they’ll make short work of it. They’ll be motivated.

Image according to design: @galanvazquez

I tell you this not only to build a little credibility, but to also explain that I am not here to divulge any classified information. I took an oath to protect the United States constitution, its people, and its interests. Frankly, anyone here claiming to be divulging classified information can seriously get fucked. (insider tip — they’re most likely lying). See my comment here for further elaboration wrt my position on this. Regardless, what I am going to tell you is much more interesting than any intelligence I have ever read or written, and is not related to my previous line of work.

To build further credibility before I begin, one of my positions in intel meant I worked with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Combatant Commanders. I wrote talking points for the Secretary of Defense. I wrote executive summaries for the White House. I have sat in fortressed rooms with a handful of very powerful people, and they trusted me, you understand?

I have been trusted because I’m trustworthy. However, I am going to tell you things that are going to make you question whether you should trust me. I understand that, and I would put my experience through scrutiny as well. I have put my experience through scrutiny, repeatedly, in an internal battle I never imagined I would have to wage, in question of my own recollection, intellect, and mental soundness. On the other side of that, I can tell you my experience with complete confidence in what I am saying. In the intel world, that’s a standard that must be met. I tell you with utter sincerity, that standard of confidence has been met here.

In addition, I am going to tell you things that you have always wanted to hear from someone living and accessible, and you may be tempted to accept everything I tell you without question. Don’t do that either, for anything you hear, here or anywhere else. Always critique, always asked difficult questions, always keep an open mind. Do those three things, and the truth will become evident to you as evidence stacks up. With all that said, I am going to tell you the truth as best as I can, with absolute confidence in what I am saying. It is up to you whether you want to extend me the same trust that has been extended to me by the greater men who have known me. I cannot make you see the truth in what I tell you; you have to see the truth for yourself.

It is important to head-off the inevitable criticism that since I am a talented writer, my story must be fictional. Folks, I am a talented writer, and have been honing my craft all of my life. I was born with a propensity toward vocabulary and reading comprehension that surpassed my peers. I have written several books, and have been lucky enough to publish one thus far. I’ve authored numerous articles in newsprint, journals, magazines. I’ve written collegiate curriculum and military center of excellence curriculum. I’ve written hundreds of government documents. One doesn’t get to write for SECDEF when one can’t weave a story. That’s just how it is. In the end, it is to your benefit that you get to hear this experience from someone who knows how to communicate. It may even be why you are hearing this from me rather than from someone else — because I know how to communicate effectively, and this matter deserves effective communication. Perhaps that is part of their logic in choosing me for contact.

All of the events I am about to relay to you took place in Southern California from January 2017 through February 2018, with the vast majority of directly applicable events happening in the final three months of that period. I had been in socal working with U.S.Marine Corps executives, as a defense intelligence expert contracted to a schoolhouse command. In January 2017, I became deathly ill and was admitted to hospital, and quickly moved to the ICU. I would spend two full months as an inpatient, fighting for my life and for physical recovery.

This is not a ghosts sub, so I will be brief on this point that sets the stage for the rest of everything I need to tell you. When I was in ICU, I was the youngest person on the ward, and by far in the best shape of my life, after extensive training and rucking through the Mojave with operatives and with contractors who were all veterans like myself. I was physically capable, and I knew my way around the desert. I was agile and constantly working to be better. But I was always being set back by what turned out to be a brewing underlying condition that nearly killed me and led to my hospitalization. So it was on day 5ish of my ICU stay that I had my first visitor.

I was laying there listening to the beeps and ticks of machines supporting me, my respirations hovering around 4 per minute all day. There was a growing inclination among medical staff that I ought to be intubated, when an old woman came into my room and stood by the wall, watching me. I asked my nurse, “who is that woman?,” my eyes fixated on the visitor. My nurse said, “what woman?”

“The woman watching me,” I said. I couldn’t lift my arm or move my hand to point, because my illness had caused severe quadriparesis at the time, so my nurse scanned the room and said, “there is nobody here, honey.”

I watched the old woman watch me for a moment, when it hit me all at once who this woman was. Hit me isn’t quite right. While I had been making intense eye contact with her, an image entered my mind, with all this information encoded in it, data, that downloaded when I received it. Best way I know to explain my experience. I received an image, and now I knew who she was. She was a patient next door to my room. And she had just died. I told my nurse. My nurse wasn’t having it. “No, honey, no one has died, everyone is okay.”

I insisted, “She is right here and she’s gone. I see her.”

While my nurse was refuting my claim a second time, the code for the old woman came over the ward intercom. A flurry of medical staff whipped through the ward and into her room next to mine. The docs and nurses began every life saving effort they had available. Their efforts to resuscitate her were futile, of course, and I knew they would be. She was already gone, and somehow she was standing in my room and had told me before our technology could detect it,. She had been standing right in front of me, unseeable to everyone else in the room. As I lingered between life and death, I thought about the woman often.

That day, after the code announcement and flurry of activity that drew my eyes to the door, I looked back to where the woman had been standing and she was gone. I would be visited two other times over a period of a couple of days, as two other patients died in ICU. Apparently, according to my nurses, this can happen when you’re dying — you can be visited by the souls around you that are vacating their bodies. For this reason, they did not intubate me. They knew I was lingering, and thought I would just give up and die if they intubated me, as that would require putting me back in a coma. So, I witnessed a parade of departing souls, and it marked the beginning of a profound change in me that would link to a CE5. I won’t go into detail here wrt the other departing visitors. There just isn’t room in this post.

After release from hospital, the dead still came by to see me at home. They came from different places, different times, and they would stare at me, waiting for me to talk to them, to acknowledge them, before they would tell me what they were doing there or who they were. Our home began experiencing a series of activity that couldn’t be explained. Everyone who lived in the house experienced something once I came home — seeing apparitions, hearing disembodied voices or sounds, feeling touched, witnessing inanimate objects move, etc.. For 9 months, there was seemingly unexplainable activity in our home. And one night, it escalated in a way that has set my life on a remarkable course.

One night in mid December 2017, I was watching a movie with my 21-year-old daughter, when, instead of an apparition of a departed soul appearing in the room, the apparition of an extraterrestrial being appeared.

Image according to design: @galanvazquez

Now, listen, I know this sounds crazy as hell. I know it all sounds crazy, which is exactly why I haven’t ever put it in writing before this moment. When I looked over to the right of the television and saw an extraterrestrial standing in the corner looking at me, I questioned my sanity. Immediately. I analyzed everything, and would later toil over it for weeks, months, now years. All I can say to assuage doubt or skepticism is that I have been found to be of sound mind by all of my doctors (and unfortunately, due to my health, I happen to have numerous specialists). I don’t shake easily, and this rattled me. I deliberated for months before even being willing to look for community by joining reddit. It is a norm in the intel community that we have light footprints online, avoid talking about our past work. And I was concerned about security clearance future adjudications should I return to government service, adding to my reluctancy to discuss this. Now, with this post, I officially retire any future career in the industry. So with that said, an apparition of an alien was suddenly in the corner of my bedroom.

You can imagine that I was startled, despite being visited by apparitions of the deceased on occasion. I can’t believe I just typed that. I was sitting in bed on the left side of the bed, facing the TV across the room, and my daughter was beside me on my right, also watching TV. The being appeared quite suddenly in the corner to the right of the TV.

In startled reaction, as soon as the being appeared, I gasped loudly, my arm shooting out in front of my daughter, putting her behind me a bit. It was an automatic reaction. She was frightened by what I had done, and as I explained what I was seeing, we oddly both began to relax. Within a minute, perhaps even briefer, we were completely relaxed. Not a ‘normal’ reaction, no?

The being was humanoid, and had light purple/lavenderish skin, smooth. His body was spindly, with long, thin arms and legs, a long thing torso, long thin fingers. His head was oblongish horizontally, bulbous and oversized for his slender humanlike shoulders and long thin neck. I was unable to guesstimate his height, due to having nothing to scale for what I was seeing. You see, he was not only standing there, it was like I was looking into some of the space around him, that wasn’t to scale to my room. He was showing me him standing before a window, with a vision of a planet or moon or something behind him in the distance, and there was a longer window to the right of him. His height was a mystery, but if I had to guess, I would say at that time that he appeared to be around 4' in height; I just couldn’t be sure.

Image according to design: @galanvazquez

After an initial establishment of contact, it was clear this being was here to deliver a message. The message wasn’t for me; I was to let others know, and there were others like me that he (or maybe they?) was communicating with who were also supposed to let others know. He showed me a network of people across the globe whom he was also communicating with, demonstrating our interconnectedness, telling me there were others, I’m not alone.

The way he would communicate with me is, he would send me an image directly into my mind, and it was encoded with information that came directly to me when I saw it. If I had to describe it in terms of something more relatable, such as an iOS exchange, I would say that, from an outside source, I received a virtual image with encrypted metadata that upon delivery, automatically downloaded that metadata to my iOS, where I could inspect it. That is the best way I know to describe the exchange. And the message that downloaded, as I understood it, was this:

Humans must evolve, and we aren’t doing it quickly enough. Our use of language is what is holding us back as a species, because it is limited to words and speech and our knowledge of diverse languages, even our muscle memory and pallet. It is the multitude of language on earth that has hampered our evolution by hindering our ability to communicate with one another. Within individual human languages, the nuances lead to miscommunications. There is nearly always room for subjective interpretation, and too often ego-biased misinterpretation. Our current human language capability is simply inefficient, and primitive. It leaves room for bias, fear, selfishness, and invites destructive thought, leading to destructive action.

Therefore, we must learn to communicate with each other in the manner in which he was communicating with me — — an encrypted image that instantly downloaded metadata to my iOS, my brain. It is imperative to our evolution that we learn to do this, as it will unite humanity’s ability to communicate with one another as a race. This will put us on a path that creates peace for humanity, removing barriers. Peace is essential for our continued existence, and evolving will give us the capability to communicate with our astronomical neighbors, which must occur.

He was very clear that there is an urgency, and that we must listen.

And then, as suddenly as he had arrived, he departed, and the communication ended.

Picture of: Louis Dyer

Skipping the details of all of the shock, awe, processing, mania, self-questioning, introspection, interrogation, and existential mind-losing I experienced following this initial contact, just imagine the most intense situation, and that’s probably pretty close to what I put myself through. And I would see him two more times, in early and mid-January 2018, and his message became more complex with each visit, as if he was delivering a bigger message in smaller, more consumable bites.

The second visit was much like the first, in that it began suddenly while in my bedroom, repeated the message of the first visit wrt the urgent evolution of human communication, and then expanded to say that humanity was running out of time, that a crucial period was coming to an end, and we needed to prepare by focusing on changing our communication method and language use to speak to others as he was speaking to me. There was more to the visit, but I cannot possibly post all of the details here, so those are the highlights. The contact was briefer than the first, and as suddenly as it had begun, it was once over.

The third visit was much like the first two, in that it began suddenly, repeated the message of the first two visits, and then expanded to go as far as to say that humanity’s survival actually depends on our success in evolving our communication method as he had explained. He said an end of an era, or maybe a time, was coming, and we essentially better get to work on this. He iterated that I was to share this with others, tell people. The contact took place while I was sitting by the backyard fire pit with my daughter. This entire contact is one that deserves deep exploration, but I cannot do it all here in a single post. What I can say right now is that my daughter and I lost several hours that night that remain unaccounted for, no matter how we reexamine the night. Neither one of us remember this visit ending, but simultaneously roused ourselves from staring into a pit of white coals that had been a nicely stocked fire what felt like no more than half-an-hour ago. It had actually been nearly four hours earlier. In another post, at another time, I will elaborate further. There is too much to tell here and do it any sort of justice.

I experienced a constant re-evaluation of the being, his visits, his messages, how those messages had begun to sound like warnings, how those warnings made me question my sanity. After some time, I finally got my feet on the ground. My interests and values began to evolve rapidly. My worldview blossomed in a way that was conducive to exploring what the being had said. I began meditating multiple times daily. I explored and deliberated. I gave myself time. I waited. I still don’t know what I was waiting for.

The waiting ended on Sunday, February 20, 2018. I was having coffee with a friend of mine from LA who is CEO/founder of a successful software engineering company. It was late morning at a favorite place of mine in the high desert of the Mojave, and we were nearly wrapping things up when a couple walked in and sat in the lounge area where my friend and I were sitting. They had bright, open faces, and upon sitting, immediately began conversing with us. They were married, Wayne and Trisha, and lived near by. They were talkative and authentic, and it was refreshing to make new friends, so it wasn’t odd that I would want to stick around and talk with them after my friend hit the road back to his home on the coast.

After some time continuing our talk, another couple entered the coffeehouse and joined us. They were friends of Wayne and Trisha’s, but I have no recollection at all what their names may have been. We all carried on, having great chemistry, when Wayne abruptly asked me what I thought of aliens. I said, “Well, I think about them every day, and I love the fuck out of them. Why?” With utmost sincerity, he asked, “Would you like to meet some?”

Wayne said he had seen a lot of UFO activity around his property, which happened to include an entire mountain. He was out exploring one night, and said he had physical contact with an alien being, and they told him they had a base within the mountain. They told him they meant him no harm. The next thing he knew, he was standing in his home beneath an archway that separates one section of his home from another. He had zero recollection of how he got there. He said this began an obsession that was out of control, and therefore, with military-grade camouflage gear and construction equipment, he secretly (ie. without government eyes on his effort) excavated a tunnel into the mountain, in an effort to find the alien base. He said he had found it. He wanted me to see it. Without hesitation, I said yes.

All five of us met at Wayne and Trisha's home. Wayne walked me down the path that led to a shed that partly obscured the area that was essentially undetectable until you were right on it, due to his camouflaging efforts. The men donned headlamps and clicked them on, before Wayne pulled back the camo curtain and revealed a tunnel tall enough for me to stand straight in but low enough that I hunched a little anyway as I stepped in behind Wayne. His friend followed, the two wives trailing behind us.

The tunnel was dark and rustic, but it was well excavated, narrow, rugged, cool, dry as a bone. We walked for several minutes with only their headlamps. It wasn't well thought out, in retrospect, but I hadn't ever been in a situation quite like this, and their headlamps were more than sufficient to light our way. After several minutes of walking on a slight decline down, there appeared to be light coming from ahead, and as we went on, there was no question about it -- there was light coming from ahead.

We round a corner, and not more than twenty feet in front of Wayne and I stood four humanoid beings, located within what appeared to be some sort of alcove within their base.

There were three extraterrestrials I can only describe as the tall whites -- humanoid, they were approximately 6'6" tall, all of them seeming to be relatively the same height. Their skin was so incredibly white and luminescent, it appeared to glow with light while simultaneously not emitting any ambient light. I don't know if that makes sense, but it was as if they were made of light that was contained within the boundaries of their skin. Their hair was white. They had long, slender bodies, with shoulders more broad like a human, hands like a human. Faces like a human. They wore a form-fitting black body suit of some sort that covered their arms, legs, torso, and scooped down from their slender necks. On their presumably human-like feet, they wore footwear I would call black boots. Two were facing us, and a third was behind them, slightly visible.

The fourth being stood before the two tall whites, facing them, back partially to us. This being was approximately 4' tall, humanoid, a classic grey in that it had smooth grey skin, a thin and spindly frame with long, thin arms and legs, a thin torso, a longer thin neck, long thin hands with long thin fingers, an oversized head with features that include oversized dark eyes, slits for nostrils, an unsubstantial, thin mouth, hairless, no visible ears. He turned slowly to face us.

There was a moment when we first assessed one another, a brief second in which I got the distinct feeling they were surprised to see me with Wayne and Trisha. Everyone -- us, them -- stood very still in that initial moment. Then, with ease, the grey communicated with me, conveying directly to me through imagery, "Oh, hello Añjali, we've been meaning to talk with you again." I stepped past Wayne and walked right up to him as if it was the most natural reaction in the world. I felt no fear. I was filled only with awe and peace, and a deep-rooted hope. I have no explanation for this.

It became apparent quickly that the grey was in charge, per se. He told Wayne that he and the others had to leave and that I was going to stay there and talk with them for a while. Wayne, who was still standing in the tunnel and had not stepped into their space, was distressed by the idea of leaving me there. He didn't want to go. They allowed him to stay in the tunnel while I went with them into another area, but the others had to leave. Trisha and their friends left without question. Later, I would find that they had simply walked back to the house without another thought about it.

The grey led me down a corridor to a tall, wide half-circle door approximately 7' high at its highest point. The door opened, sliding from left to right, recessing into the wall. On the other side of the door stood a being, and it was looking down at me. As soon as our eyes met, I knew who this being was. This was my being. The being. It was undeniable, and I gasped for breath.

I had been quite mistaken regarding the size of this magnificent lavendar-skinned being with whom I had been communicating for some time. They were approximately 7'6" to 8' tall, not tiny as I had thought. Though much larger, the body was much like a grey in its general lankiness, but the torso was slightly more substantial than a grey's, with broader shoulders more like a human would have proportionately, and a large, bulbous head that is shaped much like an oblong mushroom cap. Their eyes were large, nose slightly more prominent than a grey's, a thin mouth, an expression of recognition.

I say their intentionally. The sex gender sense I got was one of fluidity; neither a male nor a female but somehow biologically, reproductively something else that I am conceptually unfamiliar with as a human. I felt the being was a they, with a slight lean toward the female.

I don't remember a lot beyond stepping through the doorway and looking up at the being. Most of what I remember from there occurred while I was on my back, supine, either floating in the air or laying on a table that I was unable to feel beneath me. Above me were the figures and faces of several extraterrestrials, some of whom I recognized and others I did not. Here they spoke to me.

Their message was complex, and I will shorten and simplify it here. They said that what we think is going on here isn't what's really going on. They implored me to remember things, such as, "Remember who you are," and "Remember why you're here," and reminding me that I've forgotten what's happening here, and that I must transcend and remember.

Everything that I say here are my words. They sent me encoded images, and I did my best to understand what those images were saying, to remember what info I received from it, how my human consciousness understood what it had received. This is the best I can do in this finite post:

They said that we are coming to an end of an era, essentially. There is a council or group or some chartered alliance that initially consisted of seven members representing seven planetary governments that oversee human life on earth. This is some sort of task they have. Some time ago, two of the members left the union because of poor human behavior and how our behavior has had negative consequences in other places that exist right here where we are that are undetectable to us at this time. The two members that left were hostile to our continued existence, but agreed to leave the council(?) and leave the task of human watching to the remaining five members. Recently (I cannot quantify recently in terms of years, but I had the sense that it meant in the last centuryish), we had become such a lousy bunch of humans and had caused such irreparable harm in other places that two additional members had not only left the council, but had joined with the other two prior members, and the four together are coming. They are coming to Earth, and they are finished with the current human experiment.

The remaining three members on the council are outnumbered, and humanity's days are ending in this era. The era ends when the four members arrive. Humankind must transcend this human existence, evolve, prepare, because those that fail to do so will not make the transcendence. We will be separated by effect by those who make the needed change and those who do not. The urgency is now. We must evolve, or we will fail to transcend. They stressed the interconnectedness and oneness of all living things; they expressed a oneness of consciousness. They told me I -- we, humans -- could reach out to them through a conscious connection, demonstrating how to do so in the very act of telling me.

One of the final moments I remember, after our 'talk', I was back in the first area outside of Wayne's tunnel, with the extraterrestrials, and Wayne was stepping into their space for the first time. In the very next moment, Wayne and I were standing beneath the archway separating two areas of his home. In a split second, we were just there. Trisha and their friends said they realized we were there when I exclaimed, "What the fuck just happened?" Wayne's friend answered, "Oh, you're back now."

Wayne immediately began asking me numerous questions, "What did they say to you? Where did they take you? What did they tell you?" He was eager to know because they hadn't allowed him to enter their space, and hadn't expressed interest in conversing in-depth with him. He was eager to know everything I had experienced.

I cannot possibly tell you everything here. I wish I could. What I've told you here is the very serious highlight and concentrated message. I've given you the bottomline up front -- remember who you are, remember why you are here, transcend the human experience, remember the oneness of our existence, they are coming and we must prepare.

We cannot escape this inevitability. We must learn to communicate as the being has communicated with me, as all of the beings have communicated with me and others like me, wherever they are stretched across the world. Our communication will lead to our recognition of our singular consciousness, which is essential for our transcendence and evolution. I have no idea how much time we have, how many human lifetimes, but it sounded as if existence as we know it change soon. Soon in terms of human years, or soon in terms of higher beings of an extraterrestrial origin "years", I honestly don't know. If I had to bet on it, I'd bet on it being in my lifetime. Transcendence is an individual act, not a group act as a species or race, so some of us simply will not make it. However, the more of us who individually seek transcendence, the more likely others will, too.

Before you ask me to prove I am telling the truth by revealing my identity and the location of these events, recognize the monstrosity in your ask -- Wayne and Trisha have lives and families and careers; the beings have a timely mission; I have children and a supportive partner I would like to protect; and, damn it, the message is the important point. The message is both a plea and a warning. We must listen, friends. Destroying the lives of several families in your search for proof won't help you. At this point, I am unwilling to divulge the location of the base. I am hoping to retain my anonymity for now.

I expect there to be many comments, criticisms, questions, and accusations. I want to be very clear that I am not here to try to convince anyone that the beings' message is true. I know it is true. What I will do is be honest with you and do my best to answer your questions.

My name is Añjali, and I am here to deliver this message. We are not alone, my friends; they are here; we are connected through a shared consciousness, and we must begin transcendence.🌱


Caveat: Please be respectful and patient. I will answer questions below in comments, and also will add as edits here when there are several asking the same question. I ask again that you please be respectful. I just want to help.

EDIT: There have been numerous comments regarding my credibility being ruined by explaining a portion of my career in the way that I did. Some have even likened me to Trump, which is sad and off base. However, I understand where you are all coming from, to a degree. There is a joke in intel that if you tell people what you do for a living, you're bragging; if you don't tell people what you do for a living, you're bragging. I can't give my credentials without revealing my identity. I knew this would be an issue, and I haven't been able to figure out how to reconcile it. What I can say is I'm a Gulf War Veteran, with multiple degrees and advanced certificates. Everything I told you took place in Southern California on the dates I provided. I tried to stress my credibility because I want to be taken seriously, so you can hear the message and believe it. My professional reputation was all I had to offer you. Now that you've heard it, I won't need to discuss it again.

There are many questions, and I am working on the answers. Please check back tomorrow, as I am going to bed. Good night, all.

EDIT: My expertise is IO/IW assigned to MENA/NESA/ONGA. I supported DRSO and DSCA during W.'s war on terror. I briefed STRATCOM, CENTCOM, the Joint Chiefs, several ASD/PDASD/DASD in ISA and across theater. I had an office at DIA, in Fairfax, and at the Pentagon. I couldn't take the metro to work most days because I arrived before the Red Line began running for the day, and it was the line that ran to my residence. My first division director crawled out of the Pentagon on his hands and knees on 9/11 after the attack hit the ring where our offices were located. There is a memorial at DIA for those from the agency who died.

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