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UFO and occupants seen near Cowichan Hospital in BC, Canada

Date: January 1, 1970
Location: Duncan, British Columbia, Canada

UFO observation site. Google Earth Pro image

Source: John Magor

Miss Doreen Kendall, a practical nurse at the Cowichan District Hospital on Vancouver Island, was looking out the window of the ward, when she saw 60 feet away an “object so big and bright I could see everything clearly.” There were two male-like figures in the craft, one behind the other. One of the “men” eventually looked right at Doreen, and the craft started to move away, but not before Freida Wilson, a registered nurse, also saw the object.

Drawing of the sighting by artist Brian James

It was turning five in the morning on New Year’s Day 1970, when Miss Doreen Kendall, a practical nurse at the Cowichan District Hospital on Vancouver Island, noticed that one of the elderly patients in her ward was restless. Deciding the patient was too warm, she went to a window and parted the drapes to let in a little air.

Doreen Kendall

“Just as I pulled the drapes, a brilliant light hit me in the eyes,” she said. “It was still dark outside, but about 60 feet away right above the children’s ward to my left, there was this object so big and bright I could see everything clearly.”

“The object was circular and had what I guess you would call a top and bottom. The bottom was silvery, like metal, and was shaped like a bowl. There was a string of bright lights around it like a necklace. The top was a dome made of something like glass. It was lit up from inside and I could see right into it.”

Continuing her account in question-and-answer form, Miss Kendall told me there were two male-like figures in the craft, one behind the other, facing to her right away from the hospital. The one in front appeared taller, or perhaps was positioned higher, than the other. Their heads were encased in close-fitting dark material.

As she watched with intense curiosity, yet completely unfrightened — “I never felt so peaceful in all my life. I wish I could have talked to them” — she became aware of seeing more of the interior of the craft and realized it was tilting. In a moment, she could see to a point just below their knees and noticed they were standing in front of what looked like stools.

“They looked like fine, tall, well-built men,” she said. “They were dressed in tight-fitting suits of the same material that covered their heads but their hands were bare and I noticed how human they looked. Their flesh seemed just like ours.”

Drawing of the sighting by artist Brian James.

Intrigued as she was by the appearance of the two figures, Miss Kendall found her interest centered on what looked like an instrument panel facing the one in front.

“The man in front was staring at the panel as if something very important was going on, and I wondered if they might have had mechanical trouble. I even thought they might have landed on the roof of the hospital and then had trouble taking off.”

She described the panel as a very large one, taking up almost half the interior of the object and reaching nearly to the top of the dome. The instruments, if that is what they were, seemed to be inset in the chrome-like metal of the panel and there was a variety of sizes.

The total sight was so absorbing that at first, Miss Kendall’s thoughts were lost to everything else, and for a moment she forgot Mrs. Frieda Wilson, a registered nurse, was in the same room.

“Then when I did think of it, I guess I hesitated. I felt I mustn’t make a noise or do anything that would break the trend of what was happening.”

At this point, almost as if her thoughts were being read, she saw the figure in the rear turn slowly and face squarely in her direction.

“He seemed to look right at me but I couldn’t see his face. It was covered by a darkish material that looked softer than the rest of his suit. I’m sure he saw me because then he touched the other man on the back. When he did this, the man in front reached down and took hold of something like a lever beside him. I’ll never forget how deliberately he did it. He pushed it back and forth and the saucer, or whatever you’d call it, started to circle slowly, still close to the building, in an anticlockwise direction.”

The motion seemed to break the spell for Miss Kendall, for then she remembered Mrs. Wilson was there and called her over.

Later, I spoke separately to Mrs. Wilson, who said, “I noticed Miss Kendall standing at the window and wondered what she was looking at. In fact, I was just going to see when she beckoned to me, and then I saw this great big light over the patio outside the children’s ward. I’d say it was quite a bit larger than a car. (By the estimate of both witnesses, the object spanned a width of about five windows of the children’s ward. This gave it a diameter of at least 50 feet.) It looked circular in shape and the far side seemed to be higher than the side near us. It was moving around slowly and then it started to move away. I didn’t really see any top or bottom to it. It was all just tremendously bright.”

Source: http://www.ufoevidence.org/cases/case633.htm

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A survey by Dr. P. M. H. EDWARDS

There is nothing simple in the problem of UFOs, and this is perhaps due to the fact that they do not all come from the same point and that the beings that man them do not belong to the same space group or are animated by the same intentions. Judging by the most frequent cases, the crew of UFOs seem rather to want to avoid the gaze and the presence of us humans. They appear preferably in almost deserted places and when they land on the ground or very close to it, they flee quickly if a witness appears and, especially, if he rushes towards them. However, we have learned from our distinguished Canadian correspondent Dr. PMH Edwards, professor of linguistics at the University of Victoria, that in the course of a recent case in the Canadian city of Duncan, a UFO parked about 20 meters the ground had been ostensibly shown, as well as two of its crew, to members of the staff of a hospital.

It is, therefore, an exceptional event that must be studied.

Dr. P. M. H. Edwards has not only been content to send us the Canadian newspaper clipping reporting the incident, but has also sent us the results of the survey that he himself carried out at the scene.
We thank you very much for this information, the importance of which is obvious.
René Fouéré.

For its part, the Center for Interplanetary Studies thanks Mr. René Fouéré Secretary General of GEPA (69, rue de la Tombe-lssoire. Paris 14), for kindly granting us permission to translate this case, which appeared in the GEPA magazine that he directs «Phénoménes Spatiaux)), №23, pp. 23–27, corresponding to the first quarter of 1970.

The Cowichan Valley has been the site of a half dozen UFO observations over the past six weeks, the most important being reported on Sunday.
“Ms. Doreen Kendall, RN (2), of Nanauno, claimed to have seen a bright circular object about 50 feet (15 m) in diameter, occupied by two human-like beings, hovering at only 40 feet (12 meters) from Cowichan District Hospital, where she works as a nurse.

Cowichan District Hospital. Google Earth Pro image

Mrs. Kendall, a woman in her fifties who, for the past nine years, has not stopped coming to Duncan every day to work, has stated that the two male-looking beings were inside a brightly lit dome of a “saucer” shaped artifact. She explained her adventure to Mr. John Magor of Mapley Bay, who directs and publishes “Canadian UFO Reports”, a newspaper devoted to aerial phenomena and who obtained further confirmation of the object’s description from five other testimonies from the hospital. Unfortunately, only Mrs. Kendall saw the occupants. He explained that he had gone to the pavilion reserved for patients in need of long-term care, on the second floor of the hospital, in order to examine an elderly patient, at around five in the morning on the first day of the current year.

Fearing that the sick man, while asleep, would be too hot, Mrs. Kendall drew a curtain close to the bed when her eyes saw the illuminated cockpit of an object that remained motionless in the air, a floor above her, facing the children’s pavilion. The object was tilted slightly towards her at a distance of 40 feet (12 meters) and about 60 feet (18 meters) from the ground. At first, Mrs. Kendall could only see the torsos of the beings inside, but later, when the machine tilted even more, she could see them much better according to her statements, the artifact was silver, metallic and had a “ necklace of lights “around its central part. The two beings inside the dome possessed “strikingly beautiful physiques” and were dressed in tight-fitting uniforms made of fine material. One of them was in front of a shiny chrome-colored dashboard, while the other was lower or slightly away? — it was behind the first. Both had stools to sit on.

Windows of the Hospital from where the UFO was observed. Google Earth Pro image

There was no noise from the machine and Mrs. Kendall soon realized that her first impression that it might be a helicopter was wrong. After a while, the second being, feeling observed, turned to face him, Mrs. Kendall said. A dark cloth, similar to the color of her uniform and her hairstyle, concealed the features of her face. With her non-gloved hand, which was flesh-colored and human-like, she touched the pilot. The latter operated backwards, then forwards and backwards again a control “similar to the steering wheel of an airplane”, and then the machine was tilted sideways allowing Mrs. Kendall to have an excellent overview of the interior. She stated that the dome appeared to be illuminated from the bottom rather than the top. She did not experience any kind of fear, although she screamed very loudly when she thought the object was about to depart. Another nurse, Mrs. Freda Wilson, from Duncan, arrived shortly before five other hospital employees, who saw the object slowly rotate and then disappear north. Despite the fact that Mrs. Kendall did not hide her affair from anyone. The matter did not come to light until a friend of the Magor family — who was also a hospital employee — insisted that he explain his story. Ms. Kendall testified Sunday that the artifact appeared to almost touch the hospital’s outer courtyard and was comparable in size to the hospital’s five windows. Outside. said Mrs. Kendall, it was jet black.

Later. and on the same day, a UFO was observed by members of the Drummond family in Mill Bay, 11 miles (about 18 km) south of Mill Bay. Ms. Bea Drummond stated that, around 7:00 pm, she noticed a bright orange and yellow object in the sky. Her son Jim and her wife Diana, who were aboard a tugboat anchored a short distance away, were also witnesses. Drummond observed the object with a telescope, counting up to four different lights that looked like “candle flames, although larger.” She was unable to assess its size but declared the object to be below cloud level, at about 900 feet (300 meters) altitude. The wind was blowing in the opposite direction to that followed by the object and the latter did not emit any noise (3).

Place where members of the Drummond family in Mill Bay saw the UFO. Google Earth Pro image

In December, a Duncan teacher and four other school employees observed a UFO hovering above the school for three minutes. Two men from Ladysmith got into their car to observe an object that flew by at a speed of 4 miles (6.4 km) per minute. The same object was noticed by the owner of a Ladysmith furniture store and by his wife.

A longtime journalist and skeptic, John Magor, whose newspaper is sold all over the world, had never seen an object he could not identify. However, on Sunday he admitted to being disturbed by Ms. Kendall’s story by describing human-like beings aboard a spaceship. It was then realized that the avalanche of observations in the Cowichan Valley corresponded in frequency with the reports from the Cariboo Mountains and extended, from beginning to end, over a period of 26 months. Mr. Magor believes that a new 26-month cycle has just begun, and “we may not be spared a peaceful invasion.”

For the next issue of your journal (P.O. Box 758, Duncan, B.C., CANADA) you want to put together all the elements of a study that will allow you to know if there is any true evidence that a true network of observations exists throughout Canada.

Although Mr. Drummond said that she had felt “her hair stand on end” when the UFO appeared to bypass her ship, Ms KendaLL has stated that she had not felt panic at any time. “IncLuso would have come aboard for a ride, if they had asked me,” he said. “A few weeks after sending us this article, Dr. Edwards had the courtesy of writing us a letter in which he updated us on The results of the personal survey, which he had carried out at Duncan. In this letter, dated February 18, he wrote:
“I want to (…) Notify you that last Sunday I visited the nurse Miss D. Kendall (4), at the Cowichan District Hospital, in Duncan Village, B. C., Canada, 40 km from Victoria going north from this Vancouver Island I live on _not confusing Vancouver Island with the great city of Vancouver, BC, on the coast of British Columbia (western Canada) about 80 km from here (…). So I had a conversation with Mrs. Kendall lasting about an hour, meeting a very sincere and intelligent lady of about 55 years.
“She and her brother had fun, years ago, driving racing cars! And even today, Mrs. Kendall can do her own car repairs. All in all, she is a very capable lady.

She has explained to us what happened when she, and later five other nurses, saw the device in front of the windows of the children’s ward of the hospital. All this happened so close to each other, that Mrs. Kendall could have spoken with THEM in a low voice if she had been on the balcony and not behind the glass of a large window! THEY were facing the third floor, while she was behind a window on the second; but when one of THEM saw her look out the window, she put the palm of one of her hands on her partner’s shoulder. So. The latter immediately operated a kind of lever embedded in the control panel, with which the device was tilted in such a way that Miss Kendall could contemplate the two beings looking down to a little below the knees, at first. I could only see their heads and their torsos). Being very interested in mechanics as she is, Miss Kendall especially remarked on the machine’s control panel, which was silver-plated and on which there were a large number of illuminated indicators that seemed to be in relief. One of the beings simply passed her hands over the indicators producing the effect that she could handle the ship very easily, and her hands were similar to human hands.

Observation of the UFO from the hospital window. Image @galanvazquez

The only part of their bodies he saw were their hands, since their faces were hidden behind the dark (dark blue?) Fabric of their uniforms. The machine almost skimmed the second floor as it leaned over to give him a better view inside. She then circled several times before flying silently through the trees in a N-E direction, while the other nurses were already behind the windows, responding to Miss Kendall’s loud screams. She has told us that her companions had been afraid, while she had not experienced any fear.
“In the nights following the incident, when Ms. Kendall was driving from Nanaimo, where she resides, to Duncan, where she works from 12 at night to 8 in the morning, she noticed how a powerful white light seemed wait for him near the village of Ladysmith and then accompany her to Duncan. One of the times, Miss Kendall stopped the car and turned off the headlights: after a while the device also stopped, remaining as if waiting… , all of this stopped happening last week.
“Finally, you will find a full account of the events in the next issue of CANADIAN UFO RE PORT, Duncan’s excellent publication directed by Mr. John Magor.”

  • ****************************************************************

The investigation of Dr. Edwards confirms what was exposed in the article that appeared in the “Daily Times”. of Victoria, adding on the other hand interesting details. Thus, for example, it informs us, although the witness is interested in mechanics _ something that does not occur frequently among women in general_ which makes us firmly trust the accuracy of the description made by Ms. Kendall of the instruments she saw in the interior of the artifact. On the other hand, she was able to observe them from a short distance and, she says, very well lit. If, as can be supposed, her observation was so concise and if we hold her statements to be true, it appears to us that the control panel of this singular device did not differ too much in terms of its external appearance from that which we wouldFollowing this reasoning, the aircraft’s altitude control indicator reminds us of an airplane’s steering lever.

However, if we stick strictly to the text, it seems, on the contrary,
that the pilot could operate certain mechanisms or circuits by passing “calmly” his hand over the corresponding “indicators” without apparently maneuvering, neither with levers nor with buttons. At the end of the day, the “indicator” could well be associated with a device sensitive to the variation of electric potential caused by the passage of the hand through the area and due to this passage (5). On the other hand, these illuminated indicators that — curiously — looked like objects with relief, were they really indicators in the usual sense of the term? In any case, if the altitude control command of the
The device resembled an airplane steering lever; its operation, although with the same results, must have been quite different. In a stationary flying machine in space, tilting the ailerons would have had no effect on the body of the aircraft.
On the other hand, reactors did not intervene either, since the witnesses did not hear anything and that the events happened during the night (shortly after 5 am. NDLR). At the end of the day, apart from the problem of the aircraft, we are faced with another much more important problem that refers to the fact of how a circular apparatus of about 15 meters in diameter could be held motionless and silent!

Let’s add that a helicopter of this size located so close to the hospital premises would have produced such a loud noise that it would have awakened the entire building. Nor can it be argued that the artifact in question was an airship of which only the nacelle was visible. An airship fitted with such a pod should be at least the size of a “Graf Zeppelin”. Despite the fact that the Moon was in its last quarter and that, at that time and in those latitudes (similar to those of Paris), the night was very dark, it is difficult to believe that an airship would venture up to about 12 meters in height the windows of a hospital.

The fact that the unknown apparatus has approached to the minimum distance from the hospital, the fact of the apparent curiosity of its occupants for the witness and the apparent complacency with which the crew members showed themselves to the eye of the witness in question — as long as be this reason that explains the inclination of the machine_, it could make us think that the device was a secret Canadian or American prototype tested in national territory or in friendly territory by pilots who were not very discreet and disobedient to the precautionary instructions received.
However, the absence of noise around the device suspended in the air in a fixed place makes us think of a propulsion and mobility system so revolutionary different from those known to us that it is difficult for us to believe that, even in research centers Canadians or Americans, have been able to make a device powered by such a system and, moreover, have dared to test it, not in the research center but in the open air and even near civil buildings.

The appearance of the beings was human and, in the opinion of the nurse, their bodily beauty was striking. On the other hand, the general appearance of her clothes was “classic”. What surprises us is this kind of dark colored cloth that concealed the features of their faces. If it was indeed a mask, why did they want to hide their faces? But what if it was not an element of concealment but a part of the suit? Could it not be a kind of material with functions, like the lenses of our lenses, an optical filter and a shield for your eyes against the harmful radiation emitted by our light sources? It is necessary to note, on the other hand, that the light that reigned inside the machine was also a light for Ms. Kendall’s eyes, a light that allowed her to distinguish the shapes of the unknown objects that she illuminated and even the colors. of such objects and, even — as in the case of the hand and the board — of other types of colors. That the young lady did not daydream is a reality because five or six other hospital employees also observed the object. What seems most extraordinary is this light which, after the incident and according to the statements made to Dr. Edwards by Miss Kendall, seemed to accompany her at night on the journey between Ladysmith and Duncan. Skeptics may think that, although inadvertently, the nurse would have been affected, perhaps obsessed, by the most important initial apparition and that the backlight she observed alone — Miss Kendal was driving her car towards midnight between two locations. little Canadians — it was just a figment of her imagination. This, however, is not in accordance with the nature of the testimony and, on the other hand, the light in question eventually ceased to be seen. We must emphasize that, when the events of the hospital, everything happened as if one of the occupants of the machine had been aware, not only of the observing presence of Miss Kendall but even of the intrepid curiosity of the nurse and even of your desire to see the machine better, satisfying these wishes. If all this was not about telepathy, one could conclude that the occupant in question knew, like we humans, to read the expression of a human face — which would be worthy of meditation — and, perhaps, could even to realize that, in front of the machine and its occupants, the witness experienced neither fear nor hostility.

“Miss Kendall stopped the car and turned off the headlights: in a short time the UFO also stopped, leaving it as if waiting..” Image @galanvazquez

Finally, if the nurse was not obsessed, and if the luminous ball that escorted her during the following nights between Ladysmith and Duncan, was real and it was the machine observed in the hospital, could we deduce that the pilots of that device were capable , in the middle of the night, to look for and identify a particular human being seen more closely before and to whom they might have a special interest?
René Fouéré

(1) Dr. Edwards is APRO technical consultant in linguistics.
(2) R. N., abbreviation for “Registered Nurse”: registered nurse.
(3) In the “APRO Bulletin” corresponding to January-February 1970, p. 4, an observation is reported in Duncan on January 6, 1970: “Ms GC Drinnen observed a ‘spinning red object’ which remained in the air until it disappeared vertically in a straight line. Ms Drinnen claimed that she could not distinguish the shape of the object in a clear way, but that one side seemed to be darker than the other. “ NDLR.
(4) The Canadian newspaper talks about Mrs. Kendall, while Dr. Edwards talks about Miss Kendall. (For its part, the “APRO Bulletin” also talks about Ms. Kendall. NDLR).
(5) Obviously, it was not a question of a vocal or mental conduction of the machines as we have evoked in two articles: “Phénoménes Spatiaux” №7, p. 8 and №15, p. 32.
(6) Images have been redesigned from original locations and digitally processed by @galanvazquez 1/3/2021
(7) This report has been taken from the information service of the STENDEK Center for Interplanetary Studies №1 June 1970



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